Downton Abbey: Rapidly filling up with Mary’s admirers

lady mary downton(Series 4, ep.7) Lord Grantham had to go to America to sort out some situation involving Lady Cora’s family, so obviously he had to have his valet with him. In those days apparently Americans demanded a different outfit practically on an hourly basis, so it was unthinkable not to have your best chap there to fasten your cufflinks.

Mrs Hughes knew that Anna wouldn’t be able to cope without Mr Bates, so she persuaded Lady Mary to persuade Lord G to take Thomas instead. I wouldn’t have taken any persuading at all – I should think Thomas would be a lot more fun on a long voyage than tedious Mr Bates. Anyway, it all means that Lady Mary now knows that Anna was attacked, but not who did it.

Mrs Hughes knows who did it, and when Evil Mr Green turned up at Downton, Mrs Hughes made sure he knew she knew. I think Mr Bates also knows now, because he was observing the way Anna reacted in Green’s presence. If I was Green, I think I’d be more scared of Mrs Hughes.

The Dowager had a touch of bronchitis this week and spent most of the episode in bed being looked after by Mrs Crawley, who sat selflessly by the bedside for 48 hours. She does miss her nursing days, does Mrs Crawley. She’s never happier than when she’s got something worthy and practical to do. The Dowager finds all this very irritating, but the pair of them are a lovely double act.  

Lady Mary was absolutely surrounded by admirers – when her elegance, beauty and good breeding are not enough to impress, her willingness to get covered in mud and work all night to rehydrate some dying pigs and then cook scrambled eggs afterwards is obviously a major selling point. This means that the man she was being sarcastic to last week is now as much of a fan as his friend is (I still haven’t learned their names). Lord Gillingham is also still sighing fondly at her, despite being engaged to someone else.

Poor Edith, meanwhile, still has no idea what’s happened to her soon-to-be-German fiance. He arrived in Munich, but after that – vanished. Just two words for her – Beer. Festival.

Meanwhile, Edith had decided to terminate her pregnancy and had made an appointment at a clinic. Her London Aunt went with her, but Edith couldn’t go through with it. London Aunt said they’d find a way for her to keep the baby without becoming a social outcast, but she didn’t look all that convinced.

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