Casualty: Dixie arrested!

rita dixie casualty(Series 28, ep.22)  Poor Dixie. One minute she’s enjoying an unexpected snog with Rita at Holby’s premier night spot (no disrespect to the late Carol #RIPCarol, but Rita definitely counts as an upgrade), and the next she’s banged up in Holby’s most depressing police station.

But what was her crime? Not much, as far as I could see. “Overbalanced a rapist” would be the most accurate description, but the police are treating it as assault or GBH or whatever and the rapist is currently languishing in the ED with Dr Cal poking sharp implements in his eye in a therapeutic, successful, yet queasy-making (for this viewer) effort to stop him going blind.

casualtyI’m hopeful that next week the rape victim, who has gone home with her husband and is not telling him anything about what happened, will need to come to the hospital to get her broken wrist sorted out, and Rita will recognise her and apply gentle pressure to get her to speak up on Dixie’s behalf. Or the brother of the rapist will discover either a backbone or a conscience and will tell the police what really happened.  

ramin casualtyIn happier news, Jamie’s gay asylum seeker from a while back turned up with a patient and he was ever so glad to see Jamie, the man who saved his life. We last saw them heading off in his open-topped Merc – let’s hope they weren’t bound for one of Holby’s fine range of night spots – they either explode or are full of rapists. They’re just not safe.

Also not safe was John Stape from Corrie, who played a man who was being beaten up regularly by his pre-menstrual daughter. Luckily Charlie is on top of female hormones, and was able to sort everything out.

ethan casualtyHe may soon need to turn his attention to Holby’s warring siblings, Cal and Ethan. Ethan doesn’t trust Cal at all, and would be happier with him far, far away. Cal has a sense of entitlement and an arrogance that Ethan lacks, and doesn’t mind being in the same hospital as his brother as long as the brother does what he’s told. It was all immaterial anyway – Cal was just a locum, and Zoe wasn’t convinced he was a team player so she didn’t feel inclined to keep him on. Then he did that bit of ninja eye surgery, and it looks like he’s staying after all. I’m going to lay my cards on the table now and say that I’m in Team Ethan – not only is he a sweetheart, but his lips are an extraordinary colour. If it was lipstick it would be called ‘Sugar Pink.’ I’m now picturing a Casualty makeup artiste shoving her ‘Sugar Pink’ lipstick to the back of her massive toolbox and lining up some ‘Manly Pout’ for Ethan’s future appearances. Or maybe it’s just the natural colour of his lips. I’m going to be keeping an eye on them, just to be sure.

Next time: Rita, as predicted, applies gentle pressure.


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3 responses to “Casualty: Dixie arrested!

  1. 1. That “eye surgery” made me heave, and I’m no wimp, as a rule. 2. Rita is both gorgeous and lovely, so I hope something nice happens there. 3. From every previous sort of cop/hospital interaction I’ve watched on telly there’s a sort of camaraderie amongst emergency service staff that wasn’t being observed with the police treatment of Dixie, which I thought was a bit strange.

  2. thebigmart

    Obviously they are acting, but the close ups of the eye surgery made me wonder which actor volunteered to have their eye poked around?

  3. It was the fact he was ‘snipping’ it with scissors that did it for me. Somehow much worse than a scalpel.

    It seems bizarre Dix was arrested, without more investigation of the alleged sexual assault, given that both Dixie and Rita were both telling the same story. Surely the victim should be on CCTV somewhere in the area of the club that evening, and Dixie’s solicitor should be asking for his client and witness to be able to check it and see if they both independently identify her? And they are both adamantly claiming Dixie only intervened to protect Rita, because the injured bloke was behaving threateningly towards her. The only reason I can think of was that the male arresting officer seemed to have some sort of problem with the two women, and was disinclined to take them seriously. But it seems strange it got that far, since as you say normally the emergency services seem to have a sort of camaraderie and respect for each other.

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