Holby City: Look out! Look out! Look out!

digby chantelle holby(Series 15, ep.51)  Talk about emotional rollercoaster! I don’t mean Serena’s birthday, though I dare say it’ll be one that she won’t forget – and she doesn’t even know (or care) about beloved Tim dying in AAU or Mo and Sacha kissing in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery. She doesn’t even know yet about the car crash right at the end, but obviously she’s going to, as half her colleagues were involved and there’ll quite probably be some life-saving surgery to get stuck into next week.

Phew. Let’s rewind a bit. It was the day of the Young Doctor of the Year award ceremony, and Digby was practising his speech – or his “rambling love letter to the Swede,” as Zosia put it. And this would be a good place to mention that I really, really like Zosia. I think there’s going to turn out to be a lot to her, and given time she could be one of the great Holby characters.

I also really love Digby and find him laugh-aloud funny. My favourite line was when his patient had just informed him that she was planning to call her unborn baby Destiny. Digby was explaining why she was in pain. “The appendix is being pushed up by the… by Destiny,” he said.  

chantelle digby holbyHe also has a beautiful smile, which he deploys less frequently, and therefore to even greater effect, than Chantelle. She didn’t have a lot to smile about in this episode. Having blundered by suggesting to Destiny’s mother that antibiotics were a useful option to surgery, she found herself on the receiving end of Hanssen’s anger and teetering on the edge of a disciplinary. She got into even hotter water when she took a message from Maja that Hanssen was now a grandfather. Hanssen did not want one of Holby’s chattier nurses communicating the happy news to all her mates and half the patients. He’d have had no chance with Mary-Claire, who’d have had it up on a web page before you could say “It’s a boy!” (Which it was).

holby cityDigby made a half-hearted attempt to intervene, but wasn’t much use. So to cheer Chantelle up, he asked Zosia for her ticket to the awards dinner so Chantelle could go.

Digby drove Chantelle, and Hanssen drove Malick (could they not have all fitted in one car, or did I miss something?), and off they went. Digby decided it was time to tell Chantelle how he felt, but while doing so he took his eyes off the road, and Malick, on the phone to Chantelle from the car behind, could only yell uselessly as Digby’s car aimed for the back of a truck. And – blackness. Cue end titles.

Oh. My. Lord. Since we already know that three of those four characters are leaving soon, I’m going to be on pins till next week.

tim sacha chrissie holbyThat would have been enough drama for most episodes, but down in AAU Paul O’Grady turned up, as a patient this time. He wasn’t in Venezuela after all (yes, we had guessed) and had only pretended he was to keep Chrissie’s spirits up.

Tim has been a sympathetic character mainly because Paul O’Grady is so popular and always comes across as being a lovely man. His deathbed scene was genuinely moving and proved once again that, whatever fans think of Chrissie as a character (not a lot, thanks to her terrible treatment of the glorious Sacha), Tina Hobley is a wonderful actress.

sacha mo holbyWhat was Sacha doing while all this was going on? Well, he was mainly trying to do his best for Chrissie as usual, and getting knocked back, as usual. So he went for a little stroll in the LCMS with Mo. Sacha and Mo’s friendship has been built up well over the months, since their “Holby Fit Club” meetings actually took place over pasta at Rodolfo’s. So it was no surprise when a comforting hug turned into a proper kiss. They both felt awful about it afterwards, but they really shouldn’t. They’d be the most adorable couple, and the only thing that stops me from wanting them to get together is knowing how horribly the Holby scriptwriters treat anyone who’s in love (see poor Digby this week). They wouldn’t just let Mo and Sacha be happy and get married and have gorgeous babies and go to work cheerfully every morning with a spring in their step.

jac jonny holbyLook at the hoops Jac and Jonny have had to jump through – though, admittedly, being in a relationship with Jac was never going to be easy. This week, Jonny had taken himself to a support group in That London for parents with children with the same condition as Jaccy Maccy Junior. Jac wasn’t happy about that at all, but these days Jac does see Jonny’s point of view a little more than she used to. Jonny has now taken the bold step of suggesting they move in together, so they can support the baby better. I can’t imagine that will be easy, for either of them.

Next time: One of the people in the car crash has to operate on two of the others. That’s all I’m saying about that. And an old friend of Jonny’s turns up.

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12 responses to “Holby City: Look out! Look out! Look out!

  1. Rose

    Kind of glad Digby doesn’t get to recite that “love letter” to Hanssen – oh it was cringe-worthy! And does Hanssen memorise the birthday’s of all members of staff? No one else seemed to know it was Serena’s birthday (though you think her mum might have remembered and sent her a card!).

    Loved Ric getting one over on MR Malick with all that paperwork! Must admit I still didn’t like the Tim storyline, even though I adore Paul O’Grady, I still despise Chrissie too much to enjoy any scene which includes her. When will she leeeeeave??

    Hanssen was a right old grump, although I do think he was going to apologise to Chantelle before Digby walked in near the end. The scene with Serena delivering the baby made me balk but I loved Hanssen in the window watching. Guy Henry had it easy when it came to lines this week, his script must have been mostly blank with notes saying “Hanssen makes another emotive facial expression”. But boy does he do emotive facial expressions like no one else!

    The ending made me jump and has now put Digby in league with Chrissie as one of my most disliked characters!

  2. Martin Rosen

    I must confess having never really liked Paul O’Grady as a comedian (or Lily Savage). However I did enjoy his role for the past three weeks in Holby. I really began to like the character and it is a pity that he has had to ‘leave’ so soon.

  3. I’m going to challenge the prevailing view about Saint Sacha and say he’s a tedious, controlling pass agg twonk. So there 🙂

    • Sue

      He isn’t, though. He’s the Nicest Human Being In The World.

    • I wouldn’t go that far, but he’s not the most perfect character in the world either. Definitely too quick to jump to conclusions, which makes him too much like the jealous type which I really don’t like. So like I said, he’s not that bad, but he’s also not perfect, but then again, who is??? xxx

  4. holbylover819

    I kinda understood Sacha for once about being jealous of Tim because he got on so well with Chrissie. I don’t think Mo and Sacha should be a couple; they’re too similar and better at being friends.

  5. Ooh, looking forward to watching this now after a long day at work; the power of a pauseliveaction review working its magic 😀
    Why do you call it That London? I feel like I used to know

    • Sue

      I’m not sure why I call it That London… maybe from Coronation Street? I think Sean says it.

      I hope I haven’t totally spoilered it for you, if you read the view before you saw the episode.

      • I like holby spoilers. After reading the review I can decide if the episode needs my full attention or can be used as background entertainment while I get on with other things.

  6. Dreamer

    I prefer Mo and Jonny but whatever. Anyway, I loved this episode!
    But next week’s episode – I don’t want any of them to die. 😥

  7. With the ‘Serena’s mum didn’t send her a card’ thing that Rose brought up – I’m presuming it was sent to her home. Yes, I know it’s odd that some of the characters actually do some personal things when not at work.

    One thing I really liked about this episode was Tosin Cole, who played Jonny and Mo’s patient’s boyfriend in a couple of scenes. He wasn’t in it very much, but I really rate him as an actor. He was in The Cut, which is a little-known teen drama that was on the BBC a couple of years ago, and is very capable and has done quite a bit, I think. Keep your eye on him, he has the potential to go far.