Holby City: Elliot fails to thrust

elliot hope holby(Series 16, ep.32) What’s wrong with Elliot? He’s making mistakes and forgetting things and generally behaving like the bumbling old incompetent he briefly turned into when he was almost shipped off to The Mythical St James’s. A quick blood test revealed it was only a bit of a virus, so phew – but at the end of the episode Elliot looked, frankly, worried. There’s more to it than just a spot of man-flu, it seems.

He was under pressure, too, thanks to Selfie’s insistence on selling the Herzig 5 to the world. Not in an online store sort of sense (“Dragons, I’m here today to ask for a million pounds in exchange for a 5% equity share in my new online artificial heart business”), but more in a “great PR for the hospital” type of way. Anyhoo, Elliot was pencilled in to pop a Herzig 5 into Mandy Jordache from Brookside (Sandra Maitland), who had a dicky heart and had started being relentlessly happy since she had a TIA. Anyone old enough to remember Brookside would know that relentlessly happy is quite an unnatural state for Mandy Jordache, so everyone was concerned.  

elliot holbyElliot promised her husband that he wouldn’t go ahead with the surgery without consulting him first, given that Mandy was perhaps not in the most sensible frame of mind to give consent (Psych Sharon would have been there like a shot in former times, but the Psych department is currently being run by invisible non-speaking extras). Swayed by Selfie, Elliot went back on his word and also made a few more big mistakes during the episode. Luckily, Jac and Jonny had his back (apart from when he forgot to do a broncoscopy he’d promised to do for Jac).

This was the first episode in months in which Jac and Jonny shared a lot of scenes and didn’t once mention Emma or get snippy with each other. It was quite like the old days, in fact. Some of their scenes were really funny – such as Jac’s advice to Elliot: “Mr Self might require a little more… thrust, if you’re going to be his poster boy,” and Jonny telling the patient’s husband that Elliot was the Lionel Messi of cardiac surgery. This set up the line, “I thought you said he was Messi.” “He is.”

Dr Mo HolbyWe’re going to need them to pull together if there’s something properly wrong with dear Elliot. They might even have to lure Mo back to the department she specialises in. This would come as a relief to Adele, because this week Mo was getting a bit full of herself, what with being a proper doctor with her own stethoscope and a proper radio agony auntie with her own headphones and everything. She was quite looking down her nose at lovely Adele, who is occupying the position formerly held by Chantelle as The Sunniest Staff Member in the NHS.

serena colette holbySerena had to juggle the demands of Selfie (who wanted a report on his desk by the close of play, like he usually does), her mother (who wanted a cup of coffee and a chin wag) and her patient (who wanted more access to his son). When there’s a child running around the corridors of Holby, tragedy can’t be far behind, and it ended up with the father on the roof being talked down by Serena, Colette and the child’s mother – until the son dashed up to give his dad a hug and they both toppled off. Luckily it wasn’t the big roof, it was one a bit lower down, so the son was okay once Serena had sorted his spleen out, but sadly the father will never walk again. On the upside, it did mean he got to stay in the family home, so every cloud has a silver lining.

I really loved this episode. It was a departure from some of the more tired recent story lines (Custodygate and Smug/Posh/Smug) and had plenty of Jac, the Effanga sisters and Serena. Serena blew on her coffee! Everybody does that in real life but nobody ever does it on a soap, and for that alone I love her.

Next time: Are we about to hear the pitter patter of tiny Smug feet? If so, will they be Smug/Smug, or Smug/Posh? Serena’s mum causes chaos, and Adele has a shift on Darwin.


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9 responses to “Holby City: Elliot fails to thrust

  1. mrssatan

    This episode was a great improvement with one glaring exception… Selfie

    That man is aptly named; as his behaviour was all self self self, me me me. I wanted to reach through the screen, slap him senseless and then shake him warmly by the throat. It’s “let’s trample over everyone and make it all about meeeeee”. He seems to think he is the most important and essential part of the hospital and his wants and needs should be a priority. Forget the patients, just make sure I am basked in glory. If he carries on in this fashion I may need to mute any scene he appears in!

    • Chloe Derbyshire

      I thought that too, to the point where he started to remind me of Vanessa from a few years back, as all he seemed to be bothered about was publisising the Herzig rather than the patient receiving it… Anyone else get this or is it just me???

      • I agree, Mrs S and Chloe – Selfie does act like he’s in it for his own personal glory. Hanssen used to sometimes make harsh decisions, but it always seemed that he had the best interests of the hospital at heart rather than bolstering his own reputation/career.

  2. Thunder hi

    Really good episode I thought – about time Serena was at the forefront and the lack of Zosia and a break from Jac vs Jonnie certainly helped matters. I get the feeling Serena could be heading for a battle with the bottle story; the signs are all there and given how Edwards story unfolded it would certainly be interesting to watch.

    Also intrigued as to what is happening with Elliott – the focus on his shaking hands at the end made me think Parkinsons? Even warmed to Adele slightly – just goes to show that if more time was spent on other characters rather than just repeating the same tedious Zosia drama week after week Holby could get back on track.

    Only thing letting the side down was Colette who was once again in full robot mode. She did appear to be malfunctioning though as it’s usually Self Important’s defence she jumps to – but this week her sensors appeared to getting Selfie and Serena muddled up!

    • holbylover819

      The idea of Colette’s sensors made me laugh, although I get the impression that she’s the sort of person that you want in a crisis.

  3. holbylover819

    Mo was being so mean to her sister; surely she’s over the whole impersonation thing? It was lovely to see Adele brighten that patient’s day.
    I agree that Serena was on top form this episode (in terms of both acting and storyline), and that it was definitely refreshing to have a break from Zosia, Jac vs Jonny and Harry. I love the characters but everything in moderation, eh?

  4. mrssatan

    Perhaps Self Important was malfunctioning and not Robonurse 2000?

    A quote by the character Shawn from the TV show ‘Psych’ sums up Selfie last episode: “Everyone stop what you’re doing and pay attention only to me!” You can really see where SecretEscapes gets her attitude from… her father can be an attention seeking spoilt brat too!

  5. MvOC

    It was great to have such a decent episode of Holby again. I’m dreading the next three weeks though as it seems we’re going to have The Smugs and Harry being rammed down our throats. From what I’ve read online I feel like I’m definitely not alone in my complete disinterest in this storyline. It’ll be Holby on playback for me this week so I can forward through the tedium of Mrs Smug’s “crisis”. I wouldn’t watch at all but for the Serena/Adrienne storyline.

    As for Selfie… Holby has had characters in the past that I have LOVED to hate! Everyone show needs one or two but I can’t even hate Selfie – he just bores me. I don’t know if it’s the way he’s written or acted but he has all the charisma of a bowl of custard. Jesse Law is a walking cliche on paper but I’ve still warmed to him (the Zosia storyline might change my mind!)

    So glad to see Elliot getting something to do other than referee Jac and Jonny and for the first time in a long time those two didn’t make me want to throw stuff at the tv. Did I read correctly though that the episode had extremely low rating for this episode though? I presume that was down to the schedule change.