Holby City: The only person who cares about you is you

dominic harry holby(Series 16, ep. 30) Jules Knight (Dr Harry Tressler-Posh) must get quite excited when he gets a new script. Which Dr Posh will he be this week? The up-his-own-bum self-important rich kid? Or the misunderstood wants-to-be-a good-doctor-and-forget-I’m-rich version? My personal favourite, the one who likes a bit of banter with Mary-Claire and has a sly sense of humour? The sleazy loverboy perving around after confused pharmacists and just about anyone with a pulse? Or just a tosser? At least he’s never going to get bored by some tedious old linear character development.

serena dominic holby cityThis week we got the tosser version, when Dr Dominic “Possibly Psycho Yet Adorable” Copeland was assigned to AAU. Everyone bears a grudge against Dr Dom for the Malick business, but Dr Posh went out of his way to be snarky and unpleasant. I forgot to mention that in most of his guises he’s competitive anyway, so he wasted no time in trying to get Dom into Serena’s bad books. Flatter her by mentioning she’s wearing Chanel perfume, he advised. Dom did. “It’s Dior. Any gay man worth his salt would know that,” Serena said. 

dominic holbyShe had a point, and maybe it was a lesson for Dominic to follow his own nose rather than what other people were telling him. Unfortunately when he tried to put this into practice literally, he ended up with said nose being broken by an angry patient who was trying to escape in a waiting taxi. 

serena dominicBy the end of the episode, Serena had rather warmed to our Dom, and even got a bottle of wine out and kicked off her shoes. “Jimmy Choos?” said Dom, wisely using his observational skills and reading the label.

While Dominic was away, Zosia and Digby were left to play on Keller without him. For some reason Digby has taken up magic tricks and was trying to impress Selfie (I think it was all part of this Rat Pack bonding thing with Selfie and Uncle Jesse). Zosia, meanwhile, had a patient to look after who was an old Polish war hero. Or was he? There was a possibility he’d been in the SS (I confess this made me giggle – I know it shouldn’t, but I kept thinking of the episode of Friday Night Dinner where the eccentric Jewish dad gives his son a book about the SS for his birthday. “Weapons of the SS… heroes of the SS… It is a bit SS-y”).

zosia holbyZosia is supposed to have this fascination for psychiatry that makes her want to delve into the minds of her patients, and being half Polish herself she was more interested in this patient than most, but she really has no clue how to handle people and invariably ends up upsetting them on a scale from mildly miffed to seriously traumatised. This particular encounter ended up in her failing to get a DNR properly signed and acted upon, so that Sacha ended up resuscitating the patient in theatre against his wishes. This made Sacha go particularly shouty and Zosia was once again sent home early. I don’t think she’s done a full shift for months.

paula jonny holbyOn Darwin, Jonny Mac was bonding away with Paula, who is biologically if not socially and emotionally the mother of the glorious Jac Naylor. However, it seems that he was unaware of most of Jac’s history and accepted Paula’s version of events. When he found out that Jac had given Paula one of her kidneys, he thought it must mean they used to be close. Jac soon put him right. As she told a patient, “The only person who cares about you is you.” That could be – and probably is – her life motto.

Jonny, however, is still willing to take Paula’s money if it means getting Emma away from the evil influence of the terrible Jac. *Bangs head on desk* There may be a glimmer of hope next week though – the episode preview hints that there may be an “end to hostilities.” Every digit I possess is crossed.


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10 responses to “Holby City: The only person who cares about you is you

  1. Eilis

    Horrid Harry was so horrible last night that I actually started to warm to Dreadful Dominic.

    I hope the Jac/Jonny thing is resolved quickly and painlessly from now on.

    I noticed that one of the co-writers was an Elliot Hope. I see he has done a few scripts for Holby and other things. Is this a huge coincidence or is Paul Bradley moonlighting under his Holby name?!!

  2. Chloe Derbyshire

    I actually found Harry to be quite hillarious in that episode, I mean, let’s face it, someone had to tell Dom that he needs to stop walking round Keller as if he should own the place, and if anyone could do that it would have to be Harry.

    Anyone else stunned at Arthur’s magic trick or is it just me that doesn’t get it???

    Would I still be right in thinking that Jonny still doesn’t know the whole truth about Paula and Jac, cause I’m sure there was something she didn’t tell him

  3. MvOC

    Dom and Harry were the only entertaining thing about this week’s episode I thought. Watching Zosia once again clumsily handle a patient and break the rules causes lovely Sacha to get all cross just had me bored rigid. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to be confused by the magic tricks. this desperate effort to imbue Selfie with a personality just isn’t working.

  4. Karen B from Brum

    I feel so sorry for Jonny. He saw his fiancee killed in front of him. He’s going through one of the well documented stages of grief (anger). I understand how that might be corrupting his world view and skewing his actions. I am interested to see where this is headed long-term, as, presumably, he learns the error of his ways. Why the simplistic need for a ‘quick and painless resolution’ in a long storyline that should twist and turn? In short, in real life people make mistakes that they come to regret and that’s more interesting, dramatically, I think, and if you don’t mind me saying so.

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