Holby City: Some people come good

zosia holby(Series 16, ep.12) Thank you, Julia Gilbert, for letting us celebrate the new year without anything too traumatic happening. There were no deaths, no serial killers, no beloved characters departing on buses or under trucks, Darwin didn’t explode. It was what the staff of Holby would probably term a fairly quiet shift.

That’s not to say there was no drama and nothing happened, because there was and it did, but it mainly revolved around the emotional wellbeing (or otherwise) of various staff members.

selfie zosia holbyI have to admit I’m beginning to accept Selfie in his triple role of CEO, neurosurgeon and Saucer’s dad. It’s a lot of work for one man to handle, and at first I thought the fact that he was loathsome Karl from Corrie would always get in the way, but John Michie is bedding in nicely now. This has mainly been due to Selfie’s relationship with his daughter, which is satisfyingly complex and realistic thanks to Camilla Arfwedson’s quirky portrayal of Zosia.  

guy self holbyThis week a patient with a brain tumour and a dodgy heart meant that Selfie was on Darwin a lot, where Zosia currently is (though it was her last day, apparently). Both Selfie and Elliot Hope are keen for Zosia to specialise in surgery, because, according to Prof Hope, she has potential he hasn’t seen since Jac Naylor. If Sahira Shah the Registrah heard that she’d be spitting at how soon her near-legendary suturing had been forgotten.

As well as some brain surgery, some brains had to be spoken to illuminate the Saucer/Selfie situation. This was neatly done when it turned out the brain/heart patient had a girlfriend and a son who had opposing views about what was best for him. Through this we learned that Selfie had kept quiet about Zosia’s mother’s cancer returning, because he didn’t want to worry her when she had exams looming. This meant she didn’t get the chance to say goodbye and always felt that Selfie placed more importance on her career as a doctor than on her as a person.

Zosia is in a lot of ways quite childlike. She sulks, she speaks without thinking, she acts out, she has tantrums. I can understand that – she’s a young woman who is very intellectually brilliant, but I can imagine that a lot of parental attention went missing because of her mother’s illness and her father’s job, so emotionally she isn’t mature at all for her age. She kicked off in thoroughly unprofessional style at her father, because any time it looks like she has his attention, patients or Colette take priority. She was wrong to behave like that, but I also think Colette was wrong to come over all Supernanny and advise Selfie to basically leave her on the naughty step for a while.

zosia digby holbySo Zosia went to the bar, downed a few tequilas and then went home and pounced on Digby. “I need the warmth of another human being, and you’re the closest,” she told him. I’m not sure whether she meant he was physically the nearest person to hand, or whether he’s the closest thing to a human among her circle of acquaintances. Or both.

mary claire harry holbyWhile I’m warming to Selfie, I’m also warming to Dr Posh. Yes, I know it’s a bit obvious of me to start liking him just because he was kind to a dog, but I also like that Mary-Claire made him work hard for forgiveness from her. Previously he’s coasted by on being a pretty face, but that’s not working for him any more because everyone is wise to the fact that he can be a bit of a slime ball. But, as the dog-owning patient told Mary-Claire, “There are some people who come good if you give them a chance.”

I did wonder what any vets watching the episode will have made of the fact that a junior doctor and a nurse can between them manage to take a blood sample from a dog, send it to a lab where they detect pancreatitis but not the fact that the blood isn’t from a human (would they spot that? Can any medically knowledgeable readers tell me?), identify the necessary drug and the correct dose without even resorting to Google and five minutes later the dog is right as rain. But let’s ignore that, because a heartwarming doggy story was just the thing for New Year’s Eve. And Dr Posh topped off his redemption by pretending the homeless dog-owning man won the raffle prize. Bless.

serena holbySerena was at work despite the recent embarrassment of her ex husband turning out to be a scheming and unpleasant rat. Everyone was sympathetic – a bit too sympathetic in most cases (yes you, Digby), though Selfie was the exception. He blamed her for not spotting the gap in Edward’s CV when she was acting CEO. It seems I was wrong for blaming the HR department – they clearly don’t have one.

Serena was holding it all together nicely till she had a rare meltdown in theatre. Luckily she has Ric Griffin on her side, so she will live to fight another day. Unfortunately it looks like her recovery is going to be somewhat hampered by the reappearance next week of Edward himself.

Also next week: I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous about a television programme in my life. It looks like Jaccy Maccy Junior might be ready to make her debut.


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4 responses to “Holby City: Some people come good

  1. Tiggywinks

    Brillant episode review as ever!! Yes im getting to know the inner workings of Selfie’s mind a bit more now. Still think of him as killer karl from corrie though. Zosia is a complete headcase, so funny how she turned into a human cannibal at the end of the episode. She literally jumped on Digby!!

  2. holbylover819

    I was a bit shocked at Zosia having a go at Self in front of a patient. I think she probably deserved her punishment, I mean it wasn’t his fault they was an emergency! Maybe it was one time to many for her to be let down by her dad for work. Something must have happened between Colette and Zoshie is the past, but then it would be unfair for Zosia to be let off for her outburst just because her dad’s the CEO.

  3. Juliette

    Great review as ever, and agree with you about Zosia’s behaviour (which was awful) and that Colette shouldn’t have interfered (it really is none of her business). Am also jittery about the next episode (simultaneously looking forward to AND dreading it) but actually think its the few episodes after this next one that will give me most to worry about – hang in there wee baby Nayonie/Jaccy Maccy Jnr = please!!!!!

  4. Dreamer

    I don’t want Zosia to forgive her dad (biased view, here) but I still think the outburst should’ve been done in private.

    Also, the actress who plays Zosia is in that (annoying af) Secret Escapes ad. Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂

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