Casualty: Jamie goes to the land down under

jamie robyn casualty(Series 28, ep.24)  He’s a lovely lad, Jamie. Sweet, kind, fairly small, loveable. Not all that exciting, but pleasant enough. He was given a suitably sweet, loveable send-off for his last episode in Casualty, joining the very small band of people who gets to have (at least the hope of) a happily-ever-after by going with new boyfriend Ramin to live in Australia.

What I liked most about him leaving was the sight of Jeff trying not to cry when he dropped Jamie off in the town centre to catch his bus to the airport. I also liked Robyn failing not to cry in the pub after he’d gone, and being comforted by Good Old Charlie.

Also in the pub and sharing a table and a discussion about whether young women actually do find older men attractive was Dr Lily Chao (a young woman) and Dr Martin Ashford (an older man, whom Lily does find attractive). The official topic of their conversation was Ash’s daughter Ella, who’d been spending the day observing what goes on in a busy ED. I really liked Ella – she was opinionated, a bit lazy, helpful despite herself and independent. As such she reminded me of the early days of The Radiant Donna Jackson in Holby City, and I’d quite like to see her join the staff.

Next time: Lily becomes a magician’s assistant. Seriously.


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5 responses to “Casualty: Jamie goes to the land down under

  1. Clearly the Holby HR team snoozing again. Yeah, really made sense that he had to leave on the same day he was asked, not a week or two later (or even a month later, having served some notice, not that they seem to have heard of giving ‘notice’ at this hospital…).

    • To defend the fluid staffing configurations for once – there was a very brief scene in which Charlie told Jamie that he had holiday owing and so he’d be able to leave straight away.

  2. Dreamer

    Daniel Anthony has left???
    I’ll have to re-watch tSJA to relive the good old days then. 😦

  3. Dreamer

    Not sure if you know this but the Nurse Faldren actor is in WPC 56 as DI Max Harper. 😀 It’s still on iPlayer if you want to watch it – there’s 5 episodes.

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