Casualty: Beauchamp is back

connie casualty(Series 28, ep.31) Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing, as if that needed saying) made her much anticipated return to Holby City hospital last night – albeit via the ED entrance in Cardiff rather than the Wyvern Wing entrance in Borehamwood.

She was accorded the traditional “foxy female” arrival – a taxi door opens and we see killer heels, legs clad in trousers that say “I’m here to do business – but in style,” then the full gloriousness of Connie and her new, longer hair.

She was accorded many a “Phwoar”-type glance from any male she passed and a “who is that fabulous woman?” glance from the women. The wardrobe department had also given her the most figure-flattering set of scrubs ever seen in the NHS.

The scrubs were part of the reason why I didn’t feel quite relaxed with this Casualty debut, though. I’m used to Connie only wearing scrubs in theatre. The rest of the time she’s supposed to wear something stylish and perfectly accessorised and swan from bed to bed dispensing “Let’s just wait for the test results, shall we?” brisk kindliness to the patients and snappy “Why am I still waiting for those test results?” to junior doctors and nurses.  

On Holby City she also had a context and everyone knew her. Here, people said they knew her (Cal had attended a guest lecture she did at UCL, Charlie welcomed her like the grizzled old spirit of the hospital he is and Selfie was on hand to pretend he’s in charge and knows everything), but it would have made all the difference if they could have lured Paul Bradley to Cardiff for an afternoon so Elliot Hope could have popped downstairs to welcome his dear friend back to her old stamping ground.

The rest of the episode was okay. Tina O’Brien got another guest slot, and Connie and Jeff got to do some dramatic stuff on some lighting rigging at an accident at a concert venue. Dr Zoe Hanna was satisfyingly ruffled by Connie’s arrival and I’m looking forward to those two locking horns some more – as long as they can eventually find a way to work together. I’d be gutted if Zoe left and I was worried by the fact that the aforementioned wardrobe department had given Zoe (my mum calls her “Bust and Bum”) possibly her least-flattering outfit ever. It was almost as if she couldn’t be quite as fabulous as usual in case it detracted from the lovely Connie.

So my general verdict is that it’s wonderful to have the toughest cookie ever to grace the corridors of Holby (almost) back where she belongs, but it’s going to take a while for me to shake my Holby view of things and properly get to grips with the idea that #BeauchampIsBack

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6 responses to “Casualty: Beauchamp is back

  1. The Divine Bebe

    I think your wardrobe comments are as pertinent as ever PLA. Poor Zoe. Ghastly top. I wasn’t a Holby regular during the first era of CB, but I was aware of her Queen of Shoe status – who wasn’t? But surely she never wore trainers? That was a shocker.

  2. Dawn

    I have to agree with the comments about the wardrobe AND the shoes. CB has always been so sharply stylish you could lacerate your eyeballs just looking at her, so this just doesn’t fit. The hair doesn’t fit either – looks as though the cleaners have mislaid their mop. Connie of Holby just wouldn’t walk around with a dead thing on her head! Smart clothes, killer shoes and no nonsense hair all the way for that CT surgeon. Is her new look supposed to be a reflection of a downward career move? Can’t see it – she isn’t going down anywhere, she is ready and eager for a power struggle. Why would she dress down when Zoe certainly doesn’t. If Zoe can do a full shift in stilettos and pencil skirt, why wouldn’t Connie?

  3. Mr Donnelly

    This was oneof the best episodes I’ve seen for a while. Kacie Ainsworth, aka Little Mo from EastEnders also made a guest appearance as a police officer, though not it seems, the same character she played in Casualty spin-off Holby Blue a few years ago.

  4. holbylover819

    Shouldn’t that guy have been able to get out the fire escape in the arena? I mean I kind of defeats the purpose of a fire exit. I loved the setting though. I guess Connie can have heights as Iain had explosions. Someone has to get collapsing buildings.
    That whole scene seemed really action movie-esque (including Hollywood physics with the frame they were on deciding to drop) that when they got back to Holby and after the adrenaline had worn off, it felt quite out of place. Still awesome though.
    Also, two men called Sacha in Holby?
    Totally agree on the scrubs btw and great review!

  5. If Connie arriving means that Zoe will leave, I will be bitterly disappointed. I might even stop watching Casualty.

  6. Jess

    The scrubs really bugged me…are they ever that tight?

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