I’m a Celebrity: The mouses are getting excited with each other

VINCENT_SIMONEA Strictly/I’m a Celebrity mash-up, what could be better than that? Endearing Argentine tango expert Vincent Simone isn’t dancing the Strictly boards this year, and he’s joined the I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here bunch instead. He likes to put on the Italian stallion act, but frankly he’s more of a Thelwell pony with an adorable accent. He has become one of my favourites over the years, sweet once you see past the preposterous flirting and self-aggrandisement. His professional dancing partner is the fantastic Flavia Cacace, so you know he must be a decent sort.

His slippery grasp of English is always a delight. He and model/writer (and ex-wife of Midge Ure Wiki tells me) Annabel Giles were about to join the jungle gang last night. But only after an Aussie hat cork-threading challenge in a cabin, featuring increasing numbers of copulating rats, cockroaches and the usual bug suspects.

Annabel, who has a lovely line in dry wit, said she had been “Hoping to get a macho man to protect her”. Then realised she was going to have to BE that man. As the bugs and rodents streamed in, Vincent and Annabel leapt on chairs, clutched each other, screamed like banshees. Vincent plaintively crying “I want my Mama!”. His explanation for the fact that all the rats seemed to be shagging was: “My aura stimulates menopauses with them”.

Joey-Essex-So  – these pair are joining the main camp. And what do we make of them? They seem a largely nice, likeable bunch this year. No Gillian McKeith’s have emerged that I can see. Joey Essex and beauty queen Amy fancy each other. You sense Laila Morse (Mo from EastEnders) might possibly kick off, but she’s more pass agg than agg so far, so the worst we’d probably get is a big disappointed tut. We heard one of these when Kian (from West Life) cooked the sweet potatoes in oil, which she found to be indigestible.

The most tense moment came when Amy the beauty queen was talking about looks and going to the gym and Olympic gold medal winning swimmer, Rebecca Adlington (OBE) got more and more visibly upset, then went to the Bush Telegraph to have a cry, because, she said, she’s never been ‘one of the pretty ones’ and always gets comments written about her looks rather than her (astonishing) athletic prowess. None of this was Amy’s fault, to be fair, and neither did Rebecca suggest it was. But it did make me want to go and take the Tweeters and the Mail journalists and anyone else who comments on the size of her nose or whatever else rather than on the fact that she’s bloody amazing and shove a camel testicle or two down their throats.

Other people I’m liking:

  • Joey Essex – I do watch TOWIE so I know him already. Does indeed live in Planet Joey, has unfortunate habit of talking about himself in the third person and does seem to struggle with some of the basics. Telling the time, blowing his nose and many day-to-day skills most of us take for granted. BUT he’s been brilliant in the Bushtucker Trials, is learning some life skills from his campmates such as washing-up (badly) and how to wash his clothes. I think he’s far from dim. He may be differently intelligent, but I’ll not mock. He lost his mum in a horrible way at a young age, and he seems a nice, sweet boy
  • Alfonso Ribeiro AKA THE Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Proper celebrity. Wondering what the hell he’s got himself into
  • Steve Davis – much funnier than I expected
  • Lucy Pargeter – not an Emmerdale watcher, so I don’t know her, but she seems a good woman
  • David Emanuel – fashion designer who co-designed Princess Diana’s awful wedding dress. But I like him

Then there’s Matthew Wright. Not sure if I like him or not, suspect not, but he’s sometimes amusing to watch. I’d prefer to never see him in a white bikini again as long as I live, mind you. Let’s put the ghost of Mylene Klass in the shower to bed shall we?

So there we have it. They seem a good-natured lot, probably helped by the fact that they keep doing well at challenges and getting a reasonable amount of food. And they keep winning the daily trials too and winning treats. Vincent and Annabel’s entry may put the cat amongst the pigeons, but I’d be surprised.

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