The Joy of Sets: Breaking Bad

breaking badIn the olden days, before th’internet, if you missed a show you missed it. If you missed a whole series, you missed that – or waited to hand over a large wedge of cash and stagger home with a hulking great pile of video cassettes, in a souvenir carton, if you were lucky. Thus it was that I never did get to watch The West Wing (seems too late to start now) and, yes, I do feel culturally impoverished as a result.

No such problems these days. I’ve belatedly realised that Twitter is full of something called Breaking Bad, which I was dimly aware of but only as far as connecting it with a picture of a man with a shaved head and glasses looking a bit menacing. It didn’t seem like my cup of tea, but Twitter will wear you down, particularly when people whose opinion you respect keep banging on about something like it’s the best thing since… well, The West Wing, probably.

So hurrah for Netflix! I had a little look last night, and it’s got five whole series of the thing on it! Obviously, this wouldn’t be great news at all if the show itself was actually a bit dull and I didn’t like the shaven-headed glasses man. So I watched the pilot and – I expect you know this already – it’s brilliant. From the opening scene of an RV being driven extremely recklessly by a man in a gas mask, while apparently dead bodies slip around the floor in the back, to the ending where Walter (not shaven headed yet) gets his sexual mojo back because even though he’s got terminal lung cancer, he’s also more alive than he’s been in years – it’s fantastic. It’s stylish and dramatic and has a sly humour. It’s got main characters I cared about (I almost cheered aloud when Walter sorted out the kids who were laughing at his disabled son). The greatest thing of all is that because everyone is still raving about it, I know it’s worth carrying on with it, and it’s not going to fizzle away like Heroes. That’s my viewing pleasure sorted for the foreseeable future (though I’ll be tense as hell now, trying to avoid spoilers).



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  1. wiggles

    I too have recently watched the first episode of this and loved it, but don’t have NetFlix yet or indeed a TV/computer that I could watch it, even if I did (am using a very old, VERY slow laptop at the moment which would probably explode if I tried!!!) Will watch the rest somehow though!!!

  2. Corumba Love

    Morning, er, Sue (that don’t seem right).

    Long time no talky talky.

    Favourite Older Son put me onto BB some time ago and I’ve been collecting the episodes ever since. That opening scene you describe made me decide that the best way to watch it would be by the barrel load (which me and Old Girl did with the Sopranos).

    It is quite astounding that something as good as this has not been shown on one of the mainstream channels (I include Sky Atlantic in that) other than briefly at the start. The coverage it gets in the UK press is as all pervading and full of praise as it is for Downton, which must make it rather bewildering for those who’ve not heard of Netflix and have a faltering relationship with the internet.

    Only the final instalment to gather and then its hitting the crystal road in the RV for a few weeks.


    ps Not been watching HC but have been keeping a weather eye through your reviews and on those occasions that Ellliotttt’s asked me to give his Donut Cart a once-over with the Brasso. I always keep a can handy because Bushy (Kate) has me over weekly to give her vocal cords a polish – those long nights of bellowing “What shall we do with the drunken sailor?” with her friends and neighbours are taking their toll, you see.

    • Sue

      I’ll always be Pause to you, CL.

      I’m finding the internet a trepidatious place at the moment, fearing that I’m going to stumble across a plot spoiler to end all plot spoilers re Breaking Bad. I’m still only on S1, ep.2 and I don’t want all the rest of it ruined by a careless word by someone on Twitter.

      You should really dip your toe back into Holby. Pregnant Jac is a marvellous thing to behold. And I have to advise you, with the full weight of my Degree in Televisual Medicine behind me, that Brasso is not the thing for the vocal cords of beloved quirky chanteuses. Try Strepsils.

      • Corumba Love

        Wrong, wrong, wrongedy wrong.

        Brasso is the very thing, Bushy’s now carousing shanties right through to, well, earlye in the morning. Still likes a good knees up, that girl (it upsets the parish council though).

  3. arialbold

    Availability on Netflix of Breaking Bad now means I watch it while doing weekly ironing. Improves the experience. (Doesn’t improve quality of ironing though, since have to stand there transfixed from time to time.)