Holby City: A new man

malick digby holby(Series 16, ep.7)  It was Malick’s farewell episode, and didn’t we just know it? He was given maximum opportunity to do all the classic Malick things – rush around going “Grrr,” shout at Digby, have an almighty strop, mess up a bit of surgery and try to worm out of it, and wrestle with his conscience about what kind of father he was to Jake. The only typical Malick thing that he didn’t get to do was have a steamy encounter in the locker room, but there was hardly time for any of that nonsense because he was so busy elsewhere.

malick serena holbyIt was actually all rather magnificent (apart from the sloppy one-handed chest drain incident – what happened to the standard cry of “We need some help in here”? And surely there’s a call button in the CT scanner room?). Since he damaged his hand, Malick has (understandably) been a tad immersed in self-pity, which has at times been fairly tedious to watch. By the end of this episode he’d recovered his mojo, but incorporated a few life lessons into it and become a humbler and wiser man. He’s The Malick again, but he’s Malick 2.0 – teacher, mentor, father. Ego restored and off to Sweden with his son and a James Brown soundtrack.  

elliot zosia holbyBefore I start getting too sentimental, I shall leap on a trolley that’s going in the direction of Darwin for a quick summary of events there. It was Elliot’s medical silver jubilee, which means it’s 25 years since he became a heart surgeon. Jonny and Bonnie (or JonBon, if you will) thought this was a hilarious opportunity to wind up Saucer and make her believe that they’d arranged a stripper as a gift for Elliot rather than a strimmer. Oh, what rib-tickling fun. Zosia was actually quite funny when she attempted to lecture Elliot on what harm his supposed fondness for strippers would have on his psyche, but Jon & Bon were just tedious. After working extremely hard to convince me, against my better Joseph Byrne-worshipping judgement, that he is a suitable partner for The Magnificent Jac, in this one episode Jonny has thrown all that away and made me think he’s just a giggling tosser. There. I’ve said it.

edward serena holbyFun and games on the ward is all well and good, but there was a major incident going on at the same time, and the staff should really have been more focused. A ceiling had collapsed at one of Holby’s fine array of leisure centres, so all wards were full of people in various stages of “Nnngh!” I never thought in all my days I’d have reason to use the phrase “human kebab tragedy” again (the first time was here), but here we had two unrelated people impaled upon the same pole. It fell to Serena Campbell to uncouple them, and it was exactly what she didn’t need on the day she found out she hadn’t got the CEO job. Nor did she need the person who did get the CEO job, Karl from Corrie (“I love yer, Stella!”), hanging around and questioning her judgement.

guy self holbyFrankly I haven’t warmed to this new CEO, Guy Self. It’s a silly name for a start (apologies to Will Self and any other Selfs [or Selves]), and I thought he was extremely uncooperative considering there was a major incident in progress. No amount of speechifying in the stairwell can make up for being a twonk when the mucky stuff is hitting the fan.

No wonder Serena was driven first to a failed attempt at smoking and then to a successful attempt to get her ex, Oily Edward, to cheer her up by accompanying her back to Campbell Towers. This was a good result for Edward, who’d spent the rest of the episode flirting with Mary-Claire and then asking her to cover for him – once again – when he messed up in theatre.

And – yawn – there’s a mysterious link between Guy Self and Saucer.

Next time: Even more new faces, and there’s a smuggler on AAU. If he isn’t wearing an eye patch and a wooden leg I’m going to be very disappointed.

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16 responses to “Holby City: A new man

  1. Rose

    Great review! I’m going to miss Malick terribly, he was such a unique character and livened up every scene he was in.

    I didn’t take to the new CEO either. His name is such a TV Doctor Name! All in all I thought he was trying too hard to be smooth whereas it would have been a lot more impressive if, as you said, he mucked in instead.

    Thought Serena was the highlight of the episode. Very good acting from Ms Russell, I think she may take over from Guy Henry with the subtle facial expression and tiny gestures which explain so much more.

    Low point was JonBon. Childish and bordering on bullying. I couldn’t give a hoot about Janny, but I used to quite like Jonny’s cheeky chappy routine but last night he was just, again as you said, a tosser.

  2. inkface

    If this shower resemble any real life doctors and nurses, gawd help us all frankly. Don’t like the new CEO, especially the wearing of age-inappropriate low slung trousers that were just a bit embarrassing and beer-gut exposing. Twat. Love Serena. Hope she kills her ex after the booty call like a black widow spider. He deserves it. Twat 2. Jonny makes twat 3 – and the posh twit is always a twat. Four! Too many, Holby writers, listen up. Enough twaty. Get some totty in.

  3. Laura A

    The interesting thing about Edward “messing up” was that it wasn’t massively serious, as such. Unless the patient needing the blood had hideously complicated blood group antibodies, the blood would be possible to get to the theatre in about 5 minutes, provided the group and save was fully processed. All was really needed was “just request it NOW!” rather than the slightly longer “well, I did order it”-“Oh no you didn’t”. And the later let’s-destroy-evidence scene would have been entirely unnecessary. (Not to mention, the evidence would have been in the lab anyway.)

    • Lucien

      There was mention of the patient having ‘an extremely rare blood type’, so she may well have had very complicated antibodies, though it wasn’t really explained just *how* it was rare…your point about the lab having a record is spot on!

  4. Hazie_Dora

    Fabulous review, as always! I agree, JonBon was tedious, Serena was the highlight of the episode and the new CEO is an idiot. If he isn’t starting as CEO until next week, what right does he have to even be there treating anyone anyway, much less judging Serena’s decisions and turfing her out of “the big office”?!

    And, just a point, I think technically this was the third human kebab incident in Holby history. I almost groaned when I saw they’d done it again. The first one I remember was back in 2005 when Will Curtis got impaled on a scaffolding pole with someone else…I forget who…It led to the amazing scene with Connie sitting aside his chest doing CPR while they rushed him to theatre on a trolley..

    Hope Serena managed to have a change of mind about taking Edward home with her…I was sort of warming to him until he started being awful to Mary Claire *grr*

    • Sue Haasler

      And Tess was impaled on a pole for a whole episode of Casualty once. That was a solo human kebab, but she’s recovered well.

      • Absolutely! It seems to be an all-too-common occurrence in the Holby area…Lucky we can’t actually go there. I wouldn’t fancy my chances of escaping unimpaled…!

      • Nikki

        I saw that episode just recently (watching from series 22 onwards at present) and it was shocking (all over again) that she was there for so long … but yes she certainly recovered well, and quickly!

  5. The trouble with Guy Self (so far) is that I see him as the murderous Karl from Corrie. I think they put him in a new series too quickly.

  6. So, what did Self mean when he said “I think you’re a brilliant surgeon, but there’s a reason I get the big office and you don’t”, to Serena? She’s way better qualified as an administrator on paper, she’s done the job and proved herself a safe pair of hands, she’s a brilliant surgeon, and she’s no slouch at selling herself when it comes to interview panels (one assumes). Is it just down to his reputation as a top neurosurgeon brings prestige to Holby?

    I’m hoping Saucer has enough dirt to get rid of him fairly quickly, and Serena occupies her rightful throne. Though I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan when she was manoeuvring to oust Henrik, and holding grudges against people she thought had ‘crossed’ her. But this Guy is odious on present evidence – can’t ever see anyone warming to him. (Was I the only one who wondered what Simon Cowell was doing in Holby when he first emerged into shot? Marie-Claire & The Swanny-Kazoo band entering for ‘Holby’s Got Talent’, maybe?)

  7. Wiggles

    Surely eye patch wearing , wooden-legged people are pirates aren’t they?? 🙂 But thanks that explains something I didn’t really understand in the Radio Times where, and there may well be some flying pigs somewhere, Holby is one of their choices of the day!!

    • Sue Haasler

      They can be pirates, but they can also be smugglers. I’m sure the two professions go hand-in-hand and share common accessories. In my mind they do, anyway. 🙂

  8. Nikki

    Sad to see Malick go, but it was well done and Im glad he left on a high note, singing into the distance in a cab with Jake (despite his earlier radial artery snag which surely wouldve kept him in hosptial a few hours?). We didnt get a Tour of the Wards Chrissie style, but like you said they did give him oppurtunity to show every one of his personality facets.

    Edward and Mary-Claire. Hum. Im not sure whats going onthere. Does he like her? Is he flirting? Or is he just being “friendly” ? But then who asks out their colleagues to dinner like that, touching hand sinthe corridor, when theyre just colleagues? She seems to have some degree of affection for him, if only as friends. I dont understand what portrayal theyre tryting to get across. But im sure whatevers going on, its going to end in tears for Mary-Claire. Shes covered for him (though like someone said above, it would be very quick to get the blood (i seem to remember Greg running through the corridors with bags of blood for Connie once) and the evidence would already be on the system) and seems to get it inthe neck very quickly from different sources, whether something was her fault or not. Ric banning Gemma from the ward until further notice, putting her on report so to speak, didnt last very long, and shes back now with no explanation. Ric banning Malick from all hosptials everywhere ever, and telling MC in earlier episodes that she was a slacker etc just because she didnt have self-confidence in her abilities. So, I dont really want her to get any more greif because of Edward. (images of him seducing her, and Serena catching them, dont seem too far away).

    Not much to say about Guy Self. Stupid name. Looks like a rougher version of Paul from neighbours. Weirdly tight shirt. And yeah, didnt really do much, other than ring Saucer, and strut about. Meh.

    Serena was brilliant inthis ep, really warmed to her in recent months. Shes a great character now.

    JonBon need to get a life. Theyre so tedious and annoying, and childish. Though, at least hes kept away from Jac, who deserves far better. (didnt Johnny lie and say he was a neurosurgen when they first met? I hope she doesnt think Guy is an option …)

    As an aside, when is http://www.holby.tv/louise-delamere-joins-holby/ Louise Delamere going to be appearing? Shes hot! 😉

  9. Nikki

    Scratch that, she appears to be in it tomorrow! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3354696/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_4 Hurrah!