Casualty: Strictly come by ambulance

fletch sam casualty(Series 28, ep.17)  On Casualty, the staff always get appropriate patients. This week Fletch, who has been having an affair and has been thrown out of the marital home by Mrs Fletch, had to tell the Fletchlings that he may not be joining them for Christmas. Therefore his patient came complete with an adorable little girl who was being babysat by a drug dealer who was oblivious to her peanut allergy. This meant Fletch had to fling himself into battle – without even calling Security as backup! – to rescue her from a parked car.

Army Major Dr Sam, meanwhile, was wrestling with her conscience after snogging Army Iain when she’s supposed to be with the very tall Dr Tom Kent. Her patient was a man who’d been secretly ballroom dancing behind his wife’s back.

jamie fletch robyn max casualtyI enjoyed both of these stories, because they added to the continuing storylines for the staff as well as being interesting in their own right. By the end of the episode, Fletch had been offered a place on the sofa at the house shared by Robyn, Jamie and Max. Fletch did not look like he was going to settle down happily to a life of ignored cleaning rotas and no milk in the fridge.  

sam tom casualtySam came to a decision re her brace of admirers and told Iain they must forget their kiss ever happened. To Tom she said she wanted to start a new life away from Holby – indeed away from the whole of Holbyshire, or Wyvern or whatever we’re calling it. Sam’s calling it “an extended honeymoon.” But, as the preview of next week’s episode suggested, before the honeymoon they have to manage to actually have a wedding first.

louise ash casualtyIt looks like Sam isn’t the only one with a brace of admirers. Ash has apparently attracted the attention of both Louise and Dr Lily Chao. In a scrap between Louise’s general all-round feistiness and Dr Lily Chao’s scary “look that can kill” technique, I think I’d put my money on Louise, but either way I think Ash is going to have to tread carefully or there’ll be tears – most probably his.

dixie big mac casualtyIt was Big Mac’s first shift as an assistant ambulance driver type person. I’m not exactly sure of his role – he is allowed to drive ambulances and fetch and carry things for Jeff, but doesn’t seem to be qualified to do anything else. He even got the fetching and carrying bit wrong, but I can’t help thinking he’s not had much training before he gets thrown in at the deep end.

Next time: Quite the Christmas theme, with an expectant couple taking refuge at a farm, as well as a will-they won’t-they wedding, a festive electrocution and an arrest.

(More Casualty here)


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2 responses to “Casualty: Strictly come by ambulance

  1. holbylover819

    I honestly thought Sam would tell Tom she didn’t want to get married in the episode where he proposed. But Iain looked so sad in the pub! I find myself on Team Iain maybe just because I know Sam’s probably going to end up with Tom if anyone and I always find myself rooting for the villains in movies for some reason.
    I thought that dancing thing was quite funny, and more original than having another guy having an affair and being in a car crash with his mistress.
    Great review as always, I find you really entertaining! 🙂

  2. Nikki

    I want Sam to choose Iain too.

    Are Sam and Tom really leaving?? I saw the trailer for Saturdays episode…

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