Casualty: Dixie is free, and Max and Zoe flirt

gina rita casualty(Series 28, ep.23)  Dixie’s wrongful arrest for overbalancing a rapist has all been sorted out and Dixie is a free woman. This was thanks to the rape victim running the rapist’s brother over and everyone (including the rapist’s mother) ending up at the hospital. I know I always go on about how I enjoy the story lines of the regular cast members rather than the patient story lines on Casualty, but in this case I’m not even sure it was necessary to include Dixie’s arrest in the story. I thought the whole thing was really well done, from the brilliant acting of Holly Matthews as the victim, Gina, all the way to the use of that horrible song ‘Blurred Lines’ in both episodes. I really cared about Gina and what had happened to her, and I was glad her husband stood by her.

zoe max casualtyTo balance this rather intense story, Max (who has the most beautiful smile in the NHS) somehow persuaded Dr Zoe Hanna to be a porter for a day. This gave her the chance to demonstrate how one can still look foxy in a burgundy polo shirt, and gave the pair of them the chance to flirt like nobody’s business for an entire shift. And Zoe got through an entire day of pushing trolleys and wheelchairs while wearing high heels. What a gal.

Next time: “Dixie and Jeff help extract a man sinking in mud.” Can’t wait.

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  1. As if the Clinical Lead would become a porter at a whim. Surely she would have to clear it through the hospital authorities – eg what arrangements she had made to cover her work etc.

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