Waterloo Road: You mean he’s not a real supply teacher?

lenny waterloo road(Series 9, Ep.9) Being Halloween and that, this week’s episode had a sinister turn. Guest artiste Duncan Pow (Holby’s tragic Dr Linden Cullen, who lives on in the form of a memorial shrubbery) played supply teacher Frankie McGregor. Only he wasn’t really a supply teacher, and he wasn’t really Frankie McGregor. Obviously with the water-tight policies and procedures in place at Waterloo Road this was spotted at once, wasn’t it?

Erm… no. The kids spotted something was wrong when “science teacher” Frankie knew so little about Physics that he made Sue Spark look like Stephen Hawking, but Sue didn’t notice because she was immersed in wedding plans.

simon lenny christine waterloo roadFrankie took a bit of a Special Interest in lonely, isolated young Lenny Brown, and that should perhaps have rung alarm bells, particularly when Frankie offered to take Lenny fishing to a remote spot. Christine wavered about giving permission for about five seconds, then decided it would be a bit of fun for the lad and gave them the go-ahead.  

It all ended up with Simon having to dive into a reservoir to rescue Lenny when everyone finally realised that not only was Frankie not Frankie, but he was also quite possibly dangerous.

All was well that ended well – Frankie was arrested, Lenny was wet but unharmed and his sister has promised not to leave him on his own any more while she goes off shoplifting makeup, and Christine has a new respect for the heroic, floppy-haired Simon.

nicola adams waterloo roadAs if one guest artiste wasn’t enough excitement, we were treated to a second. This one was Olympic gold medal-winning boxer Nicola Adams playing herself. She’d been lured to Waterloo Road to inspire Kacey Barry in her boxing endeavours. She looked thrilled to be there, too, and if ever she decides to hang up her boxing gloves she might consider an acting career – she seems quite at home in front of a camera. More at home than some of the regular cast members, in fact.

Kacey was wavering a bit because her lifelong dream of being a boxing champion has only actually been a couple of months long and is more Nikki Boston’s dream than hers. Nicola’s visit gave her the oomph she needs and she’s now thoroughly committed to a boxing future and a training trip to America – but brother Barry, sly as a fox, sneaky as a ninja, as light on his toes as Gene Kelly, has his eyes on the money that’s been raised to send her there. Mwah ha ha ha.

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6 responses to “Waterloo Road: You mean he’s not a real supply teacher?

  1. wiggles

    I haven’t watched WR for ages but just love your reviews!!!

  2. Nikki

    Linden with a goatee made me lol. His storyline not so much. I can’t decide if they handled it well or not. Liked the Nikki Boston/Kacey Barry scenes tho xx

    • Sue Haasler

      It wasn’t really a LOL storyline, was it? Apart from the laughable disregard of pupil safety.

      • Nikki

        No it wasnt, it kinda made me uncomfortable actually. I was just trying to alleviate my uncomfortable-ness with flippant humour. And yes, it didn’t really make sense either letting Lenny hop in his car (or anyone elses) for a spot of fishing.

      • Sue Haasler

        Maybe Waterloo Road can have a Linden Cullen Memorial Reservoir.

  3. remotecontrolled (kopitron)

    I loved the couple of shoehorned lines about “oh the council should have known better – tut tut!” to make it clear that we weren’t allowed to pin it in WR. I knew they had to somehow mend Christine and Simon before the finale – I guess nothing does that quite like a predator.

    I must admit I was (surprisingly) disappointed with the Kacey/Nikki storyline – I thought they had the perfect opportunity for some deeper and complex reason why Kacey suddenly got cold feet but they seemed to flip the storyline to make it look like it was because Nikki had been applying the pressure when all previous episodes have been very much Nikki taking Kacey’s cues. Seemed a bit late in the day to make Nikki out to be the bad guy. Shame as there could have been some real meat there to explore Kacey’s personality even further (and Brogan’s acting – which frankly is one of the best of the kids’ at the moment IMO). Maybe I’d need to watch again and I’ve missed some subtleties but as those two are two of the best on the show I thought the writing could have done the more justice.