Casualty: The phantom shirt-ironer

lee mead casualty(Series 28, ep.27) In this week’s Casualty, Robyn impaled her foot on a rake chasing a mysterious man who’d been ironing a shirt in her house without permission. He was a nice man, though, and he held her hand while Jeff sawed off the handle of the rake, and again when she was unimpaled from it in the ED.

Obviously she was a bit curious about him. He didn’t act like a burglar – apart from the being in her house for no good reason and running away when challenged – after all, who breaks into a house to iron a shirt?

It turned out that his name was Ben and he was the son of Robyn and Max’s landlord. Finding himself homeless, he let himself into one of his father’s properties and had been living in the loft for a few days. “I thought we had a poltergeist,” said Robyn, chuckling at the absurdity of it all like they do at the end of Scooby Doo when they find out the phantom shirt-pressing poltergeist was actually only the landlord’s son. She’s now given Rita the task of putting in a good word for Ben to get him a job at Holby.  

Oliver Kent promised that we are going to love this new character as much as we loved the blessed Abs. To try to ensure the success of this plan, he’s played by adorable Lee Mead and he has already acquired a nickname – “Lofty,” because he was living in a loft. With his own nickname and success in a reality talent show, how can he possibly fail?

If you want failure, just have a look at Dr Lily Chao’s people skills. You’ll have to look hard, because she hides them well. So well, in fact, that Dr Zoe Hanna is about ready to get rid of her.

When junior doctors are forced to prove themselves in medical soaps, they generally try a bit too hard and get over-involved, and Lily did just that when she found herself looking after a woman with a learning disability who’d just given birth on her own at home. At first Lily was her usual stroppy self, telling Charlie confidently that people like that should be prevented from having babies. Charlie responded to this by shifting his 50 yard stare from one far corner of the room to another, a sure sign he’s displeased.

Later on, Lily started to empathise with the woman and her partner and even uncovered a problem they were having with their landlord. When the woman started to haemorrhage, Lily was told to stay with her until she could be taken to theatre, but she had a go herself. Things got messy, Ash got angry, and told Lily rather abruptly that the woman had died. Only she hadn’t. And now Lily has made a formal complaint against Ash.

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2 responses to “Casualty: The phantom shirt-ironer

  1. holbylover819

    Telling Lily the patient had died was a harsh move from Ash.She may be cold at times but I think he went too far.

  2. mrssatan

    Ah, the non-existent HR department strikes again… no advertising a vacancy, just live in a loft, iron a shirt and hey presto – a job in A&E!

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