Holby City: After the year she’s had

chrissie holby(Series 16, ep.6)   “After the year I’ve had…” Chrissie kept complaining throughout this episode, and I think we were meant to sympathise with her and think, “Yes, Chrissie love, you have had a horrible year and you deserve to run off into the sunset with the most attractive American medic in the hospital.”

jac chrissie holbyBut instead of thinking about poor Chrissie’s breast cancer problems, and My Son Daniel’s traumatic bone marrow donation and Sacha’s deception re same, all I could think about was how horrible she’s been to Sacha. It was left to the ever-wonderful Jac to sum up the car crash that has been Sacha and Chrissie: “You sleep with him – you break his heart. You have his child – you break his heart. You literally beg him to marry you and you break his heart. And now you’ve even found a way to divorce him, yet still give him a little bit of hope so you can break his heart again.” It was all true, and Chrissie wandered through the episode being as smug, self-righteous and manipulative as she has been recently.  

chrissie holby cityI was glad that writer Patrick Homes used the device of having Chrissie sorting through a box of ID badges of former colleagues to remind us that Chrissie hasn’t always been so annoying. Seeing Owen’s face again reminded me of the episode when she lost her baby, which is etched permanently on my mind as the Holby episode that made me cry the most. So many faces from different eras of Holby highlighted what an important character Chrissie has been, and in that sense it was a beautiful send-off for her. And, thank goodness, she didn’t take Michael Spence with her.

digby malick holbyIt would have been more useful if she’d taken Malick, because frankly his behaviour is getting a bit difficult. Digby thinks he’s having a nervous breakdown. He ought to put Saucer on the case – she likes to psychoanalyse people and she’d probably tip Malick right over the edge. Malick spent most of the episode trying to live his surgical life via the medium of poor Digby, his chin practically balanced on the lad’s shoulder while he was trying to operate. On the up-side, Digby did get to have a go on the Gastroscopy Simulator, which looked to be such fun I’m going to ask Santa for one for Christmas.

mo mr t holbyOn Darwin, in case we were under any illusion that Mr T isn’t the nicest person in the world (maybe jointly with Sacha), Mo confirmed it. “You really are the nicest person in the world,” she said. Obviously he is – he loves Mo, and he can knit. He can even make pom poms! Mo is still resisting him, but when she’s feeling mellow after a mince pie and a glass of sherry at the staff Christmas do – well, I’m sure she’ll see the advantages of a man with charm, humour and an intimate knowledge of the workings of the female “downstairs” (I don’t mean Chrissie, I mean gynaecologically-speaking).

Next time: There’s a new Guy in the hospital.

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11 responses to “Holby City: After the year she’s had

  1. inkface

    I was extremely irked by both Chrissie and the massively inappropriate confidentiality clanger from the nurse, whose name I don’t know, re Mo’s STI screening appointment. You NEVER shout something like that across a ward. Appalling. Frankly some of those nurses need sacking or serious retraining.
    Was it just me who saw Chrissie’s blu tacked ex-staff ID mosaic on the door and thought ‘it’s her version of the Tracy Emin ‘people I’ve shagged’ tent?

  2. thunderchild

    The ID badges were a good touch but a blatant rip-off of ER!

  3. Rose

    She’s GONE! YAY!

    I was glad Jac called St Chrissie’s BS during her condescending tour of all the hospital wards. Glad Malick gave her an earful too!

    Mr T can’t possibly get any sweeter and if Mo doesn’t nab him soon I think Zosia needs to sit her down for a psych evaluation! Bonnie shouting across the ward about Mo’s STI screening was ridiculous and even more ridiculous that Mo didn’t call her on it. I get that Darwin was playing for laughs during this episode but that was just silly.

    Also thought it was ridiculous that they wanted us to believe Serena’s first action as acting-CEO was to go round cleaning out all the hospital cupboards! They made it seem like she personally went and found those badges (and I hardly believe Mr OCD Hanssen had been hoarding all this stuff in his office!)

  4. Eilis

    Somebody phoned in the middle of it all so I’ll have to iPlayer it to hear what Jac said.to Chrissie. I’m looking forward to it!

    Yes, I don’t believe for one minute that HH left clutter behind in his office.

    Ah Mr T, heading for a “Break the Cutie” career (a la TV Tropes).

    Can anyone confirm that Adam “Dan Hamilton” Astill is the voice of ITV3’s Viking River Cruises? It sounds like him. Apologies if it has been asked before.

  5. Nikki

    I did love the Badges-on-the-Wall thing, kind of like Roll of Honour, in a humbling memory kind of way. It made me remininsce, especially when she pulled out ID’s like Sandy out of the box, then the camera goes over ones like Diane, Owen, Tom Campbell-Gore, Joseph, Frieda, and it made me realise, god you know? How many characters have we lost over the years? Do people not stay anymore? Back long ago, people joined the show and stayed. Now people come and go in a year or two!! You grow attached to them, they leave. Eddi, Luc, Chantelle, Gemma, Sahira (not that I was partiularly attached to her but still an exmaple), etc etc. At least Chrissie had staying power (and personally I would LOVE to se eher back as Director of Nursing (or whatever the job was), as long as it didnt mean ousting the marvellous Louise Delamere who is about to take up said job)).

    In fairness, I think Jac was right in giving her a talking to. She had broken Sachas heart, and on that night in Luc;’ trailer, the bachelor party, Jac did warn her not to break his heart. And she has. Which is a shame … when Sacha is such a nice bloke (and Im very glad Sacha and Jac are still friends even if we dont see it on screen, they clearly do talk), but I cant blame Chrissie for it either, when Sacha has done things wrong too, and Chrissie is kinda perpetually searching for the mysterious Mr Right that just doesnt exist.

    Felt sorry for Digbdy being (vaguely) bullied into doing surgery by Malick that was above his expertise, I can imagine thats fairly scary when you dont know what youre doing! Malick is just needing to flex his (impressive) surgical muscle and Digby is like his way of doing that. Missed Channers on Keller. Theres no nurses there at all now! AAU has Mary-Claire and Darwin has Johnny and Bonnie (ugh) but Keller is bereft now. *sadfaces* Remember when staff actually worked on different wards and interacted with different staff? Chrissie doing her ward-tour is probably the first time in AGES weve seen characters from different wards actually interacting, and it was refreshing. Even Connie Beauchamp went to AAU for the odd consult when she couldnt make Joseph/Will/Sam do it for her. Remember when Jac ran AAU and had to induct all the new F1’s including Penny and Olli? AMAZING! Then she worked on Keller under Clifford, before moving to Darwin. I think Saucer should go do some stuff on AAU (too fast paced to busy herself analyzing) and send Mary-Claire to Darwin, she works well with Jac and it means we can move Jo/Bo to Keller and out of Jacs way. Plan!

    Sorry for long reply. PS loved Mr T’s knitting skills. Legend.

    • Martin Rosen

      I never consider which ward I am on !! I follow the characters and patients. So does it really matter which ward Digby is operating on, or where Mary-Claire is?

      • Sue Haasler

        When I’m making notes for the review I always put them under the headings of “Darwin,” “Keller” and “AAU,” because they usually have a storyline each in every episode.

  6. Dreamer

    Thank God I had this episode to make me happy after the heartbreak I had to suffer through watching my favourite character die on Person of Interest just so the writers can further Reese’s man-pain, again (hoping it’s a fake out). But huzzah – Chrissie is gone!

  7. Wiggles

    Agree that the episode was a fitting send-off for Chrissie (and Tina). I remember crying buckets when Amanda died too (but am really beginning to fear that that reaction might pale into insignifcance at, what I’m starting to think might be the climax to Jac & Jonny’s baby storyline) Felt myself welling up when the camera panned over those ID badges towards to the end of the episode and was quite proud that I managed not to cry! Also aloved Jac’s very small part – telling it like it is as usual, and doing it magnificently as ever!!!! And just how adorable is Mr T??? If Mo doesn’t want him I’ll have him!!!!!!!!

  8. HolbyNut

    Hurrah that Michael Spence didn’t go!
    Hurrah that Chrissie left and told us that she knew that she had to stop her own cycle of wrong men. But she has given us some great story lines over the years.

    I still hope that Connie and Joseph will return some day – still my favourite characters!

  9. l

    Chrissie IS, was, and Always WILL BE The Best Character on Holby City. And whoever says otherwise is just plain old lying.