Holby City: The thin line between love and hate

(Series 16, ep.22) Ricin had been discovered in the ED. Or was it a raisin? There was some linguistic confusion, but the upshot was that emergency patients had to be channelled towards other wards (rather than to the Mythical St James’s) while Charlie implemented a quarantine-type situation. As RoboNurse5000 strode around with a clipboard acting like she was Deputy CEO rather than queen of nurses (she’s presumably passed the HR woman’s test as we haven’t heard anything since), Selfie said he thought it was about time the ED had a consultant who could whip it into shape. We have seen the future, people, and her name is Connie Beauchamp.

But, with all the extra bodies arriving in AAU, it was all too easy for Jess’s nasty husband David to turn up and persuade her that, even though she’d had her operation moments before and was still groggy from anaesthetic, it was time she legged it away from the hospital. So off they went in his car, hotly pursued by Ric (also in a car – he’s not as fast as he used to be on foot).

Seatbelts, emergency braking and freshly inserted surgical stitches don’t mix, and pretty soon Jess had become as unzipped as PLA Jr’s purse in Topshop. Ric caught up with them, there was a bit of an altercation and Jess ended up running David over.  

Ric and Jess dashed back to Holby so Serena could fix Jess up again. Soon afterwards, David was brought in with a ruptured spleen and a policeman who was worried about MRSA. “We run an incredibly clean ward,” purred Mary-Claire, enjoying the fact that she had the best line of the night, “but I could find you a dirty little corner if you asked me nicely.”

Ric obviously doesn’t want to see his daughter sent dahhhn for running over her abusive ex, so he owned up to doing it himself. Oh, Ric. Such noble self-sacrifice.

Let’s haul ourselves up the stairs (or even take the lift) to the lofty heights of Darwin, where the “love triangle” of JonBonJac is grinding on. If a triangle can grind. This week’s development saw Bonnie get all cross and anxious because Jonny seemed to be getting on too well with Jac. “How can I compete with her being the mother of your child and all that?” she wailed (I’m paraphrasing) in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery. Simple – by becoming Mrs Maconie. Jonny dropped to one knee to propose in Holby’s second most romantic location (after Rodolfo’s). I wonder if Jac will get to be a bridesmaid when she, Bonnie, takes him, Jonny, to be her lawful wedded etc. She would probably rather be force-fed confetti with a dirty fork.

On Keller there isn’t a love triangle, but there is a thin line between love and hate-type situation still going on between Selfie and Selfette, or Dr March as she prefers to be known. I really think we should get a petition going to get Psych Sharon back from wherever in America it was that she went, because if anyone is in urgent need of counselling it’s Zosia. Just a glimpse of her father is enough to make her go all tantrumy and start throwing her toys and her stethoscope out of her pram. She took her resentment of the way he handled her mother’s death to another level this week, when she had a disagreement with him over a patient’s care. Deciding that he was putting funding issues above the patient’s interests, she incited the patient’s militant granddaughter to shift him (the patient, not Selfie) to a different hospital (predictably they only got as far as the car park) and then to put in a formal complaint against Selfie.


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14 responses to “Holby City: The thin line between love and hate

  1. Mr Donnelly

    Self should be aware of the information governance issues that make it bad practice to put a file or anything containing a patient’s name into a dustbin. I presume the file he threw away did, and given the size of the document, it would easily be discovered.

  2. Rose

    Has your review been cut short by accident?

  3. Thunderchild

    I did like ‘Self Important’s’ line about the ED needing a new Consultant; not having watched Casualty regularly since poor Selena Donovan met her maker I’m disappointed that Connie is heading back to A&E as I think her presence upstairs would certainly help bring Holby out of the rut it seems to have got itself stuck in lately. But then again a Connie, a Jonnie and a Bonnie on Darwin might be a bit ridiculous.

  4. Lot of stupid going on in this ep
    1) I thought Jonny’s line to Jac about not being able to just fire Bonnie at will, because, of course, “they have procedures for that sort of thing” was the script writers poking a little fun at themselves or us for their failure to have any obvious ‘staff coming and going’ procedures.
    2) Of course I understand women suffering domestic abuse will be lacking in confidence and may well often struggle to stay away from abusive partners, but Jess came across as rather more thick rather than scared, in my view. She could have pushed her bedside alarm
    3) Holby security had been put on alert to look for them leaving, so why was the guard on the main doors walking away, as if to go for a slash, at the point they left? Silly.
    4) The arguments across the bed of the tattooed teen were unprofessional and stupid. If Jac actually behaved to nurses like that in front of patients, she’d be sacked, and rightly so (of course I love her, but that was just dumb)
    5) Ric leaving abusive hubby lying there on the road and not calling police or ambulance? Massively stupid, and unbelievable, unless he’s an idiot.
    5) Zoshi should be sacked/slapped/dispensed with. Silly, silly, silly.

    • Rose

      I agree, possibly one of the silliest episode in a long time. Why was the rickshaw there? Was it just someone being “quirky” or did I miss the explanation?
      I didn’t feel like Jess was scared either, and as for her being able to cross from the passneger seat to driver’s and back again whilst her insides were almost falling out? Laughable! I thought it was quite badly put together as a story. Actually the entire episode was. MC only had a few lines, there were some corkers but they felt a bit lost, or as if they were thrown in at the last minute. Niamh did a great job with very little. As did Serena.
      Were we meant to find Self’s ‘devil may care’ attitude amusing? Because it wasn’t. He’s not very good with humour and this double act with Robonurse is excruciating.
      I am honestly trying to think of something positive to say but I can’t think of anything. The whole episode just seemed to drag. Ok, one positive – Hugh Quarshie’s acting. It’s just a pity it wasn’t withing a decently put together storyline.
      End grumble.

    • All very valid points, but the answer to (3) was that he’d obviously watched Holby before and knew that the most likely place to find a missing person would be the LCMS. And my view of (5) is that Zoshi should get back to story lines that aren’t to do with her parental issues. Much more fun for her and us.

      • Rose

        I wouldn’t worry much about the security guard – he has a history of not being there when patients do a bunk in their hospital gowns. He knows by now they normally don’t get any further than the car park so no need to rush!

    • holbylover819

      I think the guard thought he was in an action movie and had to ‘patrol the perimeter’

  5. mrssatan

    Apparently 30 people complained about the cutting Perrie’s head off comment – including her own mother… *sigh*

    Selfie is getting on my last remaining nerve, as is SecretEscapes (sorry, had to pinch that as I loved it when I read it)… Not sure what Jess was playing at – did wonder if she didn’t want to compete for the same marriage track record as her father, but she did originally find a pair and run from David so…

    Episode felt rather like one of those you get from a writers strike in the States… hope normal service resumes shortly!

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