Holby City: Friend of Selfie? You’re in

jesse holby(Series 16, ep. 28)  I know I overuse the phrase “fluid staffing configurations,” but they were once again at play in this episode, as Selfie’s best mate Jesse Law was given a consultant anaesthetist job despite the fact that he had a dodgy CV and Serena didn’t like him at all. He was the Sammy Davis Jr to Selfie’s Dean Martin, and that was the main thing. “Get yourself up to HR,” Selfie told him, hilariously trying to pretend they actually do have a HR department. Even Jesse, who’d only been in the hospital for five minutes, looked like he wasn’t buying that one.

digby holbyI wanted to like Jesse, because Don Gilet is very attractive and I loved him in EastEnders, but it may be difficult because his character is a bit of a prat, on first glimpse. Though he does call Selfie “Selfie.” When Digby disagreed with Selfie and Lawsy about a patient’s treatment (and Serena agreed with Digby, so obviously he was right), Jesse blindfolded Digby and frightened him on the Parapet of Persuasion (it’s that elevated walkway we haven’t seen for a while). This was some kind of macho initiation test thingy, and the upshot is that Digby now fancies being a neurosurgeon and being Frank Sinatra. RoboNurse2000 and Sacha agreed that this would be a short-lived phase and I can only hope they’re right.  

jonny jac holbyThe big shock on Darwin was that Jac’s mother turned up. This didn’t happen till right at the end, though. For the rest of the time there was the far less shocking – indeed tedious – Jac v Jonny tug-of-love (you never hear that phrase any more, do you?) for baby Emma. Frankly, I don’t care. Jonny is so spitefully loathsome that anything that gets him out of the way is fine by me. It would almost be the best outcome if he got sole custody, as long as he promised to be a stay-at-home dad and not bother the hospital ever, under any circumstance. 

adele holbyTo get out of the way of her warring colleagues – and who could blame her? – Mo volunteered to spend the shift on AAU, where she had to cope with her sister Adele and a radio DJ patient. The DJ had the best line of the night – saying that he preferred to be treated by Serena rather than Mo he said, “It’s nothing to do with your ‘ethnicity.’ I’ve been on tour with the Four Tops.” He liked Mo’s voice and said it had a “soft, velvety timbre” that would be good for radio. As luck would have it, he had a mate who was looking to fill a slot for an on-air medical agony aunt. Mo was quite tempted – and she’s going to be very cross when she finds Adele got in ahead of her. Especially as Adele is about as qualified to be a medical agony aunt as I am. 

Next time: The Smugs are having another go at IVF; Jac hopes her mother isn’t going to ask for her remaining kidney; and Zosia’s personal life follows her to work.


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11 responses to “Holby City: Friend of Selfie? You’re in

  1. Oli

    Robonurse 2000 is my new favourite of your nicknames

  2. Sox

    I love Jonny’s self-righteous moment at the end about how awful it is that Jac is going for sole custody… considering that’s exactly what he was trying to do five minutes ago. Ugh, ‘spitefully loathsome’ indeed.

    Please can Mo get a break too? Her supposed best friend is being awful, all everyone seems to do is remind her how terrible it is that she’s single, I think Raf is the only one whose shown any appreciation of her talents!

    I think the only light hearted fun on Holby atm is the fluid staffing configurations. Can we please have a few more smiles somewhere? Along with the grim plotlines of Hollyoaks lately, I’m in need of a few laughs.

  3. thunderchild

    Just hoping that the new anaesthetist doesn’t make it into next weeks opening titles – bring back Dr Keith Greene! Even Annalese Carson would be preferable. And as for these “fluid staffing configurations” I’m beginning to think there could be an entire pack of Robo-Nurses plugged in down in the basement – it might explain how she keeps popping up in random places for no apparent reason. Perhaps they have one for each ward?

  4. holbylover819

    I loved that moment in the stairwell where Jac sort of gets trapped in between Jonny and her mother. I audibly gasped at the sight of Paula Burrows. I’m so excited for next week. Who knows maybe she’ll help Jac get custody?

    • wiggles

      Sorry, I really can’t see Paula helping anyone but herself!!! Agree about the stairwell thing though – Jac needs to start taking the lift because, at least for her, it seems that the basement isn’t the only place that’s best avoided!! 🙂

  5. Vaudelin

    Jac’s Mum usually means trouble – should be a good one next week (HL819 – I love a good gasp by the way!).
    I vote Adele as having one of the best smiles in Holby – she really lights up the place 🙂
    Great review as always – Robonurse 2000 is genius!

  6. Oli (and Vaudelin) – Thank you!
    Sox – I find Serena is usually reliable for a bit of light relief. And Dominic.
    thunderchild – I now have a terrifying mental image of a massed rank of Robonurse2000’s all on charge in the basement. With glowing eyes.
    Chloe Leanne D – Last time I saw Keith he was driving past the end of my road. That was quite a surreal moment. Maybe in the Holbyverse he’s now working at the mythical St James’s?
    holbylover819/wiggles – Possibly Paula will inadvertently help Jac get custody by showing Jonny what a terrible mother is really like and how saintly Jac is in comparison.
    Vaudelin – Agree about Adele. I do like the scenes with her and Mo, too.

    • wiggles

      We can but hope – the whole ‘tug of love’ storyline (and you’re right you don’t hear that much anymore) is just so horrid that anything which makes it stop (even Paula turning up) has to be a good thing. If, however, she’s just there to heap more misery on Jac rather than be a catalyst for changing Jonny’s viewpoint I may have to do what, 6 months ago I would never even have dreamed I’d be saying, and switch off. Yes it IS that bad – hate it, hate it, HATE IT (as I tweeted to Mr Kent)!!!
      Rant over – apologies!!

  7. wiggles

    I saw Dr Green in the cafe at the V&A with a very attractive blonde lady when I was there with my sister but think he was still on Holby then.
    Do seem to remember him having a leaving do on the programme after bagging a really good job somewhere else (not sure if it was St James’ but it could well have been) which (I think) Jac turned down an invite to and that I’m sure involved people wearing bald wigs (if such a thing exists) and possibly bow ties (although also possibly not!!)

  8. mrssatan

    RoboNurse2000; are they like the Borg?

    Another episode that irritated me, which seems to be my default setting when watching at the moment. It started from the “Selfie” trailers and continued to the credits. Jonny, Selfie, Dom, Saucer, Sacha… it’s hard to pick who is annoying me more. Writing has gone rapidly downhill, and all the characters that we invested in have gone (Michael, Ric, Hanssen etc). The show needs a major shake-up as soon as possible.