Casualty: He’s a jolly good porter

max casualty(Series 28, ep.14)  I couldn’t be happier. With the installation of Robyn’s step-brother Max as the new porter (to replace Big Mac, who has moved on to a new job), we have also acquired a love interest for Dr Zoe Hanna. She doesn’t have to smoke outside alone now – she has someone to smoke and flirt with at the same time. Plus he has the most beautiful smile. He isn’t even a totally rubbish porter, either. He does feel a bit superior to the job, what with being a former pop star and that, and he’s a bit lazy, but he can spot a heart attack when he sees one. The lad shows promise.

lily ash casualtyDr Lily Chao is finally showing promise, too. For the first time, she went to Ash to ask his advice in a humble and sensible manner, rather than just shouting her opinion at him. And could romance be brewing between the two of them? Only the other day I was observing to PLA Jr that whenever anyone has to sort out a cut on someone else’s forehead on TV, they always end up in love. Jac Naylor and Jonny Mac on Holby, Tina McIntyre and Peter Barlow on Coronation Street. It’s inevitable. So when Dr Lily Chao was required to pop a couple of stitches into Ash’s forehead after he got in the middle of a scrap, was it purely a coincidence that he took his shirt off straight afterwards and she got all flustered? I think not.

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3 responses to “Casualty: He’s a jolly good porter

  1. Because he’s also in Strictly, the shirt removal seemed particularly amusing!

  2. Nikki

    Greg stiched up Jacs forehead once too … wouldve loved to see them together!

    Anyway. Liked it when Ash was like “Thats the first time youve asked my advice,” And Lily looked all flustered and was like “Uhh … it wont happen again!” Not knowing what to say. Cutes!

    As much as I liked Zoe having a love interest (even if he does look about twelve) her affiars never seem to go well when it comes to love! Shes amazing though so looking forward to seeing the storyline pan out.

    Sam was really pretty.

    **Anxiously awaiting arrival of Connie**

    • Sue Haasler

      I had to laugh at your comment about Max looking about 12 – do you remember that time when Zoe picked someone up in a bar and looked in his bag the next morning only to discover a school uniform? No chance of that with Max – according to IMDb he’s actually (a youthful) 32 😀

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