Holby City: Edward gets nasty

mary claire edward holby(Series 16, ep.9)  If Serena Campbell stopped amid issuing Christmas invitations to reflect for a moment, there must have been a good reason why she and Edward split up. I urge her now to remember that reason(s) and run away from him faster than you can say “laparoscopic cholecystectomy.”  Or even faster than that, actually, because the man is Bad News.

He’s making a habit of messing up at crucial times in theatre – but, handily for him, he’s always been able to get Mary-Claire to cover up/take the blame for him. The reason she’s been willing to do this so far is that she’s been sleeping with him. The reason she’s no longer willing to do it is she discovered this week that he’s back with Serena.

mc edward holbyIt’s sad that Mary-Claire still values herself more in terms of whom she’s sleeping with than in terms of her career and ethics. When she told her sister she’d be going to the wedding in Ireland on her own without a plus one, it did seem like she might have turned a corner in how she viewed herself. Never mind – the point was that she threatened to tell Serena what had been going on – and Edward got all nasty and arm-grippy.  

colette ric holbyLater on, he made another mistake in theatre – he really is the most incompetent staff member since Dull Dan – and this time he’s determined to firmly pin the blame on Mary-Claire.

Luckily for her, she has a champion, in the form of Queen of Nurses Colette Sheward, who popped up at the last minute and is going to support her nurse. This made me instantly like Colette a whole lot more than I did last week.

Another thing I liked was the banter between Mary-Claire and Honey. Posh even got involved, and it was quite like the old days of Donna/Maria/Maddie. I wish Honey had been used more in this kind of role throughout her time in Holby, rather than being stuck with the Honey/Posh nomance.

selfie holbyRemember when Hanssen was fairly new to Holby and he would suddenly manifest in various wards like a tall, Swedish ghost and frighten people? Selfie tried a bit of that this week, but because he’s not tall or Swedish the effect was less dramatic. For some reason, he decided to bother the good folk of Darwin, who were busy preparing for a heart transplant. The patient had Asperger’s and didn’t like people he didn’t know touching him. He knew Elliot, so Elliot had to do it. This explains why those dedicated transplant experts Mo and Jonny were nowhere to be seen.

jac elliot holbyWhen the donor heart became unavailable, Selfie had a plan. Giving the patient the Herzig robo-heart would be excellent publicity for the hospital. Why, he even had a “mate in the States” who was all agog to hear about the Herzig. A live video link-up of the procedure would be set up immediately!

Jac had reservations (she also had the best line of the night: “Who buys flowers nowadays? They’re more of a garnish than a present”), but Elliot couldn’t resist Selfie’s flattery and the lure of putting his precious Herzig on view to a wider audience.

Predictably, it all went pear-shaped. Jac was right, Elliot was wrong, and he was left contemplating a rather disgusting-looking pizza. This is not a metaphor for the mess the patient’s chest was in – it was an actual pizza, designed by the patient specially for Elliot.

zosia digby sacha holbyKeller was a bit strange this week. Zosia was there, though she’s been on Darwin recently, and so was Sacha. He’s inherited Malick’s teaching mantle and had a herd of students following him around. In honour of the occasion he’d chose a shirt/tie combo that I can only describe as “busy.”

Zosia wanted to move into Chantelle’s old room in Digby’s house, but he wasn’t keen, doubtless fearing that his quiet existence of nerdy pursuits and heartbroken sniffling would be interrupted by having Zosia pouncing on him at tediously regular intervals.

zosia digby holbyIt didn’t matter anyway. What Saucer wants, Saucer gets and by the end of the episode she was moving herself in anyway and insisting that Digby got some decorating done.

There’s something going on between Saucer and Selfie (I know what it is but I’m not spoilering) – she walks away whenever he appears, which seems like sensible behaviour to me.

Digby was hilarious – I love his attempts to empathise. His patient was a man who was found to have a wooden initial M piercing his colon. It was a pendant that had belonged to his late wife. Digby, maybe channelling Chantelle, adopted his best concerned voice. “Did you swallow the pendant so your wife’s initial could be close to your heart?” The man said no – perhaps he’d accidentally dropped it into his minestrone. “We’ve all been there,” sighed Sacha.

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7 responses to “Holby City: Edward gets nasty

  1. Rose

    Edward – what a quick turnaround that was! Wasn’t expecting the nasty arm grabbing: I thought it would just be snide remarks and veiled threats to get her sacked. And poor Serena, on cloud nine making Christmas plans – her little face when she asked him! That actually made me dislike him more than his behaviour towards MC as Serena is oblivious whilst MC has, yet again, put her romantic life ahead of her career. I really like MC but I can’t say I’m very sympathetic seeing as she seemed perfectly fine about him getting away with mistakes and endangering patients so long as he was still sleeping with her. Her conscience only appeared after he dumped her! And then she got a taste of her own medicine being blamed for someone else’s mistake (I wonder if it occurred to her what she did to Chantelle a few months back? Karma?)

    For the first week in ages Digby didn’t annoy me. He and Sacha make a good double act but someone needs to tell Sacha that Alfie Moon wants his shirt back! With the departure of Hanssen and then Malick we’ve lost all the dapper men on the show! From Sacha’s, let’s say “interesting” choice of clothes, to Digby’s outdoors indoors choice of headgear, Elliot’s bright red Santa trousers and Selfie’s thrown together look – fashion died a death on Holby last night! And maybe it was just me in uber picky mode last night but I thought Serena looked like she’d been dragged through a hedge – or was that meant to be a representation of Edward’s eh influence? Ok end rant!

    It was so nice to have a Darwin story without any silly Janny stuff. I knew those storylines were boring me but I didn’t realise just how annoyed I’ve been by all Darwin scenes until last night when it wasn’t there!

  2. Nikki

    Really nice to see Jac being the mature voice of reason for once, rather than used as the “let’s have Jac learn a life lesson” usual trite. I felt for Elliott being used by Selfie too. I’m still not sure how I feel about him lol.

    And as for MC a day Edward?? I knew something funny was going on, and that they were (probably) sleeping together, but his snide remarks turned nasty very quickly! And in her defence, she didn’t really do anything to provoke him. She was being normal at the beginning and he got all worried about Serena finding out, and gets rude, then arm grippy, and with the potential for worse, if she spoke out. I agree I really liked Gemma and MC being friends and for once brought female characters together instead of dividing them. It did remind me of maddy/maria/Donna, even penny/frieda friendships, which I think we’ve been lacking lately.

    I hope Colette saves the day and sticks up for MC, and brings nasty Edward to Account for his lying and conniving.

  3. Dreamer

    Is Zosia Selfie’s daughter? Or ex-wife/girlfriend? Who on Earth named his character? And when’s Jac giving birth? I’m only gonna tune in for that and Gemma’s last episode – I still think they should’ve gotten rid of the posh dick though.

    • I reckon either daughter or – since he’s on her phone as ‘Guy’, not ‘dad’ – more likely step-daughter.

      I wasn’t sure if Posh genuinely hadn’t registered Edward asking MC for the drug that caused the trouble, or just didn’t want to get involved in potentially offending two Cambell consultants by telling the truth. He was standing right next to Edward in theatre, and though he was peering very absorbedly into the patient’s abdomen, he wasn’t really actively doing anything that required exclusive attentional focus. He’s let Honey take the can for his mistake before, but also got snotty with Ollie when he did the same thing. But he’s such a brown-nosing little so and so, I can imagine unless MC’s career really did turn out to be on the line, he’d rather play deaf than offend his bosses.

      Though as someone pointed out already, they only have to check the pharmacy records to see what he requisitioned, when MC covered for him before.

    • summer

      Zosia is… And jac…

      [Summer, I’ve edited your comment to take the spoilers out in case people are trying to avoid them – Sue]

  4. Morgana

    Holby is not the same since Hanssen left. Guy Self annoys the %$¥# out of me; there is something really unpleasant about him but I’m not sure what just yet.

    Edward has always struck me as a manipulative little oik; I hope he gets his comeuppance soon.

    Bring back the looming Swedish Scalpel!

    • “Guy Self annoys the %$¥# out of me; there is something really unpleasant about him but I’m not sure what just yet.”

      His arrogance annoys me – he didn’t/ doesn’t really want this post. He thinks being an administrator is beneath him, but as he’s got it will condescend to do a good job. Big of him.

      And I really didn’t like the way he talked to Diggers. All smiles and ‘Arthur’, and ‘Dr Digby’, one moment, and then barely disguised contempt when he dared to ‘interrupt’ a pretty much concluded patient consultation, with what seemed like a valid reason.

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