Holby City: The plumbing and the back to work bird

chantelle holby(Series 16, ep.3)  Henrik Hanssen’s parting words to Chantelle were, “Don’t ever stop being Nurse Lane.” But can she get over the car crash to continue being the sunny, joy-spreading nurse she once was?

She was back to work for her first shift. Serena told her she was on admin only, but that was never going to last for longer than it takes to shout “We need some help here!” Digby gave her a cuddly “Back to work bird” to bring her luck, which was adorable of him. It was all going reasonably well until Chantelle caught sight of Malick’s arm while the dressing was being changed and the hideous sight made her throw up. After that she was in a bit of a flap.

malick chantelle holbyShe tried to compensate by spreading extra joy to her patients, including a woman whose pregnancy test had come back positive. Chantelle wasted no time in giving the happy news to the patient’s boyfriend. Sadly it wasn’t a pregnancy but a tumour, and the patient died in a very messy way in the operating theatre. I couldn’t help thinking the scene in the Keller theatre was a bit frantic, with Mr T and Digby panicking a bit more than you usually see on Holby, where a spurting artery usually elicits nothing than a raised eyebrow and a call for some suction and 4-0 Vicryl.  

In Darwin theatre, for example, Prof Hope was performing his usual miraculous deeds with a scalpel, but did it impress Dr Zosia March? No it did not. Surgery is “just plumbing” according to Dr March, who is more interested in the contents of people’s minds than the contents of their chest cavities. This made Jonny Maconie Very Cross Indeed and he gave her a telling off which went right over her head. Zosia is Teflon-coated when it comes to other people’s opinions of her.

zosia holbyShe made the classic mistake of speaking out of turn and giving a patient an option that wasn’t really an option. This time it was telling a young man with a badly damaged heart that the newly-developed Herzig 4 (yes! We’re on to 4 already. Makes you feel old, doesn’t it?) artificial heart would be a solution to his imminent death problem. Normally when a doctor or nurse proposes something that the more experienced doctors know isn’t going to work, it’s because they have the patient’s best interest at heart and want to offer some hope. In Zosia’s case, she seemed more interested in being able to psychoanalyse someone with an artificial heart and almost scaring him to death with a defibrillator first. She really is an odd person and she could probably do with a bit of psychotherapy herself. The way she pursues whatever interests her regardless of the consequences and seems oblivious to what people think of her – well, she is a tad sociopathic.

Elliot was so angry with her behaviour that he gave her to Jac. If anyone can sort her out, it’s Jac. “F1, you might be entirely weird, but you’re mine now,” said Jac, sending young Saucer out to buy two jars of pickles. So nice to see that Jac is still on the pickles.

mo holbyElsewhere on Darwin, Mo had entered the world of internet dating. “They’re always two inches shorter than they say they are,” Jac told her, adding, “Not that I’d know.” Zosia had some formula for internet dating success based on percentage points, and Mo had a date with Mr 73%. This was unfortunate, because after losing his patient on Keller, Mr T popped up to ask Mo out for a drink. He looked ever so disappointed to find her all dressed up with somewhere to go.

mary claire holbyOn AAU there was an annoying patient in a catwoman suit who kept distracting Dr Posh. Mary-Claire was cross about this, because she was hoping to take Posh to her sister’s wedding in Ireland. By the end of the episode, she’d phoned her sister to say that she would be going to the wedding on her own and her family had to stop feeling sorry for her because she’s single. Hopefully this will allow Mary-Claire to have a storyline which doesn’t involve her poaching other people’s boyfriends or getting sulky about some man or other. Particularly when the man is as lame as Dr Posh.

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8 responses to “Holby City: The plumbing and the back to work bird

  1. Emma

    Wondered why I liked this ep so much – then realised Chrissie was missing. She was probably My Son Daniel’s show-and-tell at the nursery, which looks astonishingly like the crèche.
    I’d like it known that I have a back-to-work bird too. It’s not for work purposes, it’s simply the same bird as dear Channers’. Loved the Malick and Chantelle scenes – shame they’re both off to pastures new 😦
    Zosia has an element of what I call weird. She’s is essentially Jac 2.0, only just a teensy bit more scary (that scene with the defibrillator, hello?) and a teensy bit less ginger.
    Poor Mr T. God love him. Really love his scenes away from Jac/Mo when he’s simply doing his job.
    Oh, Posh. How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways. And good on Mary-Claire. Although still slightly concerned about her drinking buddy being Edward again. I don’t want it to mess up Sedward. Yes, I’m using the portmanteau.
    Fab review as always. And just noticed YOU HAVE A BOOK NOW? How have I missed this excellence? And your last name is Haasler. That’s beautiful. I love things with multiple vowels. (Except Jonny and Bonnie. Cos that’s weird.)

    • Sue Haasler

      I’m a little bit jealous that you have a back-to-work-bird. My mum has a similar one, but it’s a bit smaller. It tweets, though (as in makes a bird noise, not uses Twitter).

      I’ve got quite a few books out – I mainly write romantic comedy novels and I’m currently busy with another one, plus a time travel-based novel and a Christmas Holby fanfic.

      I’m very pleased you like my surname! The double A gets very pesky when I have to spell it out for people – they always look at me twice and go “Huh?” That surname is only one of the many reasons why I knew Mr Haasler was the man for me 🙂

  2. holbylover819

    I love how Jac’s one line about the internet dating was the singular best moment in the episode. I dread to imagine a Holby without her.
    I kinda like Zosia, even if she is weird and sociopathic and pounced on Digby. Hopefully we’ll get to see her human side in future episodes. Unless… the real reason she was captivated by the Herzig is beacause SHE’S A ROBOT!
    I mean probably not but it’d make a great fanfiction.

  3. axc86

    Enjoyed this episode.
    Good to see the pretty Eleanor Wyld make an appearance again as Danica/Sara (she’d be good as a new permanent character).
    Camilla Arfwedson was good as always, although I wouldn’t like to come across a Zosia-type in real life!
    As for the Herzig… very Grey’s Anatomy-type stuff, it was like watching a mix of Holby, Casualty, Grey’s Anatomy and Emily Owens MD in one!

  4. Thanks for the review. It was both terrifying and a real privilege to write for the show and I’m glad you didn’t think it all bad. The cast and production all do a brilliant job and I do hope they’ll let me do it again xc

    • Sue Haasler

      I enjoyed the episode, Catherine, and I hope they do ask you to write more episodes. I especially liked the twisted stuff with Dr March and the defibrillator. I’m looking forward to seeing where that character is going to go – she’s really interesting. Thank you for reading the blog and taking the time to comment.

  5. Nikki

    I want a back to work bird!! Will be quite the shock after maternity. Not that Jac would agree. Anyway. Thought Digby was really cute bless him with aforementioned bird cuddly and willingness to watch Glee, he’s exactly what Channers needs, im glad she’s letting him in a bit now,his elated expression bless him…

    Saucer is just too weird. Which is a shame cos the actress seems pretty good at her craft and has a surname that makes me want to be swedish. I mean, who talks up at their seniors like that? She has todo surgery whether she likes it or not as it’s her rotation and they still have to sign her off. In one respect, it’s funny because Jac can now legitimately give her stupid jobs todo like resembling the skeleton, because she does that have to mentor her anyway, because Saucer doesn’t want to be a surgeon. To quote the Devil wears Prada (shush, it works!) “You have no idea how many legends have walked these halls, and what’s worse, you don’t care,” That’s Saucer all over. I mean think about it. Connie Beauchamp. Anton Meyer. And so on. I can’t imagine them letting Saucer do whatever she wants!

    I feel like they’re making MC the new Chrissie as far as the boyfriend desperation goes. But I’m so so glad she’s full time cast now, and very much looking forward to some proper storyline for her. Methinks Edward is developing a crush. Those longing looks across Pulse? Mhm. It’s on.

    • Lucien

      Hurrah – someone else who knows that *all* junior doctors are required to do a surgical rotation, whether they want to specialise in surgery or not! Elliot is acting like she chose it just to waste his time, and the writers seem to be trying to give that impression as well…

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