Holby City: Top quality doctor material

raff holby(Series 16, ep.16)  New boy Raffaello Di Lucca is known as “Raff” to his friends and to people who can’t be bothered typing out his full name. Raff it is, then. But he’s not riff raff – he’s Top Quality Doctor Material, as he wasted no time in informing Ric Griffin and Selfie, who were interviewing him for the post of new registrar on AAU. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there was no sign of the HR woman from two weeks ago, so appointments are again being made on a nod and a whim and someone can be interviewed and then start work five minutes later.

Ric likes a maverick, and this Raff practically has ‘Maverick’ written on his forehead, just under the words ‘Arrogant’ and ‘Up Himself.’ Selfie wasn’t as keen as Ric, but Raff came prepaid (something to do with the NHS already having paid for him), and what CEO can resist a bargain? Also, what CEO could resist the challenge, “Henrik Hanssen had a vision… I’m gambling on you having a vision, too.”

raff mo holbyRaff didn’t employ any kind of dimmer switch to his brilliance once he hit the Ward of Doom, either. The first thing he did was rip into Dr Posh for his rubbish CPR technique. Presumably Dr Posh has been employing this same technique in front of various tutors, mentors, Sacha, Ric and so on for months, but none of them has spotted just how badly he does it. Did Raff take him quietly aside and spend some time demonstrating how it should be done? Nope. Humiliation was sufficient. Honestly, if Raff has been sent as a way of making me side with Dr Posh, he’s succeeded.  

raff mo holby cityHe mentioned his wife quite a few times, and I’m absolutely terrified of meeting her. She can do “everything,” apparently, including making croissanty-type treats and packing them into jolly Tupperware, and all of this while shielding her eyes from the dazzling brilliance of her husband. Please tell me she’s not going to appear in a few weeks as an anaesthetist?

A maverick, brilliant new doctor has to have a suitable challenge, and in this case it was a boy whose lungs were pretty much useless as a consequence of eating wild fungi. Never, ever eat wild fungi without Bear Grylls or Ray Mears with you to advise, because this is the kind of thing that can happen. It was all far too messy for Raff and Mo to fix up, and required a special machine called an ECMO. Which Holby didn’t have. Not to worry – with Raff’s maverick brilliance and a few bits of tubing from the supply stores, it was no trouble at all to build one on the spot. Makes you wonder why they’re so rare if they’re so easy to knock together.

jonny jac holbyTo the relative sanity of NICU now, where Baby Emma had done her first poop (which “speaks volumes” apparently) and was ready to be held by her parents. Jonny Mac was up for it, but Jac (“I’m not ‘Mummy,’ I’m ‘Ms Naylor’”) had a little squirt of hand sanitiser and then legged it. She still can’t quite get her head around this whole motherhood thing and no amount of nagging or persuasion from Jonny or Mr Solis would persuade her. What did the trick was seeing That Bonnie Creature holding Emma, and then Bonnie seeking her out for a chat afterwards. “I hate it when I hear you say her name,” Jac told her, looking like she was only resisting decking her because a surgeon has to be careful not to damage her hands.

jonny jac emma holbyBack at NICU, Jac demanded to hold Emma. Mr Solis protested a bit that it wasn’t the best time for the baby, but I think he was just making sure she really, really meant it. Then we finally had a very sweet scene with Jac holding Emma and agreeing with Jonny Mac that their daughter smells of toast.

In case we might fear that this would turn her all yummy mummy, there was a brief scene where she was called to deal with a mitral valve replacement and just for a second she seemed like she would rather look at pictures of Emma on her computer instead – but it was just a second, and then she was grabbing her stethoscope and was off out the door.

digby zosia sacha holbyOn Keller there was a silly story about a woman who had a 2,000 year old mummy she needed scanning. As you do. Zosia volunteered to stay with her (and as usual the woman ended up being a patient herself), mainly because she wanted to avoid getting involved in an operation, because she thinks surgery is just plumbing. Selfie had a (somewhat threatening) word with Sacha and told him to get Zosia in theatre, which he duly did and it ended up with blood everywhere. Sacha is trying to be tough and has told the joined-at-the-hip threesome of Zosia, Digby and Dominic that they’re having a test in the wet lab tomorrow and if one fails – they all fail. There’s nothing like a bit of peer pressure.

Next time: The competition between Dig and Dom heats up; there’s a patient with the same surname as Dr Posh (Tressler, not Posh) on AAU; and Jonny wants to be involved in Jac’s plans for Emma.


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7 responses to “Holby City: Top quality doctor material

  1. Mr Donnelly

    I wonder if anyone noticed the reference to Queen’s Hospital by Marie-Claire. Years ago in Casualty, it was the name of the ‘other’ hospital in Holby, before there was any mention of St James’s.

  2. MvOC

    Loved MC’s breakdown of the wards for the new guy. The new guy however was a poor man’s Malick/Luc rolled into one. I thought it was ironic that on Dr Posh’s first day he saved a patient by performing CPR in front of Serena and Honey and now he’s getting a bollicking from Super Doc about it! Holby’s procedures for hiring and firing (resigning) are getting beyond ridiculous, even for a tv show. Liked that Hanssen was referenced and it was said he had a vision because since Selfie’s arrival I got the feeling we were meant to believe the hospital had been left in a bit of a shambles after Hanssen’s reign. Honestly, I’m not sure Selfie has the concentration span for a Vision! And where did Ric disappear to after hiring Super Doc?

    Love it when Sacha gets strict, he does it so reluctantly it’s like watching an slightly peeved teddy bear! I’m confused about why Digby is doing the same stuff as Zosia and Dominic though, isn’t he meant to be a year ahead? And he was doing extremely complex stuff with Malick and Hanssen – now he’s redoing the basics?

    • wiggles

      Ah yes, almost as baffling as Digby STILL being on Keller more than a year into his foundation years ROTATIONS!!!! Note to scriptwriters/editors [and they really should know this – cos I’d imagine you’d have to have at least GCSE English to be one!] rotation kind of implies movement!

  3. thunderchild

    Anyone else feel that Keller is really suffering now Michael, Malick, Hansenn and Chantelle have all left? Personally I don’t find the holy trinity of Digby, Dom and Saucer at all interesting and I have never warmed to Sacha. I really don’t get the love for this character, I can’t make my mind up if it’s the way the he’s written, the way the actor plays the part of a bit of both but I just find him rather pathetic. The only shining light is Serena and even she seems to spend more time in AAU these days.

    • Loopy

      Keller has always been on of my favourite wards, but since this Digby/Zosia/Dom & Sacha contribution – I hate it. Serena is the only good thing about Keller now.

      Send Dom away, put Sacha back on AAU ( I’ve never been a Sacha fan 😮 ), Ric back on Keller too please.

  4. Dreamer

    I could use a Top Quality Doctor a while cos my head still hurts after smashing it into a wall last week. 😦

    In other news. how adorable/awkward was it to see Jac with the baby carrier??? Aww. ❤

    • Yes, I loved the way that pink cuddly monstrosity was being crammed in any old how.

      Just for one second at the end, when Jac seemed to have a light bulb moment as the door closed behind Eliot, I wondered if she was intending to grab Emma, stuff her in the sling, and high tail it down to theatre to operate with baby on board.

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