Waterloo Road: Barry Barry’s back!

dynasty gabriella waterloo road(Series 9, ep.13)  Gabriella Wark really is the perfect villain. She’s gorgeous – and the best villains are always pretty – and she’s a mistress of manipulation. First of all she acquired Verruca Salt as a sidekick, because it’s always handy to have a sidekick to do the donkey-work, especially one whose self esteem is so low that you can make an instant disciple of her just by paying her some attention and calling her “Rhi-Rhi.” Then she proceeded to acquire Imogen as well, not so much as a sidekick but more as a means of upsetting Dynasty, whose major crime is that she’s not bedazzled by Gabriella.

gabriella waterloo roadGabriella’s other focus, apart from upsetting Dynasty, was to get her hands on new PE teacher Hector “Teamwork makes the dream work” Reid. When he told her in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t interested in any of that inappropriate pupil/teacher romance stuff (how very un-Waterloo Road-like of him), Gabriella flounced out of the moderately pleasant bar she and Imogen were in, and ended up in the sleazy bar she’d sent Verruca to, where the tattoo/teeth ratio was tilted heavily to the tattoo side. Making no attempt to ingratiate herself with the regulars, Gabriella proceeded to almost get herself bottled. And then, as Mariah Carey told us in song, a Hero comes along. A hero with an evil new haircut and the bad-boy swagger that can only come from being the black sheep of the Barry family. It was only Barry Barry!  

barry gabriella waterloo road“Barry!” said Imogen, just in case we could have possibly forgotten him already. But he’s always found Imogen easy to ignore, and everybody finds Verruca easy to ignore, so fairly soon he was snogging Gabriella in a corridor. Meanwhile Verruca and Imogen were being coerced into drinking too much and Verruca ended up slumped in a toilet cubicle while Imogen was getting slapped about by a woman who wanted the PIN number of Gabriella’s gold card. Luckily Imogen had time to ring Christine, who arrived swiftly and sorted everything out.

christine connor waterloo roadIt was exactly what Christine needed, because she’d spent the day in a cloud of empty-nest blues, darling Connor having departed for That London and a new life in the culinary world. Prowling the Resilience Camp Staff Awareness Wine ’n’ Nibbles Soiree desperately trying to get someone to share a takeaway with her after school had only resulted in an offer of a curry with Sue and Simon, and even Christine wasn’t that desperate. But being able to take Imogen home and give her a kindly lecture before lights-out filled the Connor gap nicely.

While Christine was busy waving her child goodbye, Nikki Boston was waving hello to hers, and wondering how to tell her that she was engaged to Vix. Her worried perusal of that helpful volume The Teenager and You didn’t help, but what did help was Sue “Call me Aunt Sue” Losely-Spark dropping a hefty clue. Nikki needn’t have worried – Eve seemed thrilled to meet Vix.

george carol waterloo roadAs well as the reappearance of Barry Barry, the other two remaining Barrys had a busy time. Carol (still working as a dinner lady) has started a romance with George Windsor and also produced the best line of the night:

Simon: “Ms Barry, can I have a quick word?”

Carol (defensively): “If it’s about them nuggets, the kids like ’em dark an’ crispy.”

And Dynasty discovered that she didn’t get in to the university she wants to go to. Kevin Chalk consoled her that at least she had a fabulous boyfriend. Gee, thanks, Kevin.

Next time: Barry! Guns! George’s mother!


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7 responses to “Waterloo Road: Barry Barry’s back!

  1. remotecontrolled (kopitron)

    I really, really, really detest Gabriella. I know she’s a perfect villain but I’d rather see the results of her villainry without having to look at her (or more importantly, hear her). I also can’t stand Simon and his BFF Hector – that teamwork makes my absolute nightmare. I liked bits of these episodes – most revolving Christine but one thing which bigged me was Kevin and Imogen being so pally with Gabriella – I understand the importance of this in the “we need to wind up Dynasty” plot, but I found it a little inconsistent (though I guess no more than the way Waterloo Road usually produces marvellous inconsistencies depending on which pupils they need to force together depending on the story they need). I like that they remind us every now and again that Christine is tempted but successfully battling her drinking problem, however I’m not sure how many more times we need to see her pour bottles down the sink. It was powerful the first time, but it’s becoming almost as frequent as a playground car chase.

    Oh and finally – one other thing that really got to me was the barmaid…as a Scot and someone familiar very with bars – those girls would have been kicked out of that bar before Gabriella had finished her first sentence. No barwoman I’ve ever known would put up with the way they spoke to them, even if they were about to buy their weight in vodka shots.

  2. remotecontrolled (kopitron)

    Apologies, I don’t know why I apparently forgot how to write during that.

    I liked bits of this episode – most revolving around Christine but one thing which bugged me was Kevin and Imogen being so pally with Gabriella*

  3. holbylover819

    Well that was one action packed episode. I’ve only just watched it so it’s still sinking in. You know I’m just gonna number the inconsequential things that stood out to me because if I start thinking about the drama I’m not going to be able to stop.
    1) Conner and Imogen’s dark grey pillowcases made me really uncomfortable for some reason.
    2) Vix was ringing alarm bells in my head last week when she turned up at the school after Nikki hadn’t made her date. Even in this episode she seemed a bit… eager for my liking. Still, I dread to think how Lorraine would’ve dealt with Eve (as the concept of Nikki having a daughter not as a person she seems lovely!).
    3) Gabriella has made me seriously consider my use of the word ‘babe’.
    4) Mr Singh was in the staff room! Every soap needs a background Token Turban.
    5) “Teamwork makes the dream work” is somehow growing on me. This is worrying.
    Also, I liked how they’ve portrayed Christine’s alcoholism as a problem that never goes away rather then ditching it after the storyline ended.
    One final thought, I think Mr and Mrs Barry Barry make the most terrifying and perfect couple ever.

    • Sue Haasler

      Your comment made me realise that Vix is disturbing me a bit, too. She makes really intense eye contact with people, which is attractive at first, but it’s bordering on the scary. I’m glad I didn’t notice that grey pillowcase, though. I’m still trying to get over the pillowcase Grantly had in hospital.

  4. thebigmart

    I do, however, notice when the female nurses and doctors are in the locker rooms and changing 😉 😉

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