Casualty: Behave yourself, Army Dr Sam

sam tom iain casualty(Series 28, ep.15,16)  I do apologise for the lack of Casualty reviews recently. I have been watching it, but to be honest I’ve been finding the programme a bit take-it-or-leave-it recently.

There was a patient storyline running across the last two episodes about a pair of homeless boys (one of them was more homeless than the other) who ended up getting into various incidents that resulted in hospital visits, as people tend to do on Casualty. A nasty man who apparently wanted sexual favours in return for “helping” them got involved. This was done in quite a subtle way, with the nastiness more threatened and implied than actual, but there was no doubt what was going on and the nasty man deserved to end up in hospital himself, which he duly did.

lily casualtyStaff-wise, Dr Lily Chao once again stomped around looking angry at the world (I like the way she seems to have an invisible laser beam originating between her eyebrows which she uses to lock on to her target, whether the target is a colleague, a patient or just a coffee machine that’s looked at her the wrong way) and once again other staff members attempted to teach her some lessons about bedside manners.

Dr Zoe Hanna told Fletch that she knew about his affair with Tess. Fletch’s marriage is apparently falling apart anyway, but presumably that was the case ages ago or he wouldn’t have had a fling with Tess.

The shock news was that Army Dr Major Sam kissed former army colleague Iain – and am I correct in thinking they were sitting at exactly the same table in the same pub where she proposed to Tom? The hussy. Though Tom might do himself a favour by trying to act a bit more fun, instead of loping around like a sullen lump for most of the time. Where is the dashing  paediatric trauma medic who arrived (queasily) in a helicopter? He was rather thrilling. Currently Tom has all the charisma of a bottle of hand sanitiser and he’s going to have to sort himself out if he really wants to marry Sam.

Generally it all feels a bit stagnant at the moment and I’m looking forward to the arrival of Connie Beauchamp to stir things up a bit and give it a bit of flair. And give me something meaty to blog about every week.

(More Casualty here)


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9 responses to “Casualty: Behave yourself, Army Dr Sam

  1. Dawn

    I cannot understand how Cardio Thoracic surgeons (who in Holby cannot possibly turn their hand to any other form of medicine, or indeed, surgery) suddenly rock up in A&E, fully qualified to be Trauma consultants.. I bet you can hear the collective groan across the nation, from those Trauma consultants who can bear to watch, when Connie Beauchamp sweeps in with a disparaging look at the way the department is run and pronounces that everything will have to change to HER way of doing things.

    • Sue Haasler

      Connie has been absent from Holby for a while now, so she may have retrained. And Casualty previously had cardio thoracic surgeon Nick Jordan in charge, so there’s a precedent. Personally, I can’t wait.

      • Nikki

        Me neither! Connie is AMAZING and frankly one of the best characters Holby has ever had, (and shes hot) so Im expecting some decent telly from scenes with Connie and Zoe together, who has the better outfit competitions, and calls of “this is my resus!” being heard. I hope they share an office. 😉

  2. Why are you finding it ‘take it or leave it’? I think it’s better than Holby City at the moment. It is certainly focussing more on patients and hospital policies rather than on the love lives of the staff.

    • Okay, in fairness Casualty still does A LOT on the love lives of the staff, but not as much as Holby City.

    • Sue Haasler

      That’s exactly why I prefer Holby. In the same way that I’d rather read a novel than a collection of short stories, it’s the continuing drama aspect of Holby that I like. I enjoy getting to know the regular characters and investing in their stories. Because the patient stories tend to usually be one episode, or two or three at most, I’m less interested in them.

      • Dreamer

        I haven’t been watch C and HC for the past few weeks, so it’s a good thing I have your reviews to catch me up with the shows. 🙂

      • Nikki

        Yep continuing storyline is definitly a plus, though I like the camaraderie aspect of Casualty, they seem more of a team, they go for drinks together, they organise leaving do’s for Big Mac etc, and sometimes the Holby team can seem a bit fragmented from being ondifferent wards, and thus have less of a relationship with one another. But I was Holby fan first so, im gonna be loyal! xx

      • Isn’t that the whole point of a hospital drama? It wouldn’t work without the ongoing staff storylines, but the patient storylines make it what it is. They make it unpredictable, and set it apart from just another soap.

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