Casualty: A birth, two deaths and a newbie

ethan casualty(Series 28, ep.20)  New boy Dr Ethan Hardy is the kind of doctor I’d like to have. He’s one of these hot-shot diagnostic types (though the thing he had to diagnose this week was Addison’s disease, which seems to occur in medical dramas with the regularity that was once reserved for ectopic pregnancies), but he also has a lovely bedside manner. He even warms up his stethoscope before applying it to an actual human. There’s a touch of the Arthur Digby about him, but not too much, and I love Digby anyway so it’s a recommendation as far as I’m concerned.

As far as his colleagues were concerned, the only drawback to Ethan was that he kept getting messages on his phone and tended to disappear at inconvenient times. What we knew and they didn’t (until the end) was that his mother was dying, and she actually did die during the course of the episode. His brother – who sounds like an altogether less reliable sort – was with her, but we didn’t get to see him – yet.

dixie carol casualtyThe big drama of the episode revolved around Dixie’s on/off girlfriend Carol the Prison Warder. She fell over and broke her wrist – but what nobody knew was that she also had a head injury, which proved to be fatal.  Dixie was devastated, but lovely Jeff was there to give her a cuddle. He didn’t reveal his lovely teeth too much, because grinning isn’t a good look when your wife’s just lost her girlfriend.

But just in case we thought life was all doom and gloom, Charlie had a drug addict patient who gave birth to a little boy. “Guess what I’m going to call him?” she asked Charlie. “Please don’t say Charlie,” said Charlie, hoping she was going to say Charlie. “Stanley,” she said.

Next week: A new newbie, when Ethan’s brother Cal makes his debut.

(More Casualty here)


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4 responses to “Casualty: A birth, two deaths and a newbie

  1. The Divine Bebe

    I thought the new doctor was adorable, but am a little confused as to what has caused Gareth Malone to embark on a medical career.

  2. holbylover819

    My reaction to Carol being in this episode was along the lines of ooh that’s a dead woman walking.
    I loved that bit at the end bringing Lily down a peg. I really enjoyed reading your review!

  3. Dreamer

    The new doctor was in Waking the Dead and Call the Midwife! He was adorable in the latter. I like the new theme but it’s a bit…American. Oh, well. It’s all good. 🙂

  4. Dreamer

    Also, how is losing 3 stones in 18 months drastic weight loss…? Losing 2 lbs/week is considered healthy, so:-
    2 x 4 = 8
    3st = 42/8 = 5.25 months
    Have I got something wrong?

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