Casualty: The wrong bar at the wrong time

fletch casualty(Series 28, ep.19)  My excuse for the lateness of this review is that I was trying to decide whether I like the new arrangement of the Casualty theme tune. I know, that’s a rubbish excuse (and it’s not entirely true). I expect in a few weeks it’ll feel like the theme tune always sounded like that anyway.

To the action, and we can file this one under the general heading of “every cloud has a silver lining.”

The cloud was that poor old Fletch found himself jobless, dumped by his kids at New Year and facing a possible prison stretch. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he also found himself in the vicinity of an exploding building, and being the true nurse that he is, he leapt into action – and danger.

The silver lining was that one of the trapped victims he helped was none other than Trenton, the very same man who accused Fletch of assault. Thanks to Fletch’s courage under pressure and calm way with a blood sugar crisis and a polystyrene rock, Trenton survived, dumped his abusive boyfriend and dropped all charges against Fletch.

This also turned out to be a silver cloud for Tess, who’d been just about to confess that it was she and not Fletch who almost killed Trenton with potassium on a previous visit to the Hospital of Doom. Hurrah! So does this mean Fletch and Tess and back together again as the double-headed entity we might know as Fless (or Tetch)? No, it doesn’t. “We’ll be the best of friends!” Tess told him, with a studied chirpiness that comes from years of picking herself up after emotional disappointments.

Being New Year and that, there was also a slightly silly subplot involving a young man who was pretending to have lost his voice so he didn’t have to sing in a concert. Just why he’d go to the lengths of going to an A&E department, where his subterfuge would be bound to be discovered, I’m not sure. Robin discovered what was really going on, and “cured” him with a throat spray and a pair of sunglasses. He was forced to sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ as the clock struck midnight. Frankly it wouldn’t give Jools Holland and his Hootenanny any cause for concern.

Next week: Dixie’s girlfriend’s life hangs in the balance – which is to be expected if you go out with a Casualty staff member. Someone should have warned her. And there’s a new doctor in the house.

(More Casualty here)


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