Holby City: If only work didn’t get in the way of my personal life

jonny jac holby(Series 16, ep.20)  Thanks to the fluid staffing configurations of Holby, Jonny Mac is now King of All the Nurses on Darwin. That’s him, Bonnie and a handful of mostly non-speaking extras (though the one with the blonde ponytail gets to say “Thank you” or “Yes” when it’s her birthday). It’s a hefty responsibility and with it comes a new set of scrubs in “hunter green.” “Straight from the garden centre,” according to Jac. Jonny thought she just couldn’t handle the fact that he was now at the same level as her – and anything she can do, he can do better. Let’s have a parachute stitching contest and we’ll see if he’s right about that.

jonny emma holbyThe thing is, he can actually be helpful when he gets the chance. He had an excellent idea involving a diathermy loop in theatre, and when he and Jac work together on either work things or baby-related things, they’re a very good team. The problem is, with Emma just about ready to leave hospital, they haven’t quite negotiated how life is going to be. At least they admitted as much by the end of the episode.  

bonnie jac holbyI hate to admit it, but I felt a bit sorry for That Bonnie Creature. She can see that her hold on Jonny’s affections is a bit precarious, but she still gives the occasional bit of good advice about him having to work as a team with Jac for Emma’s sake. As a nurse, I’m less impressed with her. When two patients went AWOL, Bonnie’s response was that she was a nurse and not a security guard. “We don’t assume our patients are going to run out on us.” Hello? Has she not noticed that hardly a week goes by when a bed isn’t suddenly and mysteriously empty and nurses have to jog from toilet to car park to basement to Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery to retrieve their patient? In this case the patients only got as far as the grassy interface between the car park and the LCMS, which is a shame because it’s been a while since we saw the Tara Lo Memorial Water Feature.

harry raf holbyOn AAU, Dr Posh was acting all posh again and booking himself a trip to Cuba with his mother’s air miles. Raf, who is apparently intent on waging a one-man class war against his privileged colleague, pointed out that Posh had missed 17 basic skills from his log book. Posh said he’d done them all, but he hadn’t written them down. Obviously this wasn’t good enough, so he had to enlist Adele’s help to get all 17 ticked off by the end of the day so he wouldn’t miss his flight. In return, he promised to take Adele to dinner. The fact that he had no intention of doing so (“She’ll take a rain check”) possibly proves that I was a bit previous last week in deciding he was quite nice really. Raf called him a “Lazy, inconsiderate, over-indulged prat,” which I think is a bit harsh, but only a bit. I’m wondering what Raf’s deal is. Is he harbouring secret romantic yearnings for his junior colleague? Or has his past been blighted by Dickensian maltreatment of his poor-but-honest family by some rich baron or other? I’m sure we’ll find out eventually.

selfie catherine holbyOn Keller there was some kidney transplanting to do. Despite Ric and Serena being perfectly handy at this sort of thing, someone called Catherine O’Malley was drafted in to do it and Zosia was drafted in to help her. This was basically so Selfie and Zosia could have another run-in, when it turned out that Catherine was (a) of the cut-them-up-and-ask-questions-later school of surgery and (b) was having a romantic “thing” with Selfie. Last week I said that brain surgery was really horrible to watch. I’d like to add now that it isn’t as bad as having to watch Selfie snogging. Ugh.

Next time: Jac’s motorbike! Bonnie’s birthday! And Jess Griffin!

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7 responses to “Holby City: If only work didn’t get in the way of my personal life

  1. Mary Drew

    Yay! Another nail hit firmly on the head! I too was reaching for the sick bowl when Selfie moved in for a snog 😦

  2. MvOC

    Hanssen would have had a coronary had he seen the goings on in his old office last night! Was there an explanation given for why Selfie’s smooching partner was even there (at Holby I mean, not on his desk!)? Surely Serena, Ric, Sacha or the Former Transplant Expert known as Mo could have done it? But then I suppose Selfie couldn’t have snogged any of them.
    Who was doing Jonny’s job before Jonny? Because there never appeared to be so many problems before now.
    There was a lot of sniping and general grumpiness last night. I’m not sure what I made of it really.

  3. muithomas

    I actually felt like last nights episode was actually a pleasant experience and thankfully we had a lot less of the toxic arguments usually found on Darwin. In fact I think Jonny actually came out to be smarter than I thought he was…and Jac took his advice on board. I’m interested to see how the Naylor/Maconie parenting pans out!

    I just wish Zosia would grow up a bit, I know she’s still grieving at her mothers’ death, but she also cannot go around blaming Selfie for everything that has happened since her mum’s death. People grieve in different ways and it’s clear both Zosia and Selfie and coping differently (if you can seriously call Zosia’s method ‘coping’)

  4. I’ve consistently thought Posh was a twat, and indeed he’s proved he is. But Raf was a dickhead too. But the fluid “holiday” arrangements were dumb and unrealistic to the point of silly. You have to get time off agreed by someone surely?!
    I once never thought the day would come when I’d say I miss Chantelle, but I really do. So many others seem ghastly or a bit daft, except Mary Claire, who needs to be given a bigger part.
    Zosia was particularly irksome and very unprofessional. And the fact that ‘daddy’ keeps favouriting her above others makes me think everyone else should put in a complaint about it.

  5. mrssatan

    Hanssen would have to deep clean the office if he ever comes back; it’s turning into Selfie’s personal bar and bordello!

    I can’t say I like Raf or Posh… they both seem to be working towards an agenda that doesn’t have the best interest of the patient at its heart.

    Agree about the random HR rules too; annual leave as and when, staff wafting in and out… how they would ever pass a CQC inspection is beyond me!

    Bring back the old guard…

    • Rose

      The HR situation is getting beyond ridiculous. Posh’s leave and Jonny’s, literally, overnight promotion (they did say there was just one day between this and last week’s episodes didn’t they?) were just this week’s examples of silliness.

      Raf is clearly going to come down to earth with a bang, he’s too Super Doc at the moment! I don’t understand why Ric keeps disappearing off the ward – or rather appearing on the ward for 10 seconds each week. Is it another hint at Self being useless at CEO if he keeps calling Ric to attend meetings?

      I had the same thought watching Selfie’s ‘moment’ with the waspy ginger doc – Hanssen would be disgusted if he knew and whoever the next occupant of that office is will need to have it thoroughly disinfected first!

  6. HolbyNut

    How many weeks in a row now has Holby ended with Jac and Jonny reconciled over Emma’s cot? So predictable and in danger of tainting a great character like Jac .
    Holby writers, please take note (come on they MUST read PLA), we have been spoiled for years with wonderful characters and episodes and expect so much more than of recent months.

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