Holby City: Emma’s christening and other rare events

jonny jac emma bonnie holby(Series 16, ep.18) Sometimes two extremely rare things come along at once. Rare things like the christening of your only daughter. Rare things like a ruptured congenital aneurysm of the left coronary sinus – “the rarest heart condition Holby has seen since Roman times,” apparently. Anyone would be conflicted, but most people would prioritise the christening. Jac Naylor isn’t most people, though, and she’s far more comfortable in a nice sterile operating theatre than she is with the more complicated world of emotions and conventional public displays. She knows how to behave as a christening guest (it involves kick-ass £300 shoes, makeup and a new dress), but her knowledge doesn’t extend as far as what to do when you’re the one who produced the baby in question. How would she know that she was supposed to get a christening gown for Emma?

holbyJonny has known Jac for quite a while now, and he still doesn’t get her. He never will, and in that respect he’s far better off with That Bonnie Creature, who knows what’s expected and is conventional and straightforward. Jac is better off with people who do understand her, like Sacha and Elliot – she exasperates them too sometimes, but they don’t want to change who she is. Easy for them, I know, as they don’t have to share parenting of a small baby with her.  

holby jacI’ve said in the past that Jac respects people who stand up to her, and this is the approach that Jonny seems to be taking at the moment. This involves behaviour like storming into operating theatres shouting, “Get yourself out of here and to that chapel now!” I’m not sure the alpha male approach was particularly helpful in this instance, though. Actually, I’m understating that a bit – it was an outrageous way for him to talk to a senior surgeon while she was in the middle of surgery. It was an outrageous way for a man to talk to the mother of his child, come to think of it.

jac holbyIt was a shame Mo wasn’t around (quarantine due to chickenpox, apparently) – she’d maybe have been able to rein Jonny in a bit and been supportive of Jac, who may not actually have post natal depression, but at the very least has the baby blues and the confusion that comes from finding yourself in a new job where the definitive textbook has yet to be written.

harry annie holbyDr Posh was pondering new jobs this week – specifically, what did he want to specialise in? Where was his passion? The arrival of Annie, an overweight patient who was pencilled in for a gastric band gave him a clue and he decided on the spot that bariatric surgery was where his future lay. He could see it all laid out before him – a golden future full of people with artificially reduced stomachs, embracing a gloriously pie-free life all because of him. It was all so dazzling that he ignored another patient whose leg ulcer turned out to be necrotising fasciitis. He also ignored the fact that his bariatric patient was interpreting his interest in her as more than just professional. There’s every chance she’s going to go bunny-boiler on him next week.

anthony serena zosia holbyOccasionally a guest patient turns up on Holby who is so wonderful I want them to be in it every week. One such patient was Anthony Dransfield, a plain-speaking northerner with a throbbing rectum. “Not being funny, lad,” he said to Dominic, “But are you a poofter?” Serena gave him a little lecture on political correctness and told him she’d have to have a look to find out why it had been two weeks since his last poo. He wasn’t keen. “Have you ever had a beam shined up your jacksie?” He insisted that Zosia had to go on privacy watch while Serena snapped on the rubber gloves, which meant we had a very funny view of Zosia’s face framed prettily by the cubicle curtain while Anthony yelled, “It feels like you’ve stuck a stingray up me hole!”

serena zosia holbyHe needed to have an abscess sorted out, but he refused to have a woman do it in case the ladies laughed at his tackle while he was asleep. Come on lads, you’ve all been there. The only man available to do the job was CEO and top neurosurgeon Guy Self – I know, not the most plausible scenario in the world, but a delightful opportunity for Serena to get revenge on him for being such a twonk last week. Understandably he wasn’t keen, but Anthony insisted. “You operate on brains but you can’t do bums?”

Zosia and Serena were bonding quite well, and Zosia confided in Serena all about her mother’s death and the way Selfie kept it from her because she was doing exams. The reaction was not quite what she expected – “You need to look at your own stuff,” was Serena’s advice.

Next time: Jonny and Jac still locking horns; and Posh’s bariatric patient is back.


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9 responses to “Holby City: Emma’s christening and other rare events

  1. Rose

    Thought the Jac (minus Jonny) scenes this week were great. I still don’t like Jac – if she were a real person I’d shove her down a lift shaft (not really. maybe…) As a character she’s interesting in scenes like those she had last night but the more interaction she has with Jonny the more petulant and stroppy she comes across. I’ve come to realise the irritating factor in all Jac related stories is Jonny. Is this going to go on for much longer I wonder?

    Massive improvement in Keller last night and lo and behold it coincided with no Tweedledum and very little Tweedledee (Digby and Dominic). Bum stories are easy humour but I thought the performances were great. Particular as you’ve mentioned that scene of Zosia’s head stuck through the curtains and the background commentary. Guy added little to nothing to the story I felt.

    AAU just confused me with all Raf’s buzzing about and I have no idea what Harry was all about. Where does Ric keep disappearing to?

    • Laura A

      Interesting as most people are currently finding Jonny being the petulant and stroppy one. Jac is who she has always been, it has been Jonny who has changed, for the worse, ever since Bonnie arrived.

  2. Dreamer

    Every time Jonny appears on my screen, I get the urge to repeatedly slap him. With great pleasure. I was warming up to that little twit* as well.

    *That’s the only polite word I can think of to describe him.

    • I agree – Jonny was unbearable this week. I was warming to him as well – I remember saying at one point that I thought he was the right man for Jac because he was kind, straightforward and (for want of a better word) normal. I know the writers like Jac to suffer, but having Jonny suddenly totally failing to even try to empathise with her, and then throwing Bonnie into the mix – it’s all getting a bit much.

  3. Since Jonny was the one who decided Emma needed to be dunked, and keeps banging on about how he should be involved IN ALL DECISIONS ABOUT HIS DAUGHTERS LIFE, I’m not sure why it was assumed to be Jac’s sole responsibility to line up a frock for the event. Isn’t choosing the christening gown meant to be quite a big deal? (But the sort of thing Jonny should know would mean zilch to Jac.). Thought he would have asked what she’d ordered just out of curiosity, if nothing else.

    As Selfie’s daughter doesn’t generally tolerate breathing the same air as him all that well, and he’s so keen to push her towards surgery as a specialism, I’m also surprised he wasn’t a bit more cheerful at the prospect of a bit of theatre time with her. Even if it only involved a menial procedure like a rectal abscess..

  4. holbyfan1986

    This was an average episode; the actress playing the obese girl was good for a newcomer (but I forgot her name!).
    Camilla Arfwedson ROCKS!!! Wish she’d be in Casualty too… like to see how she’d get on alongside Lily Chao, who’s a bit similar to her, it is set in the same hospital, right? (I remember Big Mac made a cameo some point in Holby last year!)

    • Wiggles

      They are set in the same hospital but filmed in different locations (different countries actually) Holby = Hertfordshire, Casualty = Cardiff (used to be Bristol but they moved a few years back) which make crossovers difficult to do (although am sure they could do more if they thought abiut it)

  5. holbylover819

    I’m glad Serena said what she said to Zoshia, I thought Zosia was getting a bit unreasonable. Although it must have been quite a shock finding out her mum died suddenly, I’m sure Serena is right to say that Zosia’s mum probably wanted her to pass her exams as much as Guy did.

  6. MvOC

    Jonny is quite unbearable now, I presume turning him into such a twat means he’s on the way out? Because like most people, I think, I was quite taken with him when he first arrived and thought he was perfect for Jac but he’s done a complete u-turn in the last few months. Not only is he completely unsuited to Jac, I can’t for the life of me think why Bonnie wants anything to do with him either as she seems quite normal and should probably be running a mile from Jonny at the moment. I wonder if we can have Jac in more scenes with Elliot, Sacha and Mo and less with Jonny because his childishness brings out her childishness and Thomson overacts so much it smothers Rosie Marcel’s more subtle performances.

    It was such a relief not to have any of the Arthur/Dominic rivalry/tantrums this week. Serena and Zosia were great together, I liked their chat and hope we get to see more of them together on Keller instead of the Dastardly Duo competing for Sacha’s attention.

    The new bloke Raf – he doesn’t have rush about! He always seems to be on a mission. I wasn’t bothered about the Harry storyline, didn’t really require further evidence that Harry is a twit but I suspect his comeuppance is nigh if Raf has anything to do with it!

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