Casualty: Fletch, one of the most fertile nurses in the NHS

tess zoe sam casualty(Series 28, ep.8)  It wasn’t the easiest of shifts for Tess, bless her. Not only is she still getting over getting rid of the baby she was expecting, and splitting up with Fletch, but now she finds that Fletch is expecting another baby, with Mrs Fletch. Worse still, it was poor Tess who had to do the pregnancy test and deliver the happy news.

No wonder she was a bit distracted, and gave a man potassium instead of saline and nearly killed him. Luckily she doesn’t know about that yet, because it would just add further upset to an evening of shedding bitter tears into a lonely glass of Tesco Vin Ordinaire in front of Strictly.

Fletch knows about it, though, because he crossed her initials off the chart and added his own. He therefore faces career ruination at a time when he’s contemplating another mouth to feed. Mrs Fletch is not going to be best pleased, particularly when/if she ever finds out that he did it to save the skin of the woman he’s been having a secret affair with. What a deliciously messy situation.

sam casualtyTalking of messy, Dr Lily Chao was practising her suturing on a pig’s leg. The other staff members found this hilarious, even Charlie. I’m surprised at Charlie. He’s spent time in the wards upstairs at Holby City, so he should know that it’s standard practice up there to spend your off-duty hours in the wet lab with a sewing kit and assorted meats and fruits. Presumably they don’t let the A&E lot into their wet lab, or Dr Lily Chao hasn’t discovered it yet.

Dr Lily Chao’s bedside manner is not improving as fast as her suturing is, though. Robyn was very concerned at the way she treated a patient who’d been self harming, and alerted Charlie, who’d stopped laughing about the pig’s leg by then and had his Concerned Face on. I have to say, I do like Robyn. She’s kind and caring, and she actually seems like a real nurse.

No sign of the most beautiful teeth in the NHS this week, as Jeff had gone down with some bug or other and was at home, leaving Dixie and Iain to roam the countryside in search of car crash victims without him.

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4 responses to “Casualty: Fletch, one of the most fertile nurses in the NHS

  1. Well Fletch certainly is a fertile chappy but sadly a bit dim. Tess has been on “misery guts alert” for several TV weeks now. Has he noticed, has he heck. Sterotypical chinese doc is serious, grim and without humour. I thought it ridiculous that the staff found it side splittingly hilarious to see her stitching a piggy trotter for practice. (How did they learn?) Charlie (one expression fits all) and staring into the mid distance a speciality, should have known better. Pottassium overdose not withstanding- a dull episode.

    • Sue

      And something I forgot to mention – surely it’s not going to take Poirot to notice the unsubtle crossing-out on the chart and the fact that the rest of the entry is in Tess’s writing? They must all recognise Tess’s writing by now. She’s been there almost since the moon landings.

  2. holbylover819

    Ah Casualty. I should really record you and watch the next morning. I feel I was still in a weird-hairdo induced daze after X Factor. All I got was: sooo Sam and Dashing Iain maybe? (how come things always explode when he’s around?)

  3. Dreamer

    As I’m usually a miserable cow/bitch (go all Craig Revel Horwood) about every programme, I’ll just say that this week’s episode was tolerable. 🙂

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