Casualty: No such thing as a safe bet

robyn ella casualty(Series 28, ep.34) No Connie this week, which was a bit irksome because I’ve missed the last couple of episodes so I have no idea how she’s bedding in. I have no idea how the Lee Mead character is bedding in either, except he seems to be living with Max and Robyn. Possibly Ash’s daughter Ella is living there too. At any rate, she was there at a party and unwisely took ketamine (more often used as an anaesthetic when Dixie is required to amputate a limb on-scene) and had an allergic reaction. Robyn and Fletch didn’t tell Ash exactly what happened and he thinks she just had too much to drink. He’s not going to be happy when he finds out – and he will find out.

fletch casualtyFletch was distracted anyway because Cal had got him started on a gambling app on his phone that dealt in stocks and shares and big amounts of money. As a hobby, this is about as wise as taking ketamine at a party. Fletch immediately ignored the wise motto that you should never gamble more than you can afford to lose, and of course he did lose it, while he was busy sorting out the personal lives of a couple of his patients and their dad.

Cal, meanwhile, is romantically pursuing Dr Lily Chao, but I don’t know whether he’s genuinely attracted to her or she’s just the biggest challenge he’s ever come across.

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4 responses to “Casualty: No such thing as a safe bet

  1. The Divine Bebe

    I’d like to introduce Casualty bingo, and one tick would be for car crashes caused by the driver and passenger arguing. There must have been hundreds, all exactly the same. Come on scriptwriters, do buck up. You can be more imaginative. The Fletch gambling story was equally predictable and tedious. As was the spoilt daughter getting off her tits and ending up in A&E. AND Cal pursuing Dr Chao.
    But – having just written a post for this blog about the paucity of good drama with strong female leads on Netflix, I’d like to say, both Casualty and Holby do REALLY well on that front, so good work there at least. And I think Connie is bedding in fine so far. She and Zoe clash spiked heels nicely.

  2. holbylover819

    I don’t like Ella. She’s so devious. I hope she learns her lesson soon.
    With Fletch, “don’t gamble what you can’t afford to lose” was exactly what was going through my head, too! A bit boring as side plots go.
    I hope Ethan goes out with Lily. I think she likes him more and it would give Cal a taste of his own medicine!
    I like your Casualty reviews, I nearly forgot to watch last weeks episode because their wasn’t a review! I’m glad I did; there was a interesting storyline with a morbidly obese patient.

  3. Jess

    I reckon Cal would pursue Lily simply because Ethan appears to get on extra well with her.

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