Casualty: I’d put my name on a chart for you

fletch casualty(Series 28, ep.9)  It must be a sign that you’ve got yourself a good man when he’s prepared to put his own career on the line for your sake. Sadly, Tess hasn’t got Fletch, in the sense that they’ve now split up and he’s expecting a new Fletchling with Mrs Fletch. He is still, however, prepared to take the fall for Tess’s saline bag mix-up last week.

More complicated still, Tess was the one who had to investigate the incident, and by a process of deduction helped by Dr Lily Chao’s clock fixation (she checks the clock every fifteen minutes so she knows where she’s been AT ALL TIMES) she worked out what had happened. But what’s to be done? Is the whole department going to be swallowed up in an investigation (please say yes, and please let Henrik Hanssen come downstairs for one last almighty loom before he leaves Holby for good).

jamie max casualtyElsewhere, it turns out that Robyn has a step-brother and he’s in a band. He also has a beautiful nose and used to be Harley in Footballers’ Wives. Where there’s rock & roll on telly, there also has to be sex and drugs, and because it’s Casualty the drugs must be both fictional and lethal. It wasn’t Robyn’s step-brother Max who was supplying them, it was his bandmate. We knew the bandmate was a wrong ‘un because his eyebrows were quite evil. This means that Max now finds himself without a bandmate or a place to stay, or a fully functioning guitar hand after a drug-befuddled girl pushed him over, so he’s going to be staying at Robyn and Jamie’s for a while. This means he’ll be in more episodes, so I get to admire his lovely nose some more and see if it can outshine Jeff’s beautiful teeth.

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