Holby City: Indispensable

raf harry amy holby(Series 16, ep. 26)  It’s all ready to kick off on AAU, with an epic love triangle of Hanssen /Shah /Douglas proportions (read that any way you see fit) about to ensue, as Dr Posh and Dr Smug (aka Raf) fight over Mrs Smug (aka Dr Amy Teo).

Now they have a Consultant Pharmacist on AAU, no pharmaceutical can be dispensed without Amy having to worry about contra-indications and whatnot. It’s practically criminal that they’ve been dishing out Camoxidan left, right and centre for years without as much as running it past (and usually through) Best Nurse Eddi McKee first.

amy harry holbySo Amy was on hand at the bedside of Posh’s patient, a former glamour model (whose image had apparently enlivened many a lonely midnight hour while Dr Posh was at boarding school), giving out advice and prescriptions and looking a bit queasy. There’s usually only one reason women in soaps look queasy, but she’s not pregnant. We can still file it under “hormones,” though, as she’s going through IVF. That and being married to Dr Smug is all a bit of a strain, so how lucky Dr Posh was on hand with his blue (“blacker than black”) dinner suit and his suave ways picked up at boarding school when he wasn’t hunched over a photo of his glamour model patient.  

dominic holbyMoving swiftly on to Keller, we find Dr Dominic Copeland apparently doing some decent doctoring, and making excellent work of sorting out the troubled medical and social history of a patient (a touching performance from Scott Chambers). I’m getting very fond of Dr Dom – he’s got this cute, innocent face and he walks as if he was propelled by a brisk breeze. And he’s quite probably a psychopath. The way he took every scrap of his patient’s tragic story and pretended to Digby and Zosia that it had all happened to him was quite delicious.

lexie jonny holbyDarwin was naturally engulfed in grief and mourning, what with it only being a week since Bonnie was mown down by a big truck on her wedding day. The Linden Cullen Temple of Anguish had been festooned in small brochures with her face on them, in preparation for a memorial service. Jonny Mac wasn’t going. He didn’t want to think about Bonnie being dead. Even Elliot Hope, who made a speech, didn’t want to think about Bonnie being dead, although the best anecdote he could come up with about her being alive was something rather generic that could have been about anybody. But hey, that was Bonnie for you – just the gal next door.

jac jonny holbyNot like that horrid Jac Naylor woman, a person so toxic she destroys everything she comes into contact with, according to Jonny. Yes, I get it, he’s just lashing out. But he announced that he’s going to take his lashing out a step further and go for custody of Emma. My advice to Jac: take Emma and head for the hills. Or, more accurately, fells. Joseph will look after you until Jonny has had time to see the staff counsellor and calm down a bit.

Next time: More IVF, more Dominic, more custody threats.


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  1. The Divine Bebe

    Yeah, this was a “have a tissue box handy” episode in more ways than one. Although, blackheart that I am, I ff-ed through the Bonnie memorial. It just seemed a bit ersatz. Sorry, but it did. To me anyway.

  2. MvOC

    I can’t bare Mrs Smug. I actually can’t stand her niceness. She’s now tied with Colette for who I want to be Psycho Dom’s first victim. Speaking of Colette, when Harry compared Raf to Whack-A-Mole I thought no, surely that’s Robo Colette. Once again this week she randomly turned up on another ward, in a different uniform.

    The only thing worth watching this week was Dom. He is so deliciously evil, I expect great things from him.

    Jonny’s “emotion” left me cold.

  3. Wiggles

    Where’s everyone’s favourite super-psychiatrist Sharon when you need her?? She’d get J & J back on friendly banter, co-parenting terms in the blink of a (metaphorical) eye!!

    Great review as ever. I actually didn’t mind anybody in this episode – first time I’ve been entirely convinced by David Ames as Dom, Raf and Harry weren’t hideously annoying and Colette also wasn’t bad (to me at least). Although, was also wondering why, if she was wearing scrubs (which to be fair are MUCH more comfortable than those tunic/trouser combos or even worse those dresses) they weren’t green???
    Mind you that was nowhere near as bad as Connie and Zoe tottering around in those ridiculous high heels with clothes they’d worn from home – wrong on so many levels (infection control, health and safety, possibility of getting vomited on etc etc)

    And the Darwin prayer room isn’t the same place as the LC Temple of Anguish, cos that was on the ground floor and looked different inside and out.

    • How long have Darwin had a prayer room? Is it usual for a ward to have its own prayer room? Actually, Linden Cullen’s anguish was so deep and profound that it probably needs more than one temple anyway.

      • I think the Darwin Prayer Room was also the boardroom once upon a time, next to Connie’s office, back in the day. I’m pretty sure they swap rooms about all the time and expect no one to notice.

        Was Vincent van Vicar’s portrait of Serena in the Linden Cullen Temple of Anguish or in the Darwin Prayer Room? And if it was in the Darwin Prayer Room (can we call it DPR?) why was Vincent van Vicar up there in the first place? Maybe the LC Temple of Anguish has been turned into something else while we weren’t looking?! It was definitely still around when Tara was still with us wasn’t it?

        Darwin obviously needs a prayer room – ward of heartache etc 🙂 and I agree about Linden needing more than one temple. Definitely true.

        Fabulous review, as ever!

      • This led me to google what the religious facilities are in my local hospital. One prayer room for all faiths, though the big London hospital where PLA Jr was born has separate facilities for Jews and Muslims and an overspill chapel for when a service is going on at the usual one. Which made me wonder why there aren’t any chaplains or whatnot wandering the corridors of Holby currently. There was one ages ago that Kath (can’t remember her surname – she was the mother of the character played by Jeremy Edwards) had a bit of a thing for, and on Casualty Tess had a bit of a thing for a chaplain for a few episodes. The nearest thing Holby has currently is this Lexie woman with the Herzig heart.

      • Wiggles

        I don’t know how long its been on Darwin but no it’s not usual for a ward to have its own prayer/faith room (most of the wards I’ve worked on haven’t even had a tiny cupboard-sized room to have private conversations with patients in!!) As you’ve discovered it’s normal practice for every hospital to have a faith/prayer room (they’re not called chapels anymore) which is non-denominational (so no crosses/statues fixed to the wall) and can be ‘dressed’ appropriately by whoever is using it(although I’m not sure what’s happened in those older hospitals which did use to have an actual hospital chapel). I think, especially in big cities, there is also another room which can be used if there is a service going on in the main room and there would need to be washing facilities too. Also, it would always be accessible to all (as the LCToA seemed to be) and normally on the ground floor rather than in a ward where presumably they wouldn’t want people traipsing in at all hours of the day and night (because they are generally available 24 hours a day) to pray for their ill relatives/friends.
        The DPR rather than the LCToA was the one that was used in Tara’s time and I think Vincent van Vicar’s drawing of Serena wasn’t in either of them (maybe Keller also has its own faith space?)
        With regard to the chaplains Jac did have a run in with a biker one (I kid you not) a few years back – ?Trev the Rev – even (I think we were meant to believe) turning down the chance of some mentee time with Connie to go to a meal with him (not a date you understand, a churchy meal). But we never saw him again (unfortunately) and apart from Lexi (who isn’t) I don’t think there’s ever been a regular (or even an irregular) chaplain on Holby.

  4. mrssatan

    I was left wondering why after this week’s episode. Why on earth Colette let Jonny work when it was obvious from word one that he was nowhere near ready? Why the memorial service wasn’t held sooner (I assume the funeral has been held – reading between the lines of the “seeing Emma” convo I believe some time has passed since truck ~v~ Bonnie creature)? And why, as has been said, do we suddenly need a Consultant Pharmacist?

    Struggling to care about any of the current characters… even Sacha; who is gurning so much I am beginning to worry about him… acid reflux or a reaction to seeing his outfits in a full length mirror?

    Jonny shouldn’t be back on the ward; putting him back with Jac is, pardon the pun, an accident waiting to happen. Occupational Health should be shot (unless they are off on a team-building course with HR), he desperately needs counselling. I think it is guilt more than grief, and he is lashing out, which is not great on any ward, but especially not a cardiac one.

    (One final thought… I am still shuddering after your Hanssen/Shah/Douglas comment; where do I send my therapy bill?!?)

  5. holbylover819

    I liked the midnight blue suit. Suave, indeed.
    And there’s no way Jonny could get custody. Jac is both the mother and a doctor which skews things in her direction and she could also afford a better lawyer. Poor Jonny, you can see his heart break. 💔

  6. Unless Jac and Jonny jointly registered the birth or they have both signed a legal document to that effect, he doesn’t have “parental responsibility” anyway. He wouldn’t stand a chance in hell without it.

    • My response to that news is “Phew!” (A word which looks really weird written down. And which probably nobody has ever said out loud).

      • Wiggles

        But I’d imagine they did register her jointly, why wouldn’t they have??? And I have said ‘Phew’ out loud many a time (well at least a few) but never noticed that it looks strange written down till now – I’m so suggestible!!

  7. HolbyNut

    Is it really bad that I actually find Harry quite adorable in his new and slightly vulnerable persona of liking Mrs Smug?

    • It’s not bad at all. I find he seems more adorable the more vulnerable he is, such as in the episode in which his father first appeared, so falling for a married colleague would certainly count.

  8. <>

    Yeah, but I couldn’t help looking at Diggers while he spun the yarn, who knows perfectly well it was a load of doggy doos (because Dom told him he and his brother had only ever been allowed to have the doomed hamsters – or gerbils, or whatever – as pets when they were kids), and willing him to NOT muff this opportunity to expose Psycho Dom for the manipulative little creep he is.

    Zosia ain’t gonna forgive him for lying like that to cover his tracks for dissing her grief over her sainted mum, if Digby can play it right. Maybe he could arrange for his dad (or better his mother – I’m not even convinced MomDom is dead now, unless it turns out he’s buried both of them under a patio) to pay a visit….?

  9. Dreamer

    Ooh, Dom as a psychopath is gonna be so cool! Although I’m hoping he’s not of the murdering (?) variety. (Does he suffer from APD though?) o.O