Holby City: Posh up, Jonny down

harry holby(Series 16, ep.19) My opinions about Holby characters don’t remain static. A case in point is Dr Posh. In fact, I might actually start referring to him as Harry now and again, that’s how fond of him I’m getting.

His character has become much more interesting since he had Raf to antagonise him. Raf is a man who thinks your medical qualifications are worth nothing if you haven’t at least got raf holbyan NVQ Level 1 from the school of hard knocks. He dismisses Harry because he grew up with the advantages of having a rich dad, and in Raf’s eyes this means he hasn’t earned the right to very much respect. In some ways, he’s right – Harry still expects opportunities to fall in his lap and still feels he can get what he wants with a dazzling smile and a bit of smooth talk, but he’s increasingly finding that’s not the case and there’s some doubt and anger in him which is making him much more interesting. I found myself actually rooting for the lad, despite his terrible treatment of vulnerable bariatric patient Annie Hinkley.  

colette jac jonny holbyI’m not rooting for Jonny Mac, however. Oh Jonny, what have the Holby writers done to you? Jonny used to be a sweet, genuine, no-hidden-agenda kind of guy. And now his whole focus is on this childish game of one-upmanship with Jac and at the centre of it, as Jeremy Kyle would say, is an innocent child.  I thought both Jac and Jonny were out of order this week, though I felt there was no intentional malice in the way Jac behaved by hiring a nanny without consulting him. It was initially thoughtlessness, which turned to aggressive defence when challenged. Jac can be as spiky as a hedgehog when threatened and it’s not nice and it does sometimes teeter on the edge of bullying (saying she’d hired a male nanny because Emma needs “a strong male role model in her life” was a low blow), but Jonny’s response was dreadful. Basically he tried to frame her with Colette and portray her as a monster, so he could be given a promotion which five minutes earlier hadn’t existed in the fluid staffing configurations of Holby. Now apparently he’s going to use his new job as Acting Clinical Nurse Manager to make Jac’s life difficult in ways which sound like they would contravene the Sex Discrimination Act.

selfie zosia holbyMeanwhile, on Keller there was a bit of movement in the fractious relationship between Dr Zosia March and her father, Selfie. Sacha gave Zosia a bit of psych evaluating to do, with a patient who thought she could smell her dead husband. “Ewwww!” said Digby. Burnt toast and coffee rather than decomposing corpse, though, so not all that bad. Zosia got into trouble for not seeking a psych assessment for the patient and getting consent for a procedure while there were doubts about her mental health. This led to a showdown in Selfie’s office which turned into a heart-to-heart about Zosia’s mother. Zosia ended up in tears and Selfie gave her a hug. Later on she called him “Dad” in theatre and was impressed by his brain surgery skills. So that was all very heartwarming and lovely, but – ugh – brain surgery is disgusting to watch, even when it’s only pretendy.


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15 responses to “Holby City: Posh up, Jonny down

  1. Dreamer

    Is it bad that I want Jonny dead? I just can’t stand him anymore! But I have a feeling this arc is heading towards something major (and contrived).

  2. MvOC

    Jonny needs to go and I don’t care how they do it! I can’t decide if I’d like my workplace to follow the Holby City Employment Guidelines. Promotions at the drop of hat would be great but there must be a downside. Actually felt almost sorry for Harry this week – what’s wrong with me?! Zosia and Selfie was touching but Selfie is still generally a big huge ‘meh’ for me.

  3. Mr Donnelly

    Should Colette have called Johny Mac one of ‘her’ nurses when he doesn’t work on her ward? I thought she’d taken the job left by Chrissie Williams. Does she managed the Casualty nurses as well?

    • Wiggles

      I thought she was Director of Nursing, which presumably means that she’s in charge of all the nurses (which MAY have been the job that Serena offered to Chrissie just before she left, although possibly not because I’m not sure Chrissie would have been senior enough already to be considered for such a high-powered role)

  4. Lizzo

    Problem is that Selfie has such a class act to follow! Missing Henrik……..

  5. Wiggles

    It wasn’t the brain surgery that did it for me (actually found that quite fascinating) but the sight of Annie vomitting up her comfort eaten chocolate – for the first time I can remember whilst watching Holby I had to look away = just not nice!!!

  6. Mary Drew

    Agree with all of the above!

  7. I’m fascinated by neurosurgery and poor Annie! I was almost thinking that Harry was about to jump into bed with the Bariatrics consultant and that Annie ripped up her cheque.

  8. Disagree on Posh, Pause. Massively arrogant ignorant twonk. And I’m being polite.

  9. Maria

    Brilliant analogy PLA. Agree with most of what you say. However, I still like Jonny though and I thought Jac and Jonny were as bad as each other. I can’t believe I am saying this but I am warming to Guy. I find Collette’s voice so monotonous, I just doze off not warming to her character really.

  10. Chloe Derbyshire

    I actually think that Jac was the one out of order, all Jonny was trying to do was be able to see his daughter, and with Jac being the way she is, that was the only way he could go about it.
    I am actually beginning to hate Raf though, I mean, since when did he have the right to treat Harry the way he does.
    One more thing, does anyone else think they are trying to make Harry too much like Michael. I mean, first there’s the arrogance, and now he’s going into Plastics, which even I know is gonna end in a disaster. Speaking of which, do they even have a Plastics department in that hospital now…

    • I’ve had another theory about Jac, which is that she really wants to keep Emma to herself, because so far in her life everybody she’s loved has abandoned her – her mother, Joseph, Jonny. I think there’s part of her that’s scared to share Emma in case Emma prefers daddy to her.

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