Casualty: How festive can you get?

sam tom casualty(Series 28, ep.18)  A baby born in a stable! A bride looking radiant in white with a tasteful red bouquet! A carriage ride through fake snow! Extremely professional carol singers! It was everything you’d want in a festive Casualty episode, and I haven’t even mentioned the Christmas tree-related electrocution and the jack-knifed birthday tractor ride.

Tom and Sam decided to have a quiet wedding, just the two of them, nice and low-key. But before they even had their feet inside the registry office,  the Christmas tree-related electrocution happened. It was the same patient that Tess had almost killed previously with potassium instead of saline. The one Fletch had had an altercation with in the car park. How can one man be so unlucky? Particularly as he was a mess of old wounds and fractures which may or may not have been as a result of partner-abuse.

fletch casualtyBut, luckily for him, he got electrocuted within metres of two of Holby’s finest emergency medics, and his heart was restarted in no time and he was on his way to the ED. Unluckily this all ended up in Fletch being arrested for assault.  

tom sam casualtyMeanwhile, Sam was alternately peering intently into the faces of Iain (“It didn’t mean anything… it was just a kiss. I want to marry Tom”) and Tom (“It didn’t mean anything… I’m a bit screwed up. I want to marry you”). And Louise was busy rearranging the wedding to take place in the Linden Cullen Temple of Anguish. That Louise is a brilliant wedding planner. In about half an hour she’d organised the registrar, a coach and horses, Dickensian carol singers and a wedding dress (it was her mum’s) that fitted the bride perfectly and looked far nicer than the original one had done.

wedding casualtyThe only ones who didn’t go “Ahhh, how lovely” were Iain – a somewhat stalkerish man who looked like he was mentally bundling Sam into the back of an ambulance and making off across the Brecon Beacons with her – and Tess, who was a bit depressed because Fletch was busy helping the police with their enquiries.

casualtyIn among all this, there was the poignant tale of a girl who was 16 and pregnant and ended up giving birth in a barn. Luckily she had the assistance of ace midwife Tess, plus half the available medical team, and all was well that ended well. There was no time to stick around in the barn waiting for adoring shepherds and magi to turn up, however (just in case we missed the festive Biblical connection, the girl and her partner were called Mary and Joseph Mia and Jay).

As if that wasn’t enough, it was all followed by a Big Mac and Noel mini red-button episode, which you can see here, though I have to admit I haven’t bothered. I have, however, watched the upcoming winter highlights trailer, and even without the presence of the divinity that is Connie Beauchamp, it looks like it’s going to be gripping stuff.

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6 responses to “Casualty: How festive can you get?

  1. Was it just me amused when Mia went Missing In Action? And those script writers need a smacked bottom. Wedding ceremonies haven’t been saying “I now pronounce you man and wife” for bloody ages. It’s the less sexist “I now pronounce you husband and wife” these days.

  2. holbylover819

    Just watched it and my first thought when seeing the guy getting electrocuted was “It’s Iain! He did that. He’s so dastardly.” I mean, he didn’t know about the wedding but still.
    Will Sam and Tom stay together? Who knows but I hope that Iain stops looking so sad. It’s making it had for me to be happy for.. Nichent? Kicholls? How can two people have such un-mashable names?! There we go, it’s a sign. The relationship is doomed. 🙂

    • Sue Haasler

      I thought their mashed-up name was Tam?

      • holbylover819

        It is but I have decided that if there is no satisfying mashup name (Tam?! I prefer JOliver) then the relationship is bound to fail. Which happens anyway on TV shows. I think it’s mainly Iain’s face thats upsetting me though. Sniff.

  3. JulieSeacroft82

    Good episode. Sam is a good medic, but her personal life is, err… let’s-switch-between-blokes-at-drop-of-hat.
    Also, anyone notice the blonde nurse here (she’s popular with fans!):
    Wish they’d give her a storyline (and a name)… her and Big Mac could be a couple (well, that’s what the fans want anyway, according to what I’ve heard on fansites!). Sue, look out for her… she doesn’t speak, but does often appear – sometimes with Kojo (dark-skinned male nurse with glasses, and bald head). The extras on this show have become popular in their own right… new possible stars in the making?
    Enjoying Big Mac in his new role… shame he’s been a little out of focus recently, but he is enjoyable.
    I wonder if Robyn or Big Mac will end up in a relationship at all (not together!)… their romantic lives have barely been explored on this show!
    As for Louise (think her name’s Azuka Oforka [??]) – will she ever get together with anyone, given the way Holby is, what with Digby and Zosia, and possibly Guy and Colette.
    Saying that, since Hanssen appeared now and then on this, and prior to that, Nick Jordan, it has it set a precedent, so will Guy Self make a few “selfies” (ho ho!) [appearances, sorry for the bad pun!] on this?

    Sorry for the long amount of text… you can tell I’m a Casualty/Holby fan can’t you?


  4. Emma

    Didn’t even catch the Mia/Jay/Mary/Joseph connection. I was too busy being dazzled by the fake snow. Gracias for the enlightenment. I did notice the barn bit though. Very ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’. Merry Xmas, PLA and Happy New Year 🙂

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