Holby City: I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else

jac jonny holby(Series 16, ep.15)  We already know that Jac Naylor is most comfortable when she’s in control, and is most in control when she’s working. There’s that lovely professional distance thing, where you can refer to the person you’re treating as “the patient” and it makes them seem that bit less emotional and vulnerable and more like an interesting problem to be solved.

It was therefore entirely in character that she should describe her baby daughter as “the patient” when talking to the paediatric surgeon who was about to operate on her. Jac had done the research, and was of the professional opinion that “the patient” was ready for the surgery.

jac holbyLeaving Jonny Mac to cry over the crib, Jac went off to join Elliot Hope in looking after Robbie, a cystic fibrosis patient who would die without some bits of donor lung. In the process she received a hefty amount of speaking-your-brains from Robbie’s girlfriend Laura, who insisted she wanted to watch while Jac transplanted bits of Robbie’s parents into him (we never got to see these parents – Laura phoned them and the next thing they knew they were anaesthetised and having chunks of their lungs carried from one operating theatre to the next, poor souls). “You can’t possibly want to stand there and watch him die,” Jac said, cracking a bit and revealing that Emma’s surgery was very much on her mind. Laura – who was a tad annoying – said that if you love someone, you’re there for them. “If I have to watch him die… I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” she said.  

jac holby cityRobbie went bleep in theatre, but Jac (with Elliot’s calm help) got him sorted out and then she was out of her surgical cap and gown and hot-footing it to Paeds, where she had the novel experience of sitting in a corridor with Jonny Mac, like any other terrified relative, while Emma had her operation.

The good news is that Emma is apparently doing well. Jac popped back to talk to Laura about Robbie. “He’ll get through this and you’ll be there,” she said, speaking her own brains this time. Then she went back to sit with her daughter.

sacha dominic digby holbyIt’s been a while since the phrase “Walk with me” was a regular feature on Holby, but Sacha used it this week when he had to get tough on Digby. The reason for this was that Digby was getting seriously irritated by Dominic, who as well as being the little worm who dumped Malick in hot water is also genuinely irritating in his own right. Sacha made them work together on a tricky case – once again on Keller one patient gets at least two and usually three doctors all to herself. Dominic knows exactly how to wind Digby up (“You sound like a tiny Bond villain in scrubs”), but took his competitiveness too far by binning test results and not sharing information. Digby had some support from Zosia, who glides around with a tiny ironic smile playing about her lips, and eventually he and Dominic between them managed to reach a tricky diagnosis that wasn’t even Addison’s disease.

adele mo holbyA similar “we must work together for the sake of the patient” situation was going on in AAU, where Mo had been summoned for a CT issue and had to work alongside her sister. They’re actually quite friendly and Adele’s hair even matches Mo’s coat, but the main issue was that Mo didn’t really value her sister’s job as an HCA. For the second week running, poor Adele had a gut instinct about a patient which proved to be correct but was ignored by her “superiors.” In that respect she’s like an under-qualified Frieda Petrenko, but I can’t imagine for one minute that Goth Dr Frieda would have found Selfie attractive, as Adele apparently does.

Next time: There’s a new doctor (Joseph McFadden) who sounds promisingly eccentric; Jac gets a lesson on the beauty of motherhood; and Zosia gets excited by a 2,000 year old patient.


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7 responses to “Holby City: I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else

  1. It seemed slightly hard that Diggers was copping all the flack for lack of team spirit etc., when Dom had done something as outrageous as bin results addressed to him.

    Thought Jonny’s incipient beard suits him. Detracts from his rather weak mouth and chin, and makes you focus on his rather lovely mischievous eyes.

    Rosie M. played yet another blinder. Having taken on board your previous observations on the lacimogenic potential of this story line, I now don’t come to Iplayer unless armed with a packet of Kleenex.

    I want Adele’s hair (even though it almost certainly means a wig, I don’t care. I want it), and possibly her jackets. Even if they are mostly nicked from Mo.

  2. thebigmart

    Either way CG, I had to google the word !

  3. MvOC

    There was something incredibly ‘meh’ about this episode. Agree with the above that Rosie played a blinder but it was Rosie doing the same thing she always does. I think I’m just over Jac as a character.

    The Keller stuff was just ridiculous. Not even funny, just stupid. AAU was a non-event even though I like Mo’s sister and I think she’ll be fun. I can’t help but feel HC has lost it’s way lately.

  4. holbylover819

    I really enjoyed the dialogue between Mo and her sister and also the Zosia, Dominic, Digby triad. It was funny. Jac, as always was great. Jonny less annoying than usual but like Jac I probably would have cut him short on his sentimentality. I guess that’s just a personal thing about whether you’re a ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ type or not.
    Ok confession time. Like Adele, I also find Guy a tad attractive. I think we’re both guilty of pulling the whole transparent charm thing.
    Dominic, I’m strangely not that annoyed by, at least I wasn’t by the time he said the whole ‘I know what it’s like to love soneone whose heart’s not in it’. The patients girlfriend though? I agree completely.

  5. Nikki

    Rosie was amazing.

    AAU was missing mary-Claire and therefore I struggled to pay attention.

    Keller was just irritating. On one hand, Dom showed he’s exactly as underhanded as he used to be, binning patients tests results and somehow sneaking his way into digbys flat. On the other hand, despite the absurdity of it, im glad they’re bringing back the idea that people actually have lives, flats, relationships outside the hospital. They’re reminding me of like, penny and Olli and frieda, or donna, Lisa, mickie. Not in thir characters at all, but the fact we’ve got a bunch of characters actually living together, having take away or going for drinks etc. Like in casualty. Robin and Jaime and porter boy all live together and I think this fresh direction is down to new producer man, so kudos.

    As an aside, PLA you’re telemedicine diploma has let you down. When Jac’s patient went bleep, supposedly going into VT, couldn’t have happened. Because in the sentence before she said he was still on bypass. Therefore no heartbeat. Greater vessels clamped. Perfusionist in the corner somewhere . So he couldn’t have gone bleep. It’s pretty impossible to have an abnormal heart rhythm when the hearts not beating at all!

    Just FYI. 😉