Game Of Thrones: Ice, ice baby

Season 4 Episode 4

WARNING: This blog post contains some spoilers which viewers not up to date with the series may wish to avoid. 

What do you need to take over the Iron Throne of Westeros? Well, Littlefinger has a boat and a captive Sansa at the moment and even he is looking like he is going to be sitting on the comfortable array of metal swords before Daenerys.

She has another army of followers, has overthrown another kingdom, her dragons are nice and big now and she white-walker-baby-game-of-thronesmaintains her ruthless streak, but she is still not in any rush to get to Kings Landing. This week she was busying herself leading a slavery revolt . It didn’t take much except a few words in the ear of Earl from Waterloo Road before chaos ensued and Daenerys was crucifying the slavekeepers. I mean this entirely literally: this is Game Of Thrones, after all.

She now has herself a nice settlement in which to take a rest from her endless desert walking, slave freeing and, for want of a better phrase, pr!ck teasing, escapades.  

She is in a much better situation than Tyrion, who continues to stew in a dungeon. Cersei wants him dead, and despite him being held in a tiny cell with no way of hiding or fighting back, she is finding this incredibly hard. But she doesn’t even have the support of Jaime, who can see quite clearly that his brother did not kill Joffrey. Quite casually, it was revealed through significant boastings by Littlefinger to Sansa that it was he who did in fact engineer Joffrey’s downfall, 10% for personal ambition and 90% just for the sheer sake of it, it seems.

He was not working alone however, as Olenna (or Game of Thrones’ alternative to Downton Abbey’s acid tongued Dowager, as I can’t help seeing her) revealed to Maergery that she had been instrumental in offing the Boy King, using a poisoned necklace from around the neck of Sansa. This wasn’t her only boast during this scene but I won’t delve any further into that as my stomach is yet to recover. Let’s just say, this is where Olenna and The Dowager differ; the thought of Maggie Smith boasting of her raw sexual prowess is quite… something.

Maergery continued to work her way through the royal boys, sneaking into the young heir’s bedroom, a young chap whose name I forgot. Whispering flirtatiously to the boy (who incidentally wouldn’t look out of place in primary school) that she would become his and they were to be married, she told him that this could be their little secret. He could do little but nod when she asked if she might visit again, presumably distracted by wondering what this strange mess on his sheets was.

The ever charming Cersei was too busy to notice this as she wasn’t just plotting the death of Tyrion; she wants Sansa’s head too. Giving Jaime strict instructions to find her and kill her, he set out to do the opposite, remembering his vow to Catelyn to protect her children. In the episode’s best scene, we were allowed to enjoy the fantastic chemistry between Jaime and Brienne as he sent his strong willed friend on the trail of Sansa. Not to kill her, but to save her. With Pod by her side, Brienne set off on her new journey, assuring Jaime that she would do it for Catelyn and for him. And he didn’t doubt her resolve one bit.

The episode was going swimmingly well until focus suddenly shifted for the second half to events (or non events) in the North. Jon Snow is officially going in circles, and I thought I was watching an old repeat when I saw a scene of him training the Knights of the Black Watch only to be told to know his place and find a chamber pot to empty. He eventually decided to head off on a quest to slaughter the enemy before they arrive, which could be a good thing for Bran and his dull band of weirdos. They have just gotten themselves captured by the repulsive Karl and his motley crew, who were left behind so long ago that I barely remember who they actually are.

The bit which does stick in my mind is the leaving babies out for the White Walkers and, yes, they’re still doing that. At the end of the episode we were shown a very long and uncomfortable sequence of a white walker taking a crying baby and laying him on an icy podium, before turning him into another of the White Walker army, using his gnarled fingernail to turn the infant’s eyes a sinister blue.

I had wondered what those Walkers were doing in their absence from screen. Not so much twiddling their thumbs as recruiting with them.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Game Of Thrones?

Leave your comments and thoughts below.

Written By Our Man In The North

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