Waterloo Road: We need to talk about Kev, Vix, Nix and Hex

nikki hector waterloo road(Series 9, ep.16) After only the briefest of happy interludes, the engagement of Vix and Nix is no more, thanks to Nikki being unable to resist the allure of Mr Hector Reid. If only Nikki and Hector hadn’t arrived at the school at the same time as Barry was dropping Gabriella off (in an Audi this week. Where is Barry getting all these different cars? It’s like Gone in 60 Seconds at that school gate at the moment). Gabriella, who is enjoying the pleasures of Barry but seems to have far more fun sniffing Hector’s boxing gloves, wasted no time in checking Hector’s phone. Texts from Nix to Hex revealed the truth, and Gabriella revealed it to Vix in a handily-arranged extra-curricular jewellery making workshop.

vix nikki waterloo roadThere was a lot of crying, and Nikki begged Vix to forgive her. Vix had the Twinkle-Spark family on her side. Sue was furious: “Is she gay? Is she bi? Is she a total bitch?” Simon was disappointed in Hector – he thought he and Hector had a shared mindset. Barry thought Hector needed sorting out. “You can’t just go in there and punch him on the nose,” argued Gabriella. “Yer I can,” said Barry (though he probably wouldn’t have, because Hector is a PE teacher and has his own boxing gloves and everything). They made do with puncturing the tyre of Hector’s motorbike with a handy nail gun.  

kevin dynasty waterloo roadAs if this wasn’t enough excitement for one week, it was the day of Kevin Chalk’s interview for Edinburgh University. Simon gave him a bit of interview coaching and Chalky turned up to give him moral support by making him more nervous. Dynasty was also thinking about her future, and it didn’t really involve living in Edinburgh in a flat that Chalky had thoughtfully provided for Kevin, because Dynasty wants to join the police. Leadership skills like hers can’t be ignored.

kevin waterloo roadIt all ended up in a bit of an argument, Kevin got all stressed, and in no time at all he was collapsing on the floor while Dynasty’s blurred face above him yelled, “Kevun! Kevun!” Thank goodness Dynasty was there, though, because there’s only Sue Spark who’s better at putting someone in a recovery position.

It turned out that Kevin had had a stroke, and Maggie had to authorise some life-saving yet dangerous surgery for him because Chalky had already set off for Edinburgh.

dynasty waterloo roadCarol’s priority was her daughter. To put it bluntly, which is the way Carol would want me to put it, she didn’t want her Dynasty spending the rest of her life looking after a vegetable. Not when there’s still a chance she might go back to a decent career like pole dancing (Carol is currently unaware of Dynasty’s ambition to join the Feds. She’d doubtless prefer a life of caring for a vegetable if she knew what the alternative was). Dynasty, however, is a loyal and loving soul, so with a heavy heart she tore up her police application.

And in other news, Lula and her mother are being deported. Luckily for them, they have Audrey McFall on their side. It’s been a while since Audrey had a Cause to fight for, and she’s gone all sprightly and excited about the challenge ahead.



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4 responses to “Waterloo Road: We need to talk about Kev, Vix, Nix and Hex

  1. holbylover819

    Whoo go McFall! If anyone could help Lula it’d be her. Also, is Christine back on the bottle or not? She was acting a bit strange but then her “doctor’s” appointment could have been AA. I prefer Hex over Vix but I’m surprised Nix fell for his quite bold approach. “Is she a total bitch?” has to be the best line this episode.

  2. Judy Gamble

    So why does the lesbian come off as confused and reckless. If the media wants to promote how liberal and tolerant they are, why don’t they show kids who watch who might be struggling w/their sexuality a positive healthy same sex relationship?

    • I expect the writers would say that positive healthy relationships don’t make for good drama – but you are right that it’s a shame this particular relationship had to go west so quickly.

  3. Hannahhhh

    I’m glad Nikki got with Hector as opposed to another woman because it’s really showing how sexuality can be a ‘fluid’ as my lecturer would say, rather than someone just being straight or gay. But at the same time it is sad that it was just a quick thing. The best line as said previously was the “is she a total bitch” one and that is the first time I have ever enjoyed watching Sue Spark.