Holby City: I can only love you like that

chantelle digby holby(Series 16, ep.5)  If you’d asked me whether the theme from the film Arthur played by a massed band of amateur kazoo players (with a certain red-haired Irish nurse on vocals) could be emotional, I’d have probably said no. I’d have been wrong.

It was Digby’s birthday. Chantelle’s gift to him was a stress ball and a surprise party. I was going to say why do people on TV always insist on organising surprise parties for introverts who are going to hate it, but the answer is obviously that it’s the only way to engineer big moments like the emotional kazoo playing. All the regular background cast members had kazoos, and frankly they’ve never looked happier, so it was worth it just to see their excited little faces.

digby chantelle holbyIt wasn’t the easiest of birthdays even pre-party, given that the guest patient of the day was Cameron, who’d mugged Chantelle and Digby in the car park. Digby thought all of Chantelle’s problems (she’s now on beta-blockers for anxiety) could be traced back to that incident rather than the car crash, and, as these things are apt to do, it clouded his judgement when treating Cameron. As did telling Chantelle he loved her and seeing her less than exuberant reaction. Cameron died, which had Digby puking in the nearest bin, but Serena said it wasn’t his fault.  

digby chantelle holby cityNot the best background for a birthday party, but worse was to come for Digby. Outside Albie’s (where they first met on New Year’s Eve), Chantelle told him, “I do love you. Only not like that.” Digby’s poignant little reply was, “I can only love you like that.” Awww, bless him. So Chantelle decided it was best for both of them if she moved on – to Ibiza, New York or wherever. He let her keep the stress ball, and she got on the bus and went home to pack. And poor Digby went back to the party.

mo holbyMo wasn’t in a party mood, either. In fact, she was all partied out. She arrived for work in the passenger seat of a badly driven flashy car, having spent the night with Joey from the internet. Mr T’s little face when he witnessed that – bless him. It was only a matter of time before Joey turned up in Darwin on a trolley. He had a dodgy heart, not helped by an over-reliance on cocaine. This was embarrassing for Mo, who had to reassure Elliot Hope that she has nothing to do with drugs herself, but worse was to come when she found out that Joey was awaiting the results of a HIV test. Nothing makes you think harder about your lifestyle choices than being potentially faced with a life-altering, work-affecting illness.

chrissie michael holbyOn AAU, Chrissie looked a bit put out after Sacha handed her the divorce papers to sign. Possibly he hadn’t cried enough or spent enough time crawling on the floor moaning, “But Chrissie! You are the most wonderful woman in the world and without you I am nothing!” Indeed, he looked almost relaxed about the whole thing. There was a very real risk that Chrissie’s ego would never recover from this setback, but cometh the hour, cometh the man in tight trousers with beautiful eyelashes. “If you were my wife, I’d never let you get away from me,” murmured Michael Spence, sounding only a little bit stalkery. So she had no option but to snog him, which displays excellent judgement on her part. But please tell me he’s not going to be running away with her to Venezuela!

Next time: Who is Mo’s Mr Right? What will Chrissie decide to do? And can Digby cope with Malick?

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11 responses to “Holby City: I can only love you like that

  1. Jane Thomas

    Review is great. But Oh My god why can Holby script writers give us something more than leaving on a Holby City Bus. It was a little bit like watching a damp and rather uninspiring firework, flying up into the air only to fall to earth with no bangs or sparkles.

    Husband´s comment was “Well there really is no reason to watch Hobly anymore now is there”. I think he spent the night sobbing into his pillow at the lost of dear Chantelle.

    But please Holby City Writers how many times do we have to put up with people leaving on buses and being left a little let down.

    And I wonder how Chrissie will leave us???

    • Sue Haasler

      Which other characters have left on buses, Jane? I couldn’t think of any. I couldn’t even remember seeing a bus on Holby before.

      Chrissie will probably leave in a helicopter. A bus wouldn’t be good enough for Chrissie 😉

      • wiggles

        I can’t remember any character permanently leaving by bus before (‘by’ train, in a manner of speaking,[and as permanently as you can get!] yes = Diane and Penny) but there was definitely a bus involved when Jake left Malick at some point.

      • Sue Haasler

        Oh yes, now you mention it I do remember them sitting in a bus shelter.

  2. I have to agree with you on the “Please can Michael not move to Venezuela with Chrissie!” comment, but only cause I don’t want Michael to leave Holby 🙂 Only I would use that as my reasoning, lol. And what’s wrong with characters leaving on buses, it must be the show’s tradition – why break the habit of a lifetime 😀

  3. Rose

    Almost enjoyed this episode, if it weren’t for the Chrissie bits and the Arthur bits… I have enjoyed your review of it more!

    We’ve had Tina Hobley’s departure rammed down our throats for months and yet she is STILL THERE!! We’ve lost other (IMO better characters) in the mean time with little more than a shrug. Unless a grand piano falls from the heavens and squishes Chrissie I fail to see how her exit will be all that great.

    Am I being unfair?

  4. Dawn

    I commented to my husband about how extraordinarily patient that bus driver was over Chantelle’s protracted goodbye to Arthur from the platform of the bus, he also thought the other passengers were remarkably forbearing. Earlier as Chrissie snogged Michael, he did ask if her middle name was Raleigh? (Bicycle makers from Nottingham not Sir Walter) If that is the case, I suggest they share a middle name – they deserve each other.

  5. Dreamer

    For God’s sake, is no one safe from Chrissie’s clutches? They better not bring her back again.

  6. Vi

    Anyone notice that Chantelle had time to apply a fresh coat of lippy between walking out of Albie’s and meeting Arthur on the pavement ? Made me laugh ! Just have to give a mention to that adorable little girl, doing the signing for her Dad. She was cute, clever and a great little actress – loved all her scenes. By the way, not keen on Chrissie getting with Michael, yawn, yawn.

  7. HolbyNut

    Only dearest Channers could have smiled her way through the tears in that final scene. I thought it v touching but the realist in me was also concerned about the length of time the bus-driver/passengers had to wait.
    And Chrissie snogging Michael on the day she got her divorce-papers from Sacha??? I would have expected something a little lese obvious from Holby-writers. (Though yes I do agree that Sacha presented Chrissie with them with slightly odd pleasantness :))

  8. Nikki

    Laughed at Mos date being brought in (inevitable like you said!) and Johnny declaring himself the BFF despite weeks and weeks worth of their arguing. Glad bonnie-Bonnie wasn’t there (not the most inventive name but still). Cameron-chatelle-Digby scenes all very well acted and I will miss Chantelle, she is a cheery soul and we need that in this show! Mary-Claire and her kazoo-troupe was the absolute highlight and it’s the most Holby has made me smile for a long time. Niamh McGrady is quickly becoming a legend.
    I’m going to miss Chrissie I really will. She’s run every ward, done every version of nurse or nurse consultant or matron there is, and beautifully acted all of it. It won’t the same without her. Xx

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