Holby City: This stuff isn’t meant to happen

jac jonny holby(Series 15, ep.48)   Jac Naylor was never going to be a stereotypical mother. Maternity leave? “You think some midget is going to halt my inexorable rise?” Nursery essentials? They’re for “the slack-jawed, yummy-mummy, coffee morning crowd.” And don’t even think about referring to her as “preggers.”

This is the thing with Jac, though – the things that are the most important to her are the things she gets most spiky and defensive about. And there’s no doubt at all (even despite the “some midget” quips) that the baby she’s carrying is the most important thing that’s ever happened to her.

Because Jac is such a wonderful character and Rosie Marcel is such a wonderful actress, the scriptwriters don’t ever give her an easy time. It was too much to hope that she’d have a normal pregnancy, give birth normally and go back to sarcastic normality. So it wasn’t a total shock that her 20 week scan revealed that the baby had a congenital problem that means it only has a 50/50 chance of survival, but it was very, very sad.  

jac holbyThe saddest scene was when Jac and Jonny attended a case conference about the baby and Jac spotted something on the scan: “It’s a girl.” Jonny took hold of her hand, and for a few seconds she let him. Just for a few seconds, though, because you get the sense that only the famous Naylor iron will is holding her together. As it was, she permitted herself a little cry in the ladies,’ which is practically unheard of. This was intercut with a scene where Jonny had gone to talk to Mr Thompson the Obs & Gynae guy (still hankering after Mo, bless him), about the baby’s chances of survival. “Let’s hope she’s as tough as her mum,” he said, as we watched a tear roll down her mum’s cheek.

Jonny wants Jac to do what’s best for her, in his new man sort of way, but what she wants to do at the moment is blame him. “You gave me a 50/50 chance once of anything coming out of my womb being the Antichrist,” she said. “It’s one of the worst three things anyone’s ever said to me.” I wonder what the other two were?

zosia holbyThe atmosphere on Keller was somewhat lighter, largely thanks to the arrival of new doctor Zosia (it’s pronounced “Zosher”) March, played by Camilla Arfwedson. When a Holby actress describes her character as “sexually voracious” and her very first scene includes Michael Spence, you think you can see which way the wind is going to blow. But no. The early object of her sexual voraciousness was none other than Arthur “I can’t believe he’s not a virgin” Digby. Was she attracted to him because they share an interest in antique pens? Possibly.

zosia digby holbyZosia has a stroppy and frankly scary bedside manner (not a million miles away from Dr Lily Chao on Casualty), but she’s beautiful and she’s also brilliant at maths. If she ever gets bored with medicine, she should consider a job putting the letters out on Countdown.

I did enjoy Digby’s little yelp of fear when Zosia pounced on him, but the patient walking into the lab and finding them in a state of disarray behind a desk was a bit silly. Still, silly was probably what we needed at that point.

On AAU, Edward Campbell decided to take Mary-Claire under his wing. It was marvellous to see MC having her own storyline in an episode. After some good work in saving a patient, she asked Ric if she could be involved in his Primary Defence team (still not sure what that is). After being initially unsure about her committment, he agreed when she did more good work with the same patient, and she joined the team in theatre.

mary claire edward holbyI replayed what happened at the end of the surgery twice, and I’m still not entirely sure what happened – it was edited rather strangely – but I think Edward picked up the wrong drug from a tray, almost killing his patient in the process, and then let Mary-Claire think it had been her fault. This made Mary-Claire tell Ric that she didn’t think she was up to the job. “Too much like hard work, is it?” Ric said. But he told her she’s on the Primary Defence team (how exciting! Does she get to wear a cape?) and she will not fail. I hope she doesn’t fail, because I like her stroppiness and her eyebrows. If she does fail, it will possibly have something to do with Edward Campbell (I just typed “Edward Cullen,” but he’s not in Holby). There’s a bit of a frisson between them.

Next time: Tough decisions for Jac and Jonny; Chrissie starts her cancer treatment; and will The Malick be able to handle pen-loving Dr March?

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15 responses to “Holby City: This stuff isn’t meant to happen

  1. inkface

    This was a damned upsetting episode. I agree re the operation mistake, it did look like his. I found my own eyebrow rising at the sight of the cafe name, ‘Pulses’. Bit tasteless, no? Especially if you’re the loved one of a relative whose heart just stopped.

  2. So sad, it makes me go all idealistic and want to become an obstetrician to discover a cure for these things. On a lighter note, I discovered my very own window of regret at the hospital I just started at as an F1. It gave me a moment of recognition and joy running up and down the stairs yesterday.

    • pauseliveaction

      Please don’t run on the stairs. If they’re anything like the stairs at Holby they’ll be littered with vomit, depressed staff members and collapsed patients. It’s an accident just waiting to happen. Very glad you’re having a happy time in your new job, though!

      • Hahaha. I’ll look out for those. I really like the job and I love your reviews. I usually read them before I watch.
        I agree the Marie Claire thing was odd.

  3. Rose

    Great review as usual!

    I enjoyed Jac this week (if that doesn’t sound wrong considering the storyline) but Jonny just annoyed me. They seemed to be getting on well last week with the puppies and the jokes and everything and then this week Jonny is acting like she’s evil incarnate. Dare I say Michael Thomson might have been overacting? (ducks to avoid stones being hurled at me by Janny fans!)

    I like Zosia in that I think she’ll be a great character. I thought the same when I saw her and Michael on the same ward – never would have guessed Digby! Like you I’m stunned he isn’t a virgin!! I agree the patient walking in on them was silly.

    Glad I’m not the only one who was confused about the mistake in theatre. I first thought it was MC’s mistake but the way Edward reacted made me think he was actually covering his own arse. The man lies as easily as he breathes – which in a weird way makes me like him even more!! I have a feeling MC isn’t going to end up getting the raw end of the deal somehow but it’s great to see her getting a proper story.

    • HolbyBunners

      It WAS Edward’s fault – I watched it again (sad I know!) and he replaced the clearly marked potassium – which he’d just used. It was the middle one of three.

      • pauseliveaction

        Thank you! It seems like he got away with it, thanks to M-C’s willingness to blame herself. Once he’s made a mistake like that (and covered it up) there are bound to be more…

  4. jx606

    Camilla Arfwedson as Zosia ROCKED!
    Now all we need is for Rachelle Lynne to get a storyline – she’s a nurse who’s appeared (seen it from her name tag), perhaps have her and Mary-Claire competing for the same man??

  5. holbylover819

    Aw I was hoping Chantelle was going to walk in on them. That would’ve been funny.
    Jac’s story was so sad. 😦 I nearly called the BBC action line.

    • holbylover819

      Oh and I reckon the other two things were something Joseph said, maybe the “cold black heart” conversation after Lord Byrne dies and when her mother left her for the second time, I can’t remember the exact words, something about not having space in her life for her or something.

      • HolbyNut

        Wow, well remembered. I think you may be right! I remember those heard-wrenching episodes well….ah, the lovely Joseph….

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  7. Martin Rosen

    Was Chantelle upset at not going to the Doctor of the Year ceremony, or was she just putting a brave face on it?

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