Casualty: Brothers in scrubs

ethan zoe cal casualty(Series 28. ep.21)  “By their fruits ye shall know them,” it says, both in the Bible and in the Casualty scriptwriters’ handbook (imaginary edition). In other words, the best way to discover someone’s personality is by seeing what they do.

We already knew, via on-screen clues and off-screen spoilers, that new boy Caleb Knight (Cal) was going to turn out to be the brother of last week’s new boy Ethan. Ethan, as we saw, was kind, sweet, a little bit nerdy. Would Cal be anything like him?

When we first saw him he was smoking a fag, which is usually shorthand for “bad boy/girl,” but in Casualty also means “feisty/brilliant,” as in Dr Zoe Hanna. He’d also just arrived at work straight from a one night stand with a 17 year old. Again, shades of Dr Zoe Hanna, as he happened to remind her.

cal casualtyThe merest glimpse of him made any junior staff member who saw him – whether male or female – go all dreamy-eyed and rest their chin on their hand while they stared. Yes, he is quite handsome. He also had a delicate touch with a blue needle while getting glass out of the eyes of his one-night stand after her dad’s conservatory roof fell on her. And, when called to a stretch limo that was hanging precariously off a bridge, he didn’t think twice but dived in straight behind Jeff. Brave as well, then – though not as brave as my lovely Jeff.

angela lonsdale casualtySpeaking of Jeff, this is the second week he’s had a run-in with Angela Lonsdale’s stroppy fire officer. Could a romance be about to develop? If it does, it’ll only end in tears as Jeff has to drag her out of a burning building. The only way to escape the curse of the Casualty relationship is to get the heck out of Holby, like Dr Ruth Winters and Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren. Just ask Dixie.

Next time: Dixie’s accused of assault.


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2 responses to “Casualty: Brothers in scrubs

  1. Nikki

    Zoe looked amazing in that blue dress.

    Cant wait to see how Connie is going to beat it! She always wore awesome power suits and dresses.

  2. holbylover819

    I think this whole brother thing could be interesting.

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