Casualty: Stabbings, burns, fake heart attacks etc

casualty(Series 28, ep.6)  There were a lot of patients in Casualty this week. I know that’s the whole point of it, but although the patient stories were reasonably compelling, it’s always the staff I’m most interested in. This is where Holby beats Casualty, because it’s a lot more about the staff and the poor patients are often there merely as a vehicle to express the emotions of the main characters.

We learned four things about the staff this week:

1 – Tom is moving in with Sam. She spent most of the episode looking a bit hesitant about the whole scheme, but at the end she was smiling radiantly at the prospect of going home with him. What had changed in the meantime? Or was she merely putting on a happy face/kidding herself (and him)? I’m confused.

2 – Jeff found it difficult to work with new boy Iain, especially when Iain pulled Jeff off a patient so he could help to counterbalance a toppling ambulance. “Don’t ever pull me off a patient!” snarled Jeff, baring the most beautiful teeth in the NHS. But I have to say I’m with Iain on this one. They’d have been in a right pickle if that ambulance had gone over. By the end, they’d ironed out their differences and were joining forces to trick Dixie into buying them a round. Lads, eh?

3 – Speaking of Dixie, she got some flowers from Carol the Prison Governor, but she’s not as keen on Carol as Carol is on her, apparently. We’ll wait and see if that gets tested by Unforeseen Events at the prison in the coming weeks.

4 – Robyn and Jamie were worried that domestic violence might be going on in the house next door. Jamie went round to borrow a cup of sugar and subtly let the man of the house know that there were people next door who could hear. Expect that situation to flare up before too long as well.

Next time: This is more like it – Zoe guesses that Fletch was Tess’s secret boyfriend.

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2 responses to “Casualty: Stabbings, burns, fake heart attacks etc

  1. I think Holby is better as well, but for different reasons. I disagree with you about the patients; I think that in a hospital drama, the storylines about the patients need to take priority, and the staff storylines around them. In fact, I’d say one of Casualty’s biggest flaws is that a lot of the time the patients are there purely for their impact on the staff, and not just as patients.

  2. holbylover819

    I’m shipping SamxIain at the moment honestly. He’s got such nice hair 🙂

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