Waterloo Road: Drunk in charge of a school

christine waterloo road(Series 9, ep.19)  Christine’s descent back into alcohol hell was fairly predictable, given that not an episode goes by without she gazes longingly at a bottle at some point. I blame her handbags – they are conveniently big enough to conceal a bottle or a wine bag. She should go either small bag or string bag and there’d be far less temptation.

However, the bag situation is what it is and Christine’s situation was that she woke up next to a tattooed man whose name she didn’t know, and her bedroom carpet had been ruined by red wine.

Christine’s reputation was about to go the way of the bedroom carpet, when she was late for a meeting with Darren’s social worker and didn’t tell her about Darren’s penchant for pervy photography.

George was optimistic. “The occasional defeat doesn’t mean you’re losing the war,” he said. He didn’t know about Christine crashing her car and walking away (in odd shoes) at that point. Though he did know about the boozy breath and fuzzy teeth.  

The other big thing on Christine’s agenda for the day was a meeting with the education chiefs, who were assembling to discuss rolling out Resilience Education across the whole authority (in the same way they were once going to roll out Mandarin).

It all got very complicated for Christine, but much vodka was consumed and the bottle was stowed in that massive handbag for later. Vodka was also thrown at a police officer, and it was that rather than the car crash that got her arrested. Imagine – a Waterloo Road head teacher being marched off the premises in disgrace! It would be upsetting, if it didn’t happen as regularly as Halloween.

The lovely Kacey Barry chose this fraught day to return from her boxing trip to Florida. Carol and Dynasty were a bit worried about how she would take the news of Barry being banged up, but Nikki Boston reminded her that the Barry women were less useless than the Barry men, what with Dynasty’s potential career in the bizzies and Carol’s winning way with catering packs of chicken nuggets (“dark and crispy”). Kacey has also picked up some proper American positivity, and gave the school a lecture about the importance of “the top two inches.” This, apparently, is the brain – surely more than two inches high? Whatever, Kacey’s lecture impressed everyone except Gabriella, whose own lecture was cancelled in favour of Kacey’s. It’s not wise to make an enemy of Gabriella.

In other news, George “is not Benedict Cumberbatch.”

Next time: A climbing wall. That can’t end well.

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2 responses to “Waterloo Road: Drunk in charge of a school

  1. Dreamer

    BC is a bit weird-looking, anyway.
    I wonder if Christine is going back to being Jane…

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