Holby City: What do you reckon he’s hiding up his bottom?

guy colette holby(Series 16, ep.8)  This week we got to know more about Guy Self (or “Selfie” as he’s never called, but he should be). He lost his wife, which knocked his surgical confidence for a bit, but now he’s back. And he likes Miles Davis.

Do we know this because he confided in Sacha over a lemon and poppy-seed muffin at Pulses? No, we know it because a former colleague of his has arrived in the form of Colette Sheward. She appeared like a terrifying amalgam of Sahira Shah the Registrah and Best Nurse Eddie McKee – briskly efficient, stroppy and northern like the latter, and apparently indispensable to the CEO like the former. Irritating, in other words.

guy colette holby cityColette had brought a patient with her. He was a former patient of Selfie’s and only Selfie could cure him blah blah. Which he duly did, and Colette couldn’t wait to get on the phone to the hospital the patient was supposed to be treated at and gloat a bit. Selfie then offered her a job. “I’m nothing without you,” he bleated. But is he anything with her? We’ll have to wait and see, because I remain to be convinced about either of them.  

serena holbyMeanwhile, Serena “Should have been CEO” Campbell was busy dealing with a man with something up his bottom. He wouldn’t say what it was, because he was too focused on being sleazy to Serena and threatening to sue Sacha for cutting his designer jacket up. He then tried to get Serena sacked for assault after she gave him a rectal examination. To be fair, as an examination it did carry a whiff of “revenge attack” about it, but he deserved it. Selfie managed to get both Sacha and Serena off the hook after it was discovered that the item up the bum was a roll of cash the man had won in Las Vegas. He’d imported it rectally to avoid paying duties on it, so Selfie levied a little tax of his own in the form of a donation to paeds oncology. The maverick!

mr t holbyElsewhere, Jac and Jonny were informed by Mr T that the best date to deliver their baby would be February 4th. This is weird, because if the baby was conceived on the night of Tara’s death on 17th April, that puts the due date at the beginning of January. I can only assume it’s a red herring to make us drop our guard in January so we aren’t expecting a surprise birth.

Anyhoo, the two of them reacted in their customary ways. Jac closed in on herself and assumed her professional, business-as-usual head. And Jonny didn’t. They were looking after a patient who was pregnant with what turned out to be a Downs baby, and Jonny didn’t think Jac could cope, so he said he’d keep an eye on the patient while Jac got on with her paperwork.

jonny holbyJonny’s idea of keeping an eye on the patient was to get all emotive about her baby’s future life chances. The parents didn’t really need him by the bedside waving leaflets at them and hectoring them. It was lucky that Mr T was there with his special brand of quiet bedside manner. At this point I have to mention that I just noticed in this episode what a gorgeous voice Mr T has. He really is adorable.

jac jonny holbyDespite Jonny’s efforts and the machines going beep and a drama turning into a crisis, the baby was delivered safely and Elliot sorted out the mother’s heart problems. Jonny, who’d spent the episode being a whiny lump, had a mutual brain-speak with the baby’s father along the lines of you have to stay strong for the mother. Then he toddled off to find Jac to apologise for being a muppet.

In one of those rare moments when she peeps over the barricade of her own defences, Jac thanked him for being a muppet. It’s almost like he’s emoting so she doesn’t have to. If only he didn’t have to inflict it on the patients.

Next time: Edward gets nasty. We knew it had to happen!

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14 responses to “Holby City: What do you reckon he’s hiding up his bottom?

  1. inkface

    Nice Mr T looks very nice in his black scrubs too. I happen to be enjoying a repeat run of Green Wing on Netflix, and you’re quite right about scrubs and SOME people. Julian Rhind Tutt adorbs in his.

    • Sue Haasler

      Ahhhh, Doctor Mac. Divine.

      • Vaudelin

        Ooooh I loved this episode and loved the review, as always. It must have really touched me as I dreamt about it last night! Can I ask if anyone knows why Jac is ALWAYS in her scrubs but all the other consultants seem to be in their normal clothes? The last scene with Jac and Jonny was SO good and you described it beautifully in your review 🙂

  2. Summer

    really good review. hoped that jonny and bonnie would break up with the amount of aruging that they were doing. also really sweet at the end with jac and jonny (awww she finally opened up to him a bit) but then he ruined it by kissing jac. think that the baby will be born on january 7th as half of the stand alone episode is dedicated to their story.

  3. Why have you stopped doing Casualty reviews? I miss them…

  4. 4th of febuary? My handy-dandy obs and gynea calculating disc, says 7th of january for full term. 38 weeks would be christmas eve 😀

  5. thebigmart

    4th February just happens to be a Tuesday. It is a rule of series / soaps that all important events must happen on transmission day!

  6. HolbyNut

    I didn’t warm at all to the new character Colette (but will give her a chance as really didn’t think Tara was any cop when she first arrived either, and then grew affectionate towards her wierd little ways). Though she is MUCH less believable than either Eddi or Sahira.
    I did laugh at Serena’s rectal examination and yes, it did seem to be rather pushing her professional boundaries.
    This episode was great because if nothing else, everyone kept on saying ‘bottom’ in a rather British, comedy-value kind of way. 🙂