Casualty: Secrets coming out all over the place

fletch tess casualty(Series 28, ep.10)  There were two patient storylines this week and they both involved people keeping secrets. Actually, thinking about it I suppose most Casualty storylines involve people keeping secrets, but anyway – bear with, as Tess’s secret also popped out this week so there was a bit of a theme.

Our first patient was a girl who was squashed by a runaway camper van while she was in her tent having a post-party, pre-surf snooze. The camper van ran away because her boyfriend wasn’t paying attention to it – he was too busy arguing with her brother, in whose tent he’d woken up just a few minutes before. Things had Gone On and the brother wanted the boyfriend to admit he was gay, but the boyfriend didn’t… Anyway, it all came out eventually, even if the boyfriend didn’t.

charlie fletch casualtyThe other storyline was quite a nasty one. The inciting accident was an elderly man being badly scalded in a hot bath while his deaf wife was unable to hear his cries for help. But had he even cried for help? His state of unresponsiveness in the ED gave Ash cause to wonder, and the mystery was further deepened when his wife seemed fairly keen for him to die and his daughter turned up fairly keen for him to live – because he was due in court to be tried for abusing her when she was a teenager.

charlie tess casualtyIn the middle of all this, Fletch had his disciplinary meeting about the man who was given potassium instead of saline. He got off with a written warning and has to do some more training, so phew. But he was worried that Tess had been taking time off work and kept going a bit faint – so he had a look at her medical records and discovered she’d had Obs & Gynae appointments. He worked out the rest of it himself, because he is no fool. He’s not happy, either, and neither is Tess, who ended the episode having a good old cry on the shoulder of Good Old Charlie.

And Robyn’s step-brother is proving to be less than ideal as a housemate, despite his beautiful nose and his charm with the laydeez – charm which he is mainly directing at Scary Louise Off Of Reception. Good luck with that.

(More Casualty here)


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2 responses to “Casualty: Secrets coming out all over the place

  1. ax86

    Good episode, and nice to see April Pearson again for the 4th time!! (yes, the 4th time!) Wouldn’t be surprised if she appears again, she’s a good talent, and pretty too. Could be a good full-time nurse!
    Casualty of late seems to have moved from ‘bottle episodes’ (set in one location or only a limited amount of locations) to exploring the nurses’ personal lives too, and getting more special effects-laden.
    Would be nice to see some of the guys in Holby make a cameo; maybe Zosia or Elliot, I think that Elliot did make a cameo ages ago.

    Enjoying this new series… good so far.

  2. Yeah it is quite a good series. We finally see Fletch getting the truth 😀

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