Jonathan Creek: A mediocre act

jonathan-creekIt is almost unheard of for a positive soul like myself to post two negative blog posts in a row, which is why I went for the safe option of reviewing Mr Creek’s all new adventure, comfortable in the fact that I had yet to sit through an episode that I hadn’t enjoyed.

The past tense is not accidental, it pains me to say. The preview promised the return of a mystery/comedy, but it failed to deliver on both, leaving a lacklustre hour of sadly predictable and cliche television.

The main gripe must of course be the fact that there wasn’t a mystery to solve. The episode centred around a hammy actress (kudos to the apt casting of a former Hollyoaks star here) who was stabbed in the street by the wife of a stage hand who fancied her. Instead of reporting the stabber to the police, she was persuaded to cover her injury up, with the help of a makeup artist who put prosthetic skin over the wound (honestly, I’m not actually making that up).

However, further tragedy crept ominously around the corner… in the form of a table corner, which the actress bumped into, reopening the wound. She collapsed in a pool of blood in her room, leaving the characters to wonder for about ten minutes what had happened, and the confused audience, already fully in the picture and waiting for everyone in the programme to catch on.

It was an odd take for a show famous for its intriguing and silly-yet-just-plausible mysteries that keeps you guessing, to provide no mystery whatsoever in its supposedly triumphant return.

The plot was too linear even to fill a one hour episode, so we were treated to a dull side story of Jonathan’s wife (played by the attractive one from Green Wing. No, not Stephen Mangan…) discovering secret love letters belonging to her deceased mum. The solution to this had been spelled out so explicitly, the writers may as well have just filmed the last page of the script as a nonsensical scene near the start about imaginary friends made this the only possible outcome.

There were some saving graces however. Whilst the dark humour was not nearly as good as it used to be, there were witty moments and the show was certainly watchable. However, Jonathan Creek is a unique brands that sets its own standards for providing a unique experience rather high… and when judged on these standards, this latest offering was sadly paltry.

Do you agree or disagree? As always, the comments section is your place to have your say!

Written by Our Man In The North


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3 responses to “Jonathan Creek: A mediocre act

  1. Yes, I had been really looking forward to Jonathon Creek’s return. Very disappointing. The usual twists and turns were missing, flagged long before our usual end of episode resolution. Why mess with the exciting format. The new wife is not a successful side kick in any sense. I only hope the series improves but for the start of a former favourite I must say , it was a let down.

  2. mrssatan

    I felt there was no mystery… the “plot”, such as it was, was so transparent you could’ve used it as a window!

    Bring back the days of the windmill…

  3. The Divine Bebe

    Afraid to say am also a JC fan – and in fact, due to the joy of Netflix, have recently rewatched all the earlier episodes, with pleasure, with our 11 year old son – but everything you say is true. I enjoyed watching this but there was no mystery to be solved and it suffered as a consequence. The thrill is gone. Shame. I blame Benedict Cumberbatch.

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