Holby City: Festive spirit

There was Christmas spirit all over Holby yesterday, embodied in the form of a patient on Keller, who loved Christmas and knew the Christmas traditions of every country in the world. This would come in handy later. It was also embodied in the fine figure of Mr T, who was dressed like an elf. Frankly, this was a wonderful thing. I was temporarily distracted (I’m currently Christmasing at the parental home), so I didn’t see what made him decide to do a striptease, but it was before the watershed so he was stopped before he got even to a half Monty.

It all served to make Mo realise what a catch he could be. He’s charming, sweet, can knit, is fully qualified in Lady Parts and he’s always thought Mo was adorable. Surely, what with it being Christmas and that, the Holby writers would let Mo and Mr T get together under the mistletoe and go home to roast chestnuts on an open fire (which may or may not be a euphemism, depending on how things went)? But no. No sooner had Mo decided to ask him out, than she was pipped to the post by a patient’s relative. Nooooo!!!

But there’s always new year. I’m an optimist and it Must Happen.

Meanwhile, Edward Campbell was getting into the Christmas spirit – literally, as the spirit in this case was vodka. Yes, it turns out that the reason Edward makes so many mistakes is because he’s quietly plastered a great deal of the time.

This worked out well for Mary-Claire, because once the news got out about Edward being drunk in charge of an anaesthetised patient, he was sharply out on his ear and Mary-Claire had an apology from poor Serena, who was forced to face the fact that Edward was a philandering drunk. Once again, the unseen Holby HR department has been shown to be woefully lacking, as apparently Edward was “let go” from his previous post due to his drinking and nobody thought to pursue this until he was caught red-handed and red-eyed with his fist clamped around a bottle.

We found out a bit more about Zosia and Selfie. It seems that Zosia’s Polish mother died only recently and this is her first Christmas without her. Selfie had a present for her, something her mother had asked him to give her, but she refused to take it. For the first time I actually liked Selfie a bit in this episode. He understood that she needed some space and he gave the present to Digby to give her. Digby proved to be the perfect choice, as he prepared a Polish Christmas with all the Polish trimmings. It was so lucky he had that Christmas expert of a patient as a resource. Digby is absolutely adorable, and I’m completely warming to Saucer too.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some festive singing, and the carols this year benefited enormously from the presence of Dr Harry Posh – Jules Knight had a previous career as a singer and it was a good excuse for him to show us his stuff.

Needless to say, Jac Naylor was not to be found singing under the tree in the LCMS, but there was a nice little scene where Jonny Mac prised his face away from Bonnie’s for long enough for him to remember that last year he discovered Jac had never decorated a Christmas tree, and to promise her that next Christmas she’ll have a tree – and a family – of her own. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that he’s right.


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10 responses to “Holby City: Festive spirit

  1. Morgana

    Could have done without “Dominick the Donkey” and the festive outfit that made Sacha more ‘bless he tries but aaaaargh’ than normal…

    Still missing the Swedish Scalpel… but we got cameos from the Window of Despair and the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery (which was looking particularly festive).


  2. christina

    I’m worried that when jac’s baby comes it will be obvious it isn’t johnny’s!

    • summer

      Who else could the father be cos when she had the affair with Sean she would have be more far gone. Its jonny’s for sure just hope him and jac get together so he can dump that awful bonnie!

  3. holbylover819

    Digby was so sweet preparing the whole Polish Christmas thing. I’m definitely liking Zosia as a character since we saw her emotions. Her and Digby make a cute couple whether they go further than friends or not.
    It was even a happy ending for Mary-Claire for once. I liked how Serena apologised and how Colette dealt with the whole thing without siding too strongly with either of them.
    That patient on Darwin and her long-suffering niece were hilarious as well. And didn’t Mr T make an adorable elf!

  4. Thank you very much Sue for posting this on Christmas Day, and all the reports through the year. All much appreciated.

  5. Vaudelin

    Thanks Sue for all your wonderful reviews – you give us the opportunity to re-live our favourite show all over again after we have watched it. Wishing you a very Happy New Year and a Happy New Year to all at Holby City as well 🙂

    • Sue Haasler

      Thank you so much Vaudelin – and happy New Year to you too, and to everyone who reads the blog and especially everyone who joins in with the comments. I love doing the Holby reviews, so it’s a complete pleasure for me!

  6. Jac was at the Carol singing…I noticed cos it surprised me, but then is was organised by her friend Elliot…was her cos I could see the bump under her cardi…

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