Holby City: Henpecked

jac holby(Series 16, ep. 24) Due to moving house and living in a circumstance that looks like an episode of Extreme Hoarders before the tidying people come in, I only got time to sit down and watch Tuesday’s Holby last night and my recollections about the episode might be a bit confuzzled due to having to watch it through a canyon between cardboard boxes accompanied by the faint smell of cat poo (our traumatised cat had decided the new sofa was the best place to go to the toilet and the smell is taking days to shift).

hen night holbySo… Predictably enough, Bonnie has turned into Bridezilla and her head is full of wedding cake (metaphorically-speaking) and she wants everyone to share her happiness (say that aloud in a kind of breathless squeak for the full Bonnie effect). This includes Jac, because they’re going to be all mums together as far as Emma’s concerned, aren’t they (grrr…)? So Jac is invited to the wedding, but obviously wouldn’t be seen dead at the hen night. Or would she?  

Yes she would, you know, and it provided an opportunity for her to tell Bonnie what she really thinks of her. This wasn’t as much fun as I’d have expected it to be, mainly because I just can’t accept the idea that Jac would care so much about Jonny – who has his sweet side but is increasingly often a complete arse. Jac can do (and has done) so much better.

raf amy holbyOn AAU, Dr Posh had a hangover and having to poke at a pair of gangrenous hands didn’t help. What did help was the hangover cure administered by consultant pharmacist Dr Amy Teo. And Dr Teo herself, who was exactly Dr Posh’s type – female, with a pulse and not Adele (poor Adele). I don’t think we’ve seen a pharmacist on Holby before, apart from the occasions when you see a non-speaking extra hand a bundle of Camoxidan through a hatch, so when Dr Teo suddenly found her skills to be essential to every scene on AAU, there was obviously going to be more to her than met the eye. Unfortunately she’s not a serial killer – she’s only the wife of Raf. The one who makes the croissanty treats and packs them in Tupperware (Amy, not Raf).

dominic digby holbyFor a serial killer, or at least someone with a psychopathic tendency, we need look no further than Keller, where Dom is going all “Mwah ha ha!” on us and only Digby has noticed. I have to say I was worried for Diggers when he followed Dom down to the basement. Nothing good ever happens there (not since Sacha dismantled his den), and finding Dom in the wet lab clutching a scalpel and threatening to self-harm might turn out to be only the start of Digby’s problems.

Next time: Will Jonny make it to the altar? Will Zosia make it through the anniversary of her mother’s death? And will Serena knock AAU into shape?


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10 responses to “Holby City: Henpecked

  1. Dreamer

    I genuinely don’t get why Jac would be fighting for/over Jonny.

  2. Collins1965

    I hate what they are doing to Jac in this storyline. She is FAR too good to be pining over and/or chasing after Jonny flippin Maconie.

    She had the love of Joseph Byrne, for crying out loud!

    I’m also not loving the lack of support she is getting from her so called friends, Elliot and Sacha. Poor show all round.

  3. Wiggles

    I could see it before he was nurse-napped and transformed into his ‘potentially evil’ twin brother (because I’m still vacillating between ‘not quite’ and ‘definitely maybe’). When I think of how he stuck up for Jac after that ante-natal class I could throttle whoever (and I have an idea who’s necks my hands would be round) decided to ruin him as a character!!

  4. Wiggles

    Ooohh and hope your lounge smells more fragrant soon! Moving is a real nightmare isn’t it?

    • The ghastly pong is wearing off at last – either that or I’m just getting used to it. Moving is definitely a nightmare, and we’ve done it twice within 10 months.

  5. Thunderchild

    So Saucer thinks she’s Holbys Next Top Pyschologist but can’t see what’s right under her nose where Dom is concerned?

    • Good point! Though she is a bit preoccupied at the moment with mourning the loss of Ma Self and hating Him Self. You could say she’s Self-absorbed.

    • Wiggles

      Being pedantic I know but Saucer wants to be Holby’s Next Top PSYCHIATRIST (cos there really is a difference between that and a psychologist).

  6. HolbyNut

    “Self-absorbed” tee hee!
    Yes, this episode was a bit better but as I write this (Weds), we have seen last night’s episode. Woah! Loved it, despite the lack of plausability at each stage – like really, who does go to a hospital to get ready for your wedding and Bonnie’s bro with the heart condition??? But still, the Jac stuff was CLASS. Should save all this really for the next review, shouldn’t I? But so delighted that I finally enjoyed a Holby after ‘bearing with’ for quite some time!

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