Holby City: Arthur, you’re not clinical waste – you’re brilliant

chantelle holby(Series 16, ep.2)  Arthur Digby is my kind of guy. The kind of guy who’ll bring you breakfast in bed and then demonstrate the workings of your brain via the medium of a croissant. And he has the most beautiful smile.

Still feeling guilty and worried about Chantelle, he installed her in Keller so he could keep an eye on her and so she could be among her friends and other ill people. She also came in handy by deploying her legendary people skills on a lady who was not being the most cooperative patient, because she wanted to put off her surgery till the man of her dreams arrived for a night in a posh hotel. The woman’s niece and Digby thought this man was literally something from the old lady’s dreams, but Chantelle had faith that he’d turn up because she’s a romantic.

digby holbyLater, when Digby suggested she move in with him, she accepted partly because she’s scared to be by herself at the moment, but there was more to it than that. When the old lady was talking about her dream man, Chantelle was overcome by emotion for a minute and had to have a little cry. She wants  true love and romance and security. Whether Digby is the person to provide it remains to be seen, but for now she’s about to fill his no doubt unhomely home with cushions and fluffy items. He couldn’t be happier, bless him.  

While Digby was supplying Chantelle with croissants, Chrissie was informing Sacha that if he has a cake for breakfast he’s not allowed a muffin at lunchtime. I’d have had the cake and the muffin for breakfast, just to show her who’s boss, but in the Sacha/Chrissie relationship, she’s boss and always has been.

mr t mo sacha holbyAnd Sacha, apparently, is “Mr Semi.” This conjures up all sorts of images, so I have to quickly add that it means his kiss with Mo in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery was “semi-passionate.” Mo was surrounded by men who admire her, as Mr T called her for a consult and when she diagnosed gallstones, Sacha was summoned. Unfortunately the men who admire Mo are either in a relationship (Sacha) or keep making clumsy jokes about her lifestyle choices (Mr T. And Sacha). Mo is getting just a little bit tired of this.

honey posh holbyDown to the hall of doom known as AAU now, where Posh and Honey were competing over who got to help Ric Griffin with a laparoscopic nephrectomy. An old chum (I feel sure “chum” is the right word here) of Posh’s turned up with his liver in a right old mess thanks to alcohol, and we got a glimpse into Posh’s past. Lots of drinking and privilege, basically. Meanwhile, Honey’s mum was ill and her son Finn was having a day off school, so Posh helpfully arranged for him to be brought to the hospital, because it always works out brilliantly whenever anyone’s child is hanging around the wards. Posh was hoping to impress Honey, but he didn’t impress her much when ecstasy tablets disappeared from Posh’s friend’s bag and everyone assumed Finn had taken them because he started throwing up.

Ric Griffin was even less impressed when he deduced that Finn actually had Norovirus and Honey’s child had now brought a severely contagious disease into a ward full of already ill people. So Honey has been suspended and Posh is in the doghouse. Will his touching gesture of a pizza delivery complete with gift card redeem him? Who knows? Who cares?

Next time: The sight of Malick’s arm is a bit much for Chantelle.

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2 responses to “Holby City: Arthur, you’re not clinical waste – you’re brilliant

  1. holbylover819

    Dogs on Casualty, children on Holby…

  2. Nikki

    I felt really sorry for Gemma, has to be said. She didn’t know her mum was ill, harry didn’t tell her. She didn’t know Finn was even there for ages, Harry didn’t tell her. And when Finn gets sick and potentially havig had some life threatening overdose, does Ric tell Harry off for bringing him in without parental consent? Does Ric tell Harry off for not reporting the illegal drugs his friend was carrying? Does Ric even realize (or care) that none of this was Gemmas fault? No. He still assumes it was her because she’s a woman, a single mum, she’s young, she’s not posh… (delete as appropriate!) and Harry gets away Scott free because he’s a dashing man with his charm and his privilege to hide behind.
    You might realize from my ranting I don’t like Harry. And I don’t like the way Ric treats the women onhis team! He’s mean to Mary-Claire and he’s mean to Gemma. Gemma should go work on Darwin or Keller where her enthusiasm may be more appreciated.(and the further away from Posh the better). Maybe swap her with that Zosher girl. She and Posh would get on well and I think Gemma and Jac would too. Just a thought! Xx