Holby City: A kitten, a birthday and a loose cannon

dominic holby(Series 16, ep.21)  Keller has acquired a new little wing which was temporarily dubbed the “Tressler Neurological Wing,” as it was funded by Dr Posh’s dad. I say “temporarily,” because by the end of the episode the nice new sign was being removed and Tressler  flounced off after calling Selfie a loose cannon.

What had happened to provoke this reaction? It seems it was Selfie’s habit of letting patients with a very poor chance of survival clutter up beds.  It’s “not a good look” for a showcase neurological facility, apparently. So it’s goodbye to Tressler Sr., but what will Selfie do with himself now his neurological wing is no more? He’ll have to find something else to do, because gazing mournfully at “Zoshy” and frightening Sacha are not full-time occupations, and he never seems to do much administrating.  

In the part of Keller which is just plain old Keller, Dominic was dealing with a patient, Mr Bing, who had a kitten under his blanket. That’s not a euphemism, it’s a baby cat. The kitten was the clue to why the man was acting very strangely, and I diagnosed toxoplasmosis half an hour before anybody else did (that’s worth a free muffin and frothy coffee at Pulses, surely?). The main point of this story was the spotlight that it shone on the somewhat weird Dominic, who got quite nasty with Mr Bing at one point. We didn’t see whether Dominic actually stabbed him with a needle or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had. Especially not in view of the charming anecdote he told Digby later about the pet hamsters he had when he was a boy. One pair of hamsters had six babies, but when he and his brother put a different female hamster in the cage, she bit the heads off all the babies. Digby was aghast, but Dominic thought it was quite sensible behaviour. “When threatened, react violently – end threat,” he said.

holby cityMaybe these are words Ric Griffin could reflect on in the coming weeks. His daughter, The Beautiful Jess, turned up unexpectedly, with her son in tow. This is the same son who was delivered by Jac Naylor and Chrissie Williams while Jess was still wearing leggings, but he seems to be a perfectly healthy child despite that.

Which is more than I can say for Jess, who went “Nnngh!!” and was diagnosed with a hernia. When the X-ray revealed old, healed fractures and Jess told Ric she’d left her husband, he put two and two together and made a promise: “If he comes anywhere near you… (long dramatic pause accompanied by Intense Stare)… I’ll kill him.”

A similar fate might befall That Bonnie Creature when Jac finds out that Bonnie squashed her motorbike with her silly little car (which she was driving rather recklessly considering it’s a hospital car park where there are generally at least three people collapsed on the ground at any given time). The rather wonderful Denise Black was playing a lung cancer patient who had a penchant for giving out advice via tarot card readings. She predicted disappointment for Bonnie, which came true because Jonny had forgotten (or didn’t know about) her birthday and Jac thwarted her plans for a romantic getaway to the Lake District by letting Jonny have Emma for the weekend. I kind of lost track of who was supposed to be looking after Emma when and why, because I was too busy wondering why Jac was getting involved in scrapping over Jonny. I know he’s the father of her child and blah blah, but it’s really time she moved on.

Next time: Bonnie wants to move the JonBon relationship to the next level. Ric attempts to prioritise Jess. And Selfie fails to prioritise Zosia.

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9 responses to “Holby City: A kitten, a birthday and a loose cannon

  1. thunderchild

    Given Dominic’s speech at the end and the horrified look on Digby’s face I’m guessing the writers are going down the psychotic-medic route. By my reckoning we must be due one soon given the likes of Kelly Yorke and Stuart McElroy are now long and distant memories. Digby, Sacha and Secret Escapes better watch their backs but with a bit of luck this could mean Dom’s tenure could be relatively short lived.

    Jac/Jonny/Bonnie is boring me – a character like Jac Naylor deserves better than this silly love triangle, likewise Selfie and Secret Escapes – is it law now that Zosia has to be shoehorned into every episode? Also on a complete side note what happened with the woman from HR investigating how Seflie got Collette the job? Did I miss the outcome there?

    At least Ric was back at the forefront – if only the writers could give Serena a decent storyline.

    • I hope Dominic *is* going down the psychotic medic route – that sounds like fun! I agree with you about the JJB triangle. I like Zosia a lot but think they could be doing more with her than having her crying and running down corridors every episode. And I’m sick of seeing that necklace.

  2. HolbyNut

    Nice to see more of characters who are more believable somehow, like Rick and Jess. Fave bit was when Bonnie did a ‘TMI’ with Elliot. Dominic is usually just annoying, now psychotic/scary….and makes Diggers look socially ‘normal’.

  3. The little kitten. My wife wants it. She promises she will look after it, and give it lots of love and care. Please, please send it to her !!

  4. holbylover819

    I understand not being cat person or not being a dog person but not liking any pets?! Dom was scary even before he started acting all psychotic like. I felt more sorry for Bonnie she seems like a genuinely nice person but for the first time since ever I was rooting for JacxJonny by the end of the episode.

  5. mrssatan

    I liked the Selfie/ogre reference… he does look like Shrek; don’t understand what women see in him 😶

    Dominic is scary… a baby Harold Shipman in the making *shudders*

  6. Rose

    First time I truly liked Dom! At last I can see a purpose to him being back and I think he suits the psychotic doc role 😀
    I liked seeing Bonnie stop being such a doormat too. I couldn’t understand why Jac was bothered about where Jonny was or with whom. It’s episodes like this that make me dislike Jac. Are we meant to believe she now suddenly wants Jonny back or that she’s just an out and out cow for the sake of it? This story has been dragged out for far too long and it’s not like Jonny is any great prize for either Jac or Bonnie.
    Once again I was baffled by Colette’s role. Her scurrying around after Selfie like an overprotective terrier is just irritating and Serena was wasted in this episode too, hovering and running around like Selfie’s little messenger.
    Ric/Jess story was extremely predictable but still the best of the episode and it’s good to see Ric getting an actual storyline.

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