Holby City: Jac is tormented and Posh pounces

jac holby(Series 16, ep. 29)  I’m going to start with Darwin, because frankly I’ve had enough. I get that the essence of drama is conflict. I get that Rosie Marcel is a brilliant actress and Jac Naylor is a wonderful, complex, contradictory character the fans love. I understand that, for these reasons, Jac has to suffer.

But please, enough already. Jac has gone through  a pregnancy that had a high possibility of ending with the death of the baby. Her relationship with the baby’s father has been volatile, to say the least, and for most of the pregnancy he was with another woman and the pair of them were hardly the essence of tact and sensitivity. The baby was born early, endured surgery when she was still tiny, but has survived. Jac had problems bonding with her but now seems to be fine. 

Apparently Jac still hasn’t suffered enough, so now we have Jonny Mac, becoming more odious by the week, threatening to take the baby away from her. And then last week her mother turned up.  

paula jac holby“What’s the scam this time? Have you come back for the other kidney?” Jac asked her. Paula said she’d come back to show Jac some photos of her alleged father, who is now dead, and to have a quick check-up because she’s been having breathing problems. She turned out to have incurable lung cancer (which was initially missed because for some reason Elliot Hope was being bumbling and useless). Was this a chance for mother and daughter to bond before it was too late? Paula seemed willing to give it a go, but from experience Jac knows that Paula only bonds when she wants something. In case she was in any doubt, a patient’s daughter was on hand to speak her brains. Against the current evidence, this woman’s cuddly-seeming brain-damaged dad used to be abusive and violent. “You can’t build a better future by denying the past,” the daughter told Jac. So Jac gave Paula £20,000 to go away. Money which Paula promptly gave to Jonny to help him win the custody battle and take Emma away from Jac.

paula jonnyI honestly don’t think I can watch any more scenes with Jonny in them. The sight of his gleeful triumph at the end of the episode made me want to do all sorts of violence to him, and the fact that he’s acquired a sidekick who has the capacity to hurt Jac more than anyone else in the world has made him worse. Watching Jac basically being bullied (at the start of the episode it seemed that all the nurses were deliberately ignoring Jac to show solidarity with the pathetic Jonny) does not make me feel entertained. It makes me feel cross and irritated, but not entertained. Where’s a rampaging patient with a scalpel when you need one? I just want Jonny gone so that Jac can concentrate on kick-ass surgery and riding her motorbike and being brilliant.

amy raf serena holbyParenting issues were also to the fore on AAU, where Mr and Mrs Dr Smug got the news that they’d been accepted by their private IVF hospital of choice – hurrah! – but the appointment was three months away – boo! This led to a lot of bickering in side rooms and corridors. Raf is allegedly the love of Amy’s life, but I can’t actually picture them ever having fun together. They look like they’ve spent every day since meeting each other being snappy and hostile and having joyless “trying for a baby” sex. Raf thought having a three month break from the trying for a baby thing was a good idea. They could concentrate on “finding themselves” again. 

harry amy holbyWherever the Smugs are, Dr Posh is not far away, stirring the situation with his little silver spoon. “What are you looking so smug about?” Amy asked him at one point, perhaps confusing him with her husband. Posh pulled some strings and got their appointment brought forward, so the relentless grind of trying for a baby can recommence without the finding each other break that Raf wanted. Raf was not happy about this, and Amy was not happy that he wasn’t happy. He was looking all cute and fatherly as well, getting on brilliantly with a little girl who’d spent her early years chained to a radiator and was therefore understandably a tad apprehensive about strangers – apart from strangers who were required to dramatically demonstrate that they’d be a brilliant father.

The upshot of this was that Raf had to go away on a business trip, and Amy ended up in Albie’s in the willing arms of Dr Posh. Is this going to result in a Posh-Smug pregnancy shock-type situation? I expect so.

zosia jesse holbyAmy is a man-magnet, but she’s a mere amateur compared to Zosia, whose date from the previous night turned up on Keller in a bit of an embarrassing situation. Not only had he done his back in during his encounter with Dr March, but he also had a perma-stiffy thanks to taking too much Viagra in order to keep up with her demands. Even Dominic, “the world’s leading authority on men’s bits,” had never seen anything like it. He actually fainted while it was being fixed (which involved a large syringe). Between having his man-parts syringed and his back operated on, this unfortunate patient had the chance to observe the body language of Zosia and the man she refers to as “Uncle Jesse.” They fancy each other, he reckoned. They had a laugh about that in the locker room afterwards as he tried not to notice that her bra was showing and she pretended she wasn’t admiring his manly frame when he took his shirt off. She really is going to have to stop calling him “Uncle Jesse” very soon, or it’s going to get all types of weird. 


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14 responses to “Holby City: Jac is tormented and Posh pounces

  1. Mary Drew

    Totally agree on the Jac situation. Sensationalising everything really turns me off Holby and I much preferred the more nuanced approach of previous scriptwriters. It really shows that they share a building with Eastenders 😦

  2. jen

    And yet again I’m now stopping watching Holby until they end this stupid Jac storyline. I never cease to wonder at their ability to write out nearly all the watchable characters every so often (actors leaving is one thing; the writers being incapable to write in any likeable or interesting replacements is another thing entirely), and give the remaining ones character transplants to fit whatever stupid plot requires they run around being even more unprofessional and irritating than usual… going through one of those phases right now, yep. Everyone being ridiculously mean to one of the only decent characters they have left is not worth wasting my time on at the moment (Jac gets to be mean, not the other way around!!).

    I do only really watch it usually to marvel at their vision of an NHS completely lacking in admin staff (because we’re too boring to actually exist in medical soaps, obviously.)

    Glad we have your reviews though – I can still keep track of when it might start getting watchable again…

    • Sox

      I’m not the only one who felt that way about the truck then… Jonny has just become absolutely vile as a character. I’m wondering as well from some of de Luca’s behaviour how long it is until an abuse storyline crops up, I liked his character at first but there does seem to be something a bit sinister about his behaviour. I hate how Amy has been written too, she’s presumably got some qualifications to have her job but all we ever see her doing is being an emotional state all the time. Whilst I get that she’s in a trying situation, I think the scriptwriters could do a bit better than ‘woman hysterical over babies!!!’

      Totally agree with thedivinebebe and please, if we do have a Serena focused episode, can it be her being kick ass not running around being unprofessional following something traumatic.

      • The Divine Bebe

        You’re quite right about Amy. Do you know what, I’m thinking it’s becoming quite misogynist, the writing – strong women are put down a lot. And it’s RUBBISH! Do better, scriptwriters…

  3. Dawn

    Surely Jac has been through enough now?! They can’t throw much more her…

  4. I agree with all of you. Leave the poor woman in peace and stop with the constant harassing of her. Bullying is a good word PLA. And Jonny is so incredibly dull and stupid as they’re writing him now. More Serena, more Marie Claire, more flirtiness in general that’s not tediously predictable marriage wrecking AND more Mo and the nice obstetrician.

  5. MvOC

    Why couldn’t Jonny have crossed the road instead of Bonnie and then we’d be done with this by now? Also, can I order another truck for Amy? I really don’t care about the trials and tribulations of The Smugs. Their relationship doesn’t feel even remotely genuine.

    The Zosia/Uncle Jesse situation is going to get icky rather rapidly. I wonder how Daddy Self will react?

    Oh and did we actually get through an entire episode without RoboNurse popping up anywhere? Did someone forget to charge her up?

  6. HolbyNut

    I have to say that I did actually enjoy last night’s episode, though obviously that must make me a bit of a sicko judging by the comments above. Didn’t think Harry would actually do anything with Amy considering that she was mega-drunk – thought there might have been a gentleman in there somewhere, however deep down.
    And how much wedge must Jac have considering she was able to produce £20k in cash in a single day???

  7. Chloe Derbyshire

    If there’s one thing I don’t get about this episode, it’s where the hell did Paula come from in the first place, when lat time she was on, she was catching a plane to India?????

    And another thing, I thought Guy wasn’t gunna go near “that area” again after last time….

    One more point, and I know you’re all gonna disagree with me, but I think that Harry would actually be a better husband than raf, cause he actually cares more about what Amy actually wants. And I really don’t get why he doesn’t want kids, he was really good with that little girl…

  8. Vaudelin

    Great review and I totally agree – especially with what thedivinebebe says. I used to be a big fan of “Janny” but not anymore.

    Slightly off topic – I saw our very own Michael Spence in an episode of “The Mentalist” last night – so that is what he has been up to 🙂

    • The Divine Bebe

      Thank you for your agreement 😉 and Michael Spence. Yummy. I do love The Mentalist too. Hanssen cropped up in something recently too – was it New Worlds? Think it was.

  9. Clare

    They’ve already done the relationship with your dad’s best friend with Ric, Jess and Zubin.

  10. Nikki

    Yup. Totally agree on Jac situation. I’ve stopped watching as of the last few weeks as I’ve simply had enough of the poor woman being tortured every week, seemingly relentlessly. I don’t understand how/why she is sensationalised as “evil” or “deserving” of such constant abuse and bullying, when really she’s gone through some tough things in her life, abandonment, assault/rape, domestic abuse, not to mention Emma being poorly with low survival chances etc, for Johnny to be doing this to her and for the so called mother to be conspiring is just sickening.

    Keep up with the reviewing PLA, as until you say things are on the up for Jac and Emma (hopefully with Johnny never to be seen again) I won’t be returning to my Tuesday night viewing.

    (And really, I’ve watched this show since 2003. That’s a lot of years. And never has a character been this badly treated before. Never.)

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